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Monday, April 17, 2006

Antarctica - Where have all the warnings gone - SCOTSMAN LETTER

Professor Sir David King's claim that global warming may lead to a catastrophic three-degree increase, was described by the BBC as his "strongest ever warning". However, he announced two years ago that global warming was so catastrophic that it was going to make Antarctica "the only habitable continent" by 2100. Presumably that warning, like so many "environmentalist" warnings, is retroactively non-existent.

Neil Craig

I did email Radio Scotland when they reported this "strongest ever" claim but they never retracted it (as previously reported here). Is it not strange that while we get headlines daily saying "worse than thought" the media never issue headlines saying "Global Warming/Avian Flu/Passive Smoking/Salt etc may not be as bad as previously reported".

No, I guess it isn't.

I also did letters to the Herald disagreeing with a letter which said Miloseveic was comparable to Pinochet or Blair & to the Independent in response to a letter holding up the anniverasry of Chernobyl as proof of how dangerous nuclear is, but neither have yet been published.


Well done, once again. The entire "global warming" canard propagated by the Western Globalists is of course, an easily proven fraud [along with the current trendy 'peak oil' fraud and the "overpopulation" hysteria of the early 1970's popularized by Ehrlich].

This type of scam is nothing new to the globalists. It is one of a long line of globalist social engineering schemes to dupe the public into supporting de-industrialization/population reduction projects of the Globalist Club of Rome/Trilteral Commission variety [see the Globalist 1972 'study', "Limits to Growth", by the Club of Rome & the 1975 'study', "The Crisis of Democracy", by the Trilateral Commission professor, Samuel P. Huntington, whom also happens to be the author of the other Globalist social engineering 'study': "Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order" - a 1993 'study' which appeared in the Globalist 'Council on Foreign Relations' publication "Foreign Affairs" which according to some, somehow miraculously "predicted" the clash between Islam & the West a la 9/11 & "the war on terror"].
It's a bit cruel to compare Pinochet to Blair: the former must surely have less to answer for before God?
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