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Saturday, April 29, 2006


The proposed investment of £300 million by Donald Trump in a big golf course off Aberdeen is a very good thing for our economy. Really.
Mr Trump touched down in Aberdeen to unveil the vision of a six-storey, 500-room hotel in Victorian style, complete with a luxury clubhouse and a golf course which one day could host the Open Championship
I mean who could object to large amounts of money, jobs etc.
Last night, the Green Party questioned whether Mr Trump's golf course was the right type of development for Scotland.

Shiona Baird, the MSP for the North East, said: "We have serious concerns about the environmental damage that will be involved in building a golf course and hotel complex in such an undeveloped area."

The usual suspects.Howeverr I was surprised to see the usually sensible Scotland on Sunday last week giving front page news to a really pointless attack on Jack McConnell for encouraging this.
JACK McConnell has been accused of breaking the ministerial code of conduct by backing a luxury golf resort planned for Scotland by billionaire Donald Trump.........They accuse of him of putting too much effort into impressing rich businessmen rather than looking after Scotland's long-term interests.
If you read the full story you will see that there is a complete lack of facts to it. "Green campaigners" are "furious", 2action that might be viewed as prejudicial such as meeting the developer", "calls for an enquiry", "concerned" etc.

Jack's job is to get investment & growth in Scotland. I have been critical of him for not doing that (running Scotland's foreign aid to Malawi, banning hunting, smoking, female circumcision & such threats to our national life) & generally increasing regulations & taxes in the name of political correctness. In this case he has clearly done his job successfully & deserves praise.

The attitude of the Greens & some others that nothing new should ever be done & that, by implication, Trump must be a dreadful person because he is rich shows Scotland at its worst.

There is also the fact that, to get this, a few of our expensive but useless windmills will not get built. Having such tokenism being forced to face reality also annoys those politicians who thinkthat economicc growth comes in a box & their job is only to spend it. Sorry to see SoS playing up to it.
Some of the wit & wisdom ofDonaldd Trump:
'Money was never a big motivation, except to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game'

'It's tangible, it's solid, it's beautiful, it's artistic. I just love real estate'

'I wasn't satisfied to earn a good living. I was looking to make a statement'

'Deals are my artform. Others paint or write poetry. I like deals, preferably big deals. It's how I get my kicks'

I suspect this applies to most self made super rich. The theory behind capitalism & almost all economics is wrong. The theory is that people are motivated by money. In fact beyond your first million money itself is not really going to bring any significant increase in comfort. I do not believe Bill Gates works hard because he needs another billion to get his daughters through college. This is partly why I support a higher rate of tax for the rich. What should, & usually does, motivate such people is the joy of the game & the respect of others. Thus a society in which the rich do shoulder a higher tax burden but are seen as being useful rather than class enemies will be a happier one for everybody.

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