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Sunday, March 19, 2006


If the Milosevic trial was the "trial of the century" as the media initially insisted then his death must be the murder of the century, or at least the locked room murder mystery of the century.

Since the undernoted article was written the Netherlands coroner has declared that he died of heart failure & that they found no "poison" in him which looks like being economical with the truth, in that Rifampicin is not technically a poison but a medicine (for leprosy) which induces heart failure. There is no question that he did have this in his blood & that it did play a part in his death. The only options are therefore that he deliberately took it himself (suicide) or that some ITCY employee or employees administered it (murder). The former is not credible because it is not credible that he would wish to kill himself in such a painful & obscure way, because it would have required a major conspiracy of lawyers & doctors to supply it secretly over such a period of time in unnoticeable quantities & because he was clearly enjoying the opportunity to destroy NATO's case, had such amusements as Nazi Ashdown's reappearance when he was due to explain his ability to see through mountains & was thus not a perjurer, & the final crescendo of his defence.

The fact that the Netherlands coroner is clearly being dishonst (Netherlands is an obedient NATO member whose troops played a major role in assisting in Nasir Oric's true Srebrenica Nassacre of Serb civilians) shows guilt on the part of the entire NATO organisation. That they were prepared to undertake this when there was, officially, a chance that he would be allowed to receive hospital treaement in Moscow, where the poisoning would have been found, proves that they could rely on the judges to fix that & therefore that the judges, including our own Lord Bonamy, are accessories to this murder.
----------------------------------Written by: Andy Wilcoxson

On the occasion of Slobodan Milosevic’s death, the Hague Tribunal and
the Western media have concocted an elaborate conspiracy theory in an
apparent effort to absolve the tribunal of responsibility.

According to this conspiracy theory, Milosevic secretly took a drug
called Rifampicin to block the effectiveness of his high blood pressure
medicine, which in turn created a fake medical condition that he used to
justify his request to go to Moscow under the pretext of obtaining
medical treatment, however obtaining medical treatment wasn't
Milosevic's real objective that was just a ruse so that he could make
his escape.

Dr. Donald Uges, a professor of clinical and forensic toxicology at the
University of Groningen, was the first to advance this theory in the
media. He told the New York Times “It's like a James Bond story", and on
that score he’s absolutely correct it’s exactly like a James Bond story
– it’s fiction.

Dr. Uges told the New York Times: "There was one escape for Milosevic
out of prison, and that was to Moscow where his wife and son, and
friends were. He wanted to go to Moscow on a one-way trip.”

Moscow was never an avenue of escape for Milosevic. On January 18th the
Russian Government gave the Hague Tribunal assurances that it would
guarantee "Milosevic's personal security during his time in Russia and
his return to The Hague within the timeframe specified by the Tribunal."
Milosevic would have been under armed-guard the whole time he was in
Russia. There was absolutely no chance that he could escape by getting
medical treatment Moscow.

Dr. Uges was all over the media, acting more like a politician than a
doctor, he told the Irish Times that Milosevic "took Rifampicin himself,
not for suicide, only for his trip to Moscow.” Of course Dr. Uges is a
toxicologist, and not a mind reader. He can’t possibly know what was
going on in Milosevic’s thoughts, but he didn't let that get in his way.

Rifampicin is odorless and tasteless, and as such could have been mixed
into Milosevic’s food without his knowledge. He was administered all of
his medicine by guards at the prison dispensary. He took the medicine
that they gave him. The drug could have easily been added into one of
his medicine capsules.

Clearly, Dr. Uges can’t know whether Milosevic took the drug knowingly
or not, but we can find a clue in the letter that Milosevic wrote to the
Russian Foreign Ministry on March 8th:

“I think that the persistence, with which the medical treatment in
Russia was denied, in the first place is motivated by the fear that
through careful examination it would be discovered, that there were
active, willful steps taken, to destroy my health, throughout the
proceedings of the trial, which could not be hidden from Russian

“In order to verify my allegations, I'm presenting you a simple example,
which you can find in the attachment. This document, which I received on
March 7, shows that on January 12th (i.e. two months ago), an extremely
strong drug was found in my blood, which is used, as they themselves
say, for the treatment of tuberculosis and leprosy, although I never
used any kind of antibiotic during this 5 years that I'm in their

“Throughout this whole period, neither have I had any kind of infectious
illness (apart from flu).”

