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Friday, May 12, 2006


Considering that the Iraq war is so important to the US & UK I find it surprising, even by my cynical standards, to find our media not mentioning Turkish soldiers invading Iraq. I had to get this from Asia Times.
Turkey recently launched a massive military operation involving more than 250,000 troops against the PKK (nearly double the number of US troops in Iraq), concentrated in the mountains along Turkey's borders with Iran and Iraq. Extensive incursions into northern Iraq have been reported, aimed at cutting off the PKK's supply lines to Turkey from its camps in northern Iraq. Turkey also claims that "the PKK has recently increased its activities and obtained weapons from Iraq"......
To be fair it isn't a full scale invasion it is being termed "hot pursuit". This is the one case where it is lawful to breach the otherwise inviolable sovereignty of another country. If you are in immediate pursuit of terrorists or criminals crossing a border you may lawfully do the same. It is however a grey are. Yugoslavia could lawfully have done this repeatedly to chase the KLA into Albania but we all know NATO would just have used it as an excuse for war - it certainly wouldn't have gone unmentioned by our media. In any case it only applies if it is immediate pursuit & what Turkey is doing looks much more like planned & extended operations.

It is a good thing that we now have access to all the world's media not just our own. At the least it gives perspective.

"Yugoslavia could lawfully have done this repeatedly to chase the KLA into Albania but we all know NATO would just have used it as an excuse for war..."

Quite correct Neil, as in 1997 & 1998 the CIA, Pentagon and British SAS had their people in Northern Albania arming & training this US State Department listed terrorist group with the most sophisticed hi-tech US/NATO weaponry.

If the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia-Montenegro) had crossed the border into Albania and attacked the culprits committing terrorist acts on its territory,it would have ended up also attacking the British SAS, CIA & Pentagon officers arming & training the KLA to commit its cross-border terrorist incursions into Serbia's Kosovo province.

The Guardian, BBC, ITN & CNN would of course censor the US/UK covert operations elite special forces presence on Albanian soil (which they dutifully did), but would play up the Yugoslav/Serb counter attack with words like these:

"Milosevic's forces committed a deliberate act of naked aggression & violation of Albanian territorial sovereignty today. NATO forces had no option but to respond with deadly force against Serbian forces by targeting Belgrade"

When Milosevic failed to take the bait during 1997 & 1998, the US CIA (through ex-US amabassador to El Salvador,William Walker whom was a staunch defender of Salvadoran army atrocities in 1989),NATO & KLA solution to this problem was to stage a phony "massacre of civilians" in the village of Racak (dead KLA members dressed in civilian clothes) which would act as a casus belli - a pretext for war - for the NATO 78 day long terror bombing campaign - commanded by NATO's generals, Wesley Clark & Michael Short - against mostly civilian targets (i.e. maternity hospitals,schools,child care centers,nursing homes, petro-chemical & fertilizer plants, residential apartment blocks & houses,churches,trains,buses,bridges,zoos,radio & television stations,etc.) throughout all of Serbia-Montenegro - with relatively very little targeting of actual Yugoslav Serbian military assets in Kosovo itself.

The Guardian, BBC, ITN & CNN would refer to the above bombing of civilian targets nowhere near Kosovo as: "significantly degrading Milosevic's war machine & ability to commit ethnic cleansing & genocide against the Kosovar Albanians".In other words we got the NATO "spin" (i.e. justification for) killing innocent Yugoslav civilians residing hundreds of miles from Kosovo.
BLiar caught red-handed yet again protecting Iranian backed SDA Islamist (pro-late Alija Izetbegovic) al Qaeda-linked KLA/SDA Bosnian Terrorists LINKED TO JULY 7,2005 LONDON BOMBINGS:

British Report on July 7, 2005 Bombings Was Knowingly False, Deliberately Misleading

Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis - May 12, 2006 Friday

Analysis. By Gregory R. Copley, Editor, GIS. A report issued on May 11, 2006, by the British Home Office on the July 7, 2005, terrorist bombings in London made numerous statements which were false, and, according to reliable sources within the British security apparatus, the facts were deliberately distorted, and lies told, in order to maintain political continuity with the policies of the British Labour Party and the Blair Government. The report was by the Blair Government, on the performance of the Blair Government, and therefore found no fault with itself, and therefore saw no need for further investigation into the incident or the Government's response to it.

By admitting the truth, the Blair Government's policies of consistent support for the Islamist Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina would be shown to have jeopardized British and Western security, through its practice of protecting those Islamist officials who have harbored and supported the al-Qaida -linked and Iranian Government-supported terrorist networks which operate their narco-trafficking and operational command and control from Bosnia.

There are several points, however, which need to be addressed:

1. The report by the Blair Government stated that the terrorist attacks occurred entirely at the behest of a local, British Muslim group, and were without linkage to al-Qaida or any foreign leadership. This belies the fact that the group utilized very clearly identifiable explosives, which derived from Albania and were delivered via Kosovo, from a known al-Qaida operative within the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). A homegrown, self-led UK Islamist group would not have had access to this capability.

See Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis, October 25, 2005: New Evidence Highlights Albanian Link to Explosives Used in London, Madrid Bombings .

2. The Home Office report stated that the explosives were simple devices, made from readily-available local materials. This was clearly a lie, and the UK Government itself, based on the signature of the plastic explosives utilized, immediately dispatched security teams to the Balkans to determine how the explosives reached Britain.

See Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis, July 13, 2005: Despite Firm Linkages to 9/11, Madrid, and London Attacks, Bosnian Jihadist Networks Remain "Out of Bounds" .

3. The Home office report said that there was no evidence of a link between the July 7, 2005, bombers and the terrorist team captured shortly afterwards in the UK. British intelligence sources have confirmed to GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs that they were well aware of the linkage and the fact that there was joint command of them. Indeed, one team was the back-up for the other, and when the first team utilized the explosive assets, it was the second team which attempted to improvise its bombs with "readily available, local materials", and failed, demonstrating in fact that bomb-making by amateurs for such purposes is not as easy as was implied by the Home Office report. And the fact that Italian authorities later detained one Islamist linked with the London attacks indicates that there was an international component to the affair.

The October 25, 2005, report by GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis was particularly damning to the Home Office claims. That report identified the specific source of the explosives used in Madrid and London.

Several sources within the British intelligence community have told GIS that it was forbidden for anyone to mention to 10 Downing Street (the Prime Minister's office) that a connection existed between the jihadist movements and Bosnia, given that Bosnia was a "success story". Several sources told GIS that to raise the "Bosnia connection" was to invite career termination.

The Blair Government's 180 degree reversal of the policy of the former John Major Government toward the Balkans directly contributed to the build-up of the jihadist movements in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to allowing the Albanian criminal/terrorist/narco-trafficking groups to build up dominance of illicit activities in the UK and Western Europe.


Copyright Defense & Foreign Affairs/International Strategic Studies Association
Reprinted with permission.
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