“Also the fact that doctors needed 2 months (to report to me), can't
have any other explanation than we are facing manipulation. In any case,
those who foist on me a drug against leprosy surely can't treat my
illness; likewise those from which I defended my country in times of war
and who have an interest to silence me.”

In his interview with the New York Times Dr. Urges confirmed that March
7th was indeed the day that Milosevic learned the drug had been found in
his blood.

Clearly, the detection of the drug is what motivated Milosevic to write
the letter. As the text of the letter makes plain Milosevic was not
knowingly taking the drug.

The letter raises some serious questions: Why did it take the tribunal’s
medical staff two months to tell him that the drug had been found in his
blood? If they knew in January, then why wasn’t an investigation
launched immediately to determine how the drug was getting into his
system? Why was this information concealed from him for two months?

The conspiracy theory being advanced in the media by Dr. Uges and
certain "unnamed sources" at the Hague Tribunal just doesn’t hold water.
The conspiracy would have to involve: Milosevic, the Russian Government,
the doctors at the Bakulev Medical Center in Moscow, the person who was
procuring the drug and sneaking it in to him, the doctor who was
advising him on how to take it, etc…. It’s all just too far-fetched to
be true.

The fact that the tribunal is floating such a stupid story tells you
right off the bat that they’re guilty as sin for Milosevic's death.

Milosevic had no motive to sabotage his own health. A trip to Moscow for
medical treatment would not have allowed him to escape. The Russian
Government guaranteed all the way back in January that it would return
him within the timetable set by the tribunal.

If Milosevic had been sabotaging his health he would have been running
the risk of handing his defense over to Mr. Kay. Anybody who followed
the trial proceedings knows that he would have never done that.

The trial was not going well for the prosecution. They had not presented
a stitch of evidence to show that he ordered or condoned the commission
of a single crime. The prosecution spent a great deal of time trying to
prove that crimes were committed, but they never made a link between any
of the alleged crimes and Milosevic.

At the end of the trial the judges were going to have to write a
judgment based on the evidence presented in court. Writing a credible
judgment convicting Milosevic on the evidence would have been
impossible, because the prosecution never managed to link him to a

The Milosevic trial was an embarrassment for a lot of very powerful
people, which is why the media very rarely covered the proceedings. He
was using the trial as a platform to expose the crimes committed in
Yugoslavia by various Western governments and political officials.

Milosevic had an extremely long list of enemies. A person would have to
be an fool to think that nobody wanted to kill him. It is a well-known
fact that MI6 was plotting his assassination in 1992.

It isn’t hard to believe that one of his many enemies wanted to shut him
up so badly that they poisoned him. Maybe they didn’t want to kill him
outright; maybe they just wanted him to be sick enough that Mr. Kay
could take over his defense.

At any rate, it’s a lot easier to believe that a foreign intelligence
agency, or a corrupt tribunal official, was able to infiltrate one guy
into the prison who mixed the drug into Milosevic’s food or into some of
his other medicines.

Whatever their intentions might have been, Milosevic is dead, and those
responsible must be held legally accountable. Clearly, Mr. Robinson, Mr.
Kwon, and Mr. Bonomy bear the most responsibility because it was their
decision that denied him the medical care he urgently needed in Moscow.

The doctors who knew that the Rifampicin was in his blood, but didn’t
tell him for two months must also be held accountable, and the prison
officials who allowed the drug to be smuggled into the prison must also
be held responsible. If nothing else they were negligent in their duty
to keep non-prescribed drugs out of the prison.

Hi Neil,

I don't agree with you article and Srebrenica genocide denial. Less than 2000 Serb civilians died in Bosnia. I think , if you want to learn about Srebrenica massacre, you should either consult Internatioinal Court's website or Srebrenica Genocide blog, which can be found at
I strongly disagree with your one-sided pro-Serb opinions. I have one question for you Neil Craig,

are you a communist?

One more question: Mr. Craig, have you ever had sex with your mother, Mrs. Craig? Have you ever fingered Mrs. Craig?
No, as even the most cursory reading of this blog would show.

Are you a mass murdering Nazi or are you just so pathetic that you get off pretending to be one?


I think the figure of 2,000 you are refering to is from a recent western reassesment of the number killed in Kosovo. it alleges that the total number of Serb civilians killed was 2,000.

The figure of 3,800 comes from a Serb report submitted to the ICTY, & ignored, giving 3,800 names & addresses so it is reasonable to assume the actual figure is probably higher but I prefer to err on the conservative side. General Marrilon, the ranking Nato officer in Bosnia at the time also said under oath at the Milosevic "trial" that Oric had killed "thousands" of Serb civilians which precludes the 2,000 figure for all of Bosnia representing anything better than the highest standard of honesty demonstrated by the Nazi/Nato side.
Neil, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME writing to the above individual who is fond of muslim Nazis & Islamo Fascists of the "Muslim Brotherhood" organization [type in:'Banna Nazi' into Google for info] - and thats NOT an ad hominem "are you STILL beating your wife?" type comment,that's precisely who this guy supports -the evidence for this is irrefutable and overwhelming.

The person whom wrote the above offensive comments to you is NOT anyone by the name of "David Johnston" it is in fact an individual by the name of Daniel Lam, whom resides in Quebec, Canada.

Mr. Lam accuses everybody and anybody who questions the Izetbegovic Islamist version of events concerning what really happened in Srebrenica as a "Genocide denier".

But Mr. Lam is more than happy to engage in "Genocide Denial" of his own by totally IGNORING and DENYING all massacres perpetrated by the Izetbegovic Islamists against Serbian civilians from April 1992 to September 1995 as well as the massacres of pro-Fikret Abdic moderate Bosnian muslims.

For instance Mr. Daniel Lam claims that "1,978 Serbs to be exact" died in Bosnia after 3 and a half years [?!] of bitter fighting against the Izetbegovic faction fundamentalist Islamists [not to be confused with the pro-Fikret Abdic secular moderate peace-loving MAJORITY of Bosnia's muslims who totally loathed Izetbegovic and NEVER voted for him in Bosnia's elections in 1990].

Izetbegovic actually illegally usurped the position of "President of the (collective)Presidency" of Bosnia Herzegovina and made himself
"President of Bosnia-Herzegovina" despite that title/position not existing in the B-H constitution at the time and despite never actually winning the elections against the moderate & secular muslim businessman Fikret Abdic, whom wanted to live in peace with his Serbian and Croat neighbors in Bosnia-Herzegovina. [see links above for proof of this]

Mr. Lam also DENIES that Naser Oric perpetrated ANY kind of slaughters/massacres of Serbian civilians in Srebrenica/Bratunac or that any of the pro-Fikret Abdic muslims in and around the town of Bihac and elsewhere in Bosnia were brutally murdered by Izetbegovic's fundamentalist Islamist forces.

The individual concerned, Mr. Daniel Lam, masquerading as "David Johnston" who has written such pathetic, obnoxious and deeply offensive comments to you is NOT new to this, he has done this many times in the past against anyone who disagrees with him.

In fact according to my sources he has written many sarcastic comments on various disussion boards on the web frequented by pro-Ustasha Nazi Croats and pro-Izetbegovic Islamists: sarcastic comments about Serbs being "cleansed by Tudjman in Operation Storm" in Krajina in August 1995 conducted by the US Clinton administration through MPRI and commanded by Ante Gotovina and his underling,
ethnic-Albanian war criminal Agim Ceku, to the effect that "the Croats don't have problems with the Serbs anymore" because "Ante Gotovina did such a good job on the Serbs".

The person whom would make such comments invariably always signed his name as "Daniel" so it is highly likely that we are dealing with the same individual writing here on your comments section also as "Naser Oric".

While I make absolutely no apologies for any of the "Open Letters" I have written to NATO/EU governments and their own Hague ICTY kangaroo court's phony 'judges' & 'prosecutors' calling them "Genocidal child raping Nazi filth & whores" as Neil Craig has also done,[since this indisputably has been official US/NATO Western policy for the last 16 years in relation to the former Yugoslavia]I am more than capable of conducting a debate with anyone whom disagrees with me in a rational civilized manner without making comments like "Mr. Craig, have you ever had sex with your mother, Mrs. Craig? Have you ever fingered Mrs. Craig?"

Mr. Daniel Lam, on the other hand, is mentally incapable of conducting a debate in a rational, civilzed, respectful manner with ANYBODY he disagrees with, but instead has to resort to ad hominem and/or deeply offensive personal attacks/insults & attempts at character assassination.

Here is what Mr. Andy Wilcoxson had to say about Mr. Daniel Lam's behavior on his discussion board at


Don't waste your time on this guy. His name is Daniel Lam, he's from
Quebec, and he is mentally incapable of having a rational discussion. I
had to ban him from the Milosevic discussion because he frequently used profanity, insulted other participants in the discussion, and tried to
flood the discussion.

- Andy

Here is my Open Letter to Mr. Daniel Lam of Quebec Canada which I wrote back on March 5, 2006:

An Open Letter to Mr. Daniel Lam, of Quebec, Canada, author of "Srebrenica genocide blogspot"

Daniel, my apologies for taking so long to reply. I actually have a life outside of exposing NATO governments lies & corporate media propaganda in the service of those governments.

You write:

" According to your reasoning, not even Holocaust crime could be proved..."

Nice try Daniel. Srebrenica ISN'T the Holocaust, they are light years apart in both scope and evidence, so please don't try to equate the two.

The problem with you using the Holocuast as a relativist argument to substantiate the validity of Srebrenica is that you aren't Jewish, you aren't a Holocaust scholar or historian, you haven't lost any relatives in the Holocaust, you haven't studied the Holocaust or the overwhelming evidence to back up its authenticity to make such an outrageous comment. You may think that the Holocaust only had anecdotal evidence, and hence my demand for proof in the case of Srebrenica you ridiculously infer as some kind of "Holocaust Denial" which is obviously why you named your blog "Srebrenica genocide denial".

As far as your claim: " does not change the fact that over 8,000 Bosniaks were slaughtered in Srebrenica.."

The REAL fact is that a whopping 3,010 of the names matching your alleged "Srebrenica massacre victims" were all very much alive in 1996/1997 when they voted in the Bosnian elections! An election which, we were told over and over by the media, was strictly supervised and scrutinized by the European O.S.C.E organization to prevent election vote fraud.

Either 3,010 dead Bosnian muslims were capable of miraculously getting up & walking out of their graves and voting in Bosnia's 1996/97 elections [their names were registered by the European O.S.C.E on their voting lists] or you are accusing the O.S.C.E of massive election fraud. Take your pick.

The overwhelming evidence for the World War 2 Holocaust of millions of Jews and non-Jews alike came from the perpetrators of the crime - Nazi Germany - as well as its allies such as the Bosnian muslims & Croats in the SS Handzar & Kama divisions as well as Bosnian muslim members of the Croatian National Socialist SS known as the Ustasha in Bosnia Herzegovina which was from 1941 to 1945 part of the so-called "Independent State of Croatia".

In a nutshell, you don't know jack about the Holocaust, because if you did you would NEVER try and equate the Holocaust with Srebrenica. By calling your blog "Srebrenica genocide denial" you are implying that anybody who dares ask for proof of the Islamist Izetbegovic SDA government claim that 7,000 or 8,000 [or was it 10,000 or 15,000?] Bosnian muslims were executed in July 1995 is somehow the same as a "Holocuast denier".

See: "Exploiting genocide; Brendan O'Neill on how 'Holocaust relativists' on both Left and Right use the greatest crime in history for political ends"

"Hijacking the Holocaust"

To equate the alleged "Srebrenica massacre" with the World War 2 Holocaust is grossly insulting to the millions of victims of the Nazis' systematic industrial scale mass extermination program. These were the true victims of the Holocaust, not some dirty ugly little civil war containing atrocities, where - at most - according to the UN's & US State Department's own figures, 94 to 100 thousand ON ALL SIDES - including soldiers AND civilians - died in 3 and a half years of bitter internecine fighting.

You shouldn't even dare to talk about the Holocaust because the policies of the person you are defending were NAZI in nature: Alija Izetbegovic, whom just happened to be an SS auxiliary & prime Bosnian muslim recruiter for Heinrich Himmler's SS Nazi Handzar division during World War 2.

To prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Izetbegovic was indeed a true Nazi, he even went so far as to RESURRECT the Bosnian muslim Nazi SS "Handzar" division with recruits consisting of various Albanian, Pakistani, Afghani cut-throat killers in 1992/1993 as his own personal praetorian body-guards!!

Alija Izetbegovic, far from being a "moderate democrat committed to a multi-ethnic Bosnia" was actually a pro-Ayatollah Khomeini Iranian backed radical Islamist fundamentalist & former Nazi SS auxiliary who openly declared that British poet, Salman Rushdie, deserved the death sentence for writing the "Satanic Verses" whilst on a trip to his favorite land of "tolerance & multi-ethnic harmony" in 1991, ISLAMIST FUNDAMENTALIST IRAN!! and and

Izetbegovic's intolerance for other religions & cultures apart from Islam, in Bosnia Herzegovina - especially the Serbs - both prior to [in his "Islamic Declaration" & " No East,No West Islam is the best"(“Islam Between East And West”) books ] but also during the Bosnian war in his speeches & interviews & his outright support for openly Nazi publications & articles in magazines like the Sarajevo based "Svijet" and "Vox" magazines!

Izetbegovic's own people freely admit that he deliberately sacrificed Srebrenica as a psyops propaganda ploy for the Western media so as to obtain military intervention from NATO in order to bomb the Serbs. Izetbegovic even admitted that he manipulated the Western media by spreading unsubstantiated sensationalist stories - including the phony "rape camps" & "death camps" to former UNMIK head, Bernard Kouchner, on his deathbed in 2003. and

Izetbegovic gave Osama bin Laden an official Bosnian passport in 1993 AFTER the first WTC bombing and along with Clinton's tacit support imported tens of thousands of fanatical Islamist Jihadist [today called 'al Qaeda'] murderous cut-throats into Bosnia to slaughter Serbs [and sometimes his own muslims & Croats as well!]

Izetbegovic's cohorts in the SDA party also deliberately MURDERED innocent Bosnian muslims, Serbs & Croats in EVERY single one of the Sarajevo bread queue/market place massacres. THAT IS A FACT. It was exposed in the Dutch intelligence report during the recent enquiry into the behavior of the UN Dutchbat in Bosnia.

"The upper echelons in Sarajevo were under the impression that the Clinton Administration only needed a legitimate excuse in order to launch the massive air campaign. Therefore, the Bosnian Muslims prepared a self-inflicted atrocity to be blamed on the Serbs, thus serving as the excuse which Washington needed."

Above excerpt from Offensive in the Balkans
The Potential for a Wider War as a Result of Foreign Intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina by Yossef BODANSKY,
Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives.


As I wrote in my article,I base my conclusions on Srebrenica being a hoax on actual LACK OF evidence: you base your conclusions of it being a "proven fact" based on mainstream corporate media reports which based their conclusions on nothing more than press releases of Izetbegovic's SDA government run "ministry of information", NATO/EU government press releases and the NATO-run and NATO/Soros funded kangaroo court known as the ICTY at The Hague - in other words unsubstantiated hearsay evidence & outright LIES.

Here is what Andy Wilcoxson, the webmaster of, had to say about your comments:

I would like to know which "Serbian lawyers" he is talking about. This
guy's claims are far too vague to be taken seriously.

There's no way that 6,000 bodies are stacked-up in the Tuzla morgue. I have seen numbers ranging from 2,000 to 4,000. Out of all those bodies,
the number of identified corpses is still less than 300.

A pile of corpses does not equal genocide. There was heavy fighting in and around Srebrenica and a lot of people were killed on both sides
during the war. Muslims killed a lot of Serbs and Serbs killed a lot of Muslims. The Serbs may have wound-up with the more favorable kill ratio,but that's how one wins wars. You kill more of the enemy than they do of you. Only a military comprised of idiots would strive to achieve an even kill ratio.

I can tell you that of the corpses exhumed and identified the vast
majority are military aged men, and since a draft was in effect in
Bosnia it is quite likely that they were soldiers. When the media uses
the term "men and boys" you can more accurately replace it with the term "soldiers".

Also, you claim that: "Many bodies of Srebrenica Genocide victims will never be found, because many of them are burned and ashes is thrown in the river of Drina."

Daniel, this attempt at explaining the lack of 8,000 bodies showing signs of execution by gunshot at close range is simply laughable.

These sorts of ludicrous claims peddled by Izetbegovic's SDA party in Sarajevo and repeated by NATO & the corporate controlled media have been thoroughly debunked & refuted in various reports by the prestigious International Strategic Studies Association based in Washington, D.C.

In their report on September 19,2003, entitled: "Srebrenica Controversy Becomes Increasingly Politicized and Ethnically Divisive, Increasing Pressure on Peacekeepers" it is made clear:


[former BBC journalist Jonathan Rooper]...points out that the 40,000 inhabitants the UN used in July of 1995 before the capture of Srebrenica roughly matches the number of former residents accounted for in the aftermath. A commander of the Muslim-dominated Army of BiH (Bosnia-Herzegovina) later confirmed to parliament in Sarajevo that 5,000 BiH troops escaped largely intact to Tuzla while the UN registered some 35,632 civilian survivors.

While the capture of Srebrenica was reported in July 1995, as it unfolded, an international outcry only took place a month later, after Madeleine Albright, then US representative to the UN, held up a photo which she said provided evidence that thousands of Muslim victims had been buried at field near Nova Kasaba, 19 kilometers from Srebrenica. Excavations which took place following the war, however, yielded 33 bodies at Nova Kasaba. Two years after the event, a total of 400 bodies had been found at 20 sites near Srebrenica, an area which had seen bloody fighting over a three year period.

Instead of acknowledging that there was no support for the original figures, Rooper says a various means were used to prop up the official story.

Spokesmen for the Clinton Administration suggested that Serbs might have moved the bodies to other locations. Rooper points out that excavating, transporting and reburying 7,000 bodies was “not only beyond the capabilities of the thinly-stretched, petrol-starved Bosnian Serb Army, but would have been easily detected under intense surveillance from satellites and geostationary drones”.

By 1998, thousands of bodies excavated from all across Bosnia were stored at the Tuzla airport. Despite state-of-the-art DNA testing, only 200 bodies have been linked to Srebrenica.

Around 3,000 names on a list of Srebrenica victims compiled by the Red Cross matched voters in the Bosnian election in 1996. “I pointed out to the OSCE that there had either been massive election fraud or almost half the people on the ICRC missing list were still alive,” says Rooper. “The OSCE finally responded that the voting lists had been locked away in warehouses and it would not be possible for them to investigate.”

Former United Nations Military Observer in Bosnia,Carlos Martins Branco, who was on the ground in Bosnia when the supposedly "de-militarized safe zone" [it was NEVER de-militarized] of Srebrenica "fell" in 1995, revealed the following back in the late 90's:

"...If there had been a premeditated plan of genocide, instead of attacking in only one direction, from the south to the north - which left the hypothesis to escape to the north and west, the Serbs would have established a siege in order to ensure that no one escaped. The UN observation posts to the north of the enclave were never disturbed and remained in activity after the end of the military operations. There are obviously mass graves in the outskirts of Srebrenica as in the rest of ex-Yugoslavia where combat has occurred, but there are no grounds for the campaign which was mounted, nor the numbers advanced by CNN."

"The mass graves are filled by a limited number of corpses from bothsides, the consequence of heated battle and combat and not the result of a premeditated plan of genocide, as occurred against the Serbian populations in Krajina, in the Summer of 1995, when the Croatian army implemented the mass murder of all Serbians found there. In this instance,the media maintained an absolute silence, despite the fact that the genocide occurred over a three month period..."

Here is what UN Dutch Captain Schouten who was also on the ground in Bosnia when the supposed "de-militarized safe haven" of Srebrenica fell to the Bosnian Serb VRS army:

"Everybody is parroting everybody, but nobody shows hard evidence. I notice that in the Netherlands people want to prove at all costs that genocide has been committed. (...) If executions have taken place, the Serbs have been hiding it damn well. Thus, I don’t believe any of it. The day after the collapse of Srebrenica, July 13, I arrived in Bratunac and stayed there for eight days. I was able to go wherever I wanted to. I was granted all possible assistance; nowhere was I stopped."

(Captain Schouten was the only UN military officer in Bratunac at the time a massacre is alleged.)

Srebrenica. The name accuses: massacre. 7000 to 8000 dead.

But did it happen?

General R. Krstic, commander of the Bosnian Serb troops who took Srebrenica in July 1995 has been seized by NATO, put on trail for war crimes.

Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic and Commanding General Mladic are indicted, hunted, trashed as criminals in the media. Virtually the entire Bosnian Serb leadership is under threat of arrest for Srebrenica.

But did it happen?

Srebrenica is NATO's remedy; it compensates all sins. Did the Croatian Army drive more than 200,000 Serbs from the Krajina section of Yugoslavia? Were the Croats trained, led and given air cover by US forces? Yes, but what about Srebrenica?

Didn't the Serbs deserve it?

By telling and retelling the story of Srebrenica over the past four and a half years the media has been able to portray the Bosnian Islamist fighters as victims and therefore humane.

Naser Oric was the Islamist Commander at Srebrenica. This gentleman met with journalists, showed them videos of the bodies of Serbian civilians decapitated by his troops during raids on nearby villages. Oric's boasts had a purpose: to instill terror. During World War II, pro-Nazi Islamist and Croatian Ustashe forces slaughtered Serbian peasants. Every Serbian family lost people. Every Serbian family remembers. By carrying out such terror in the '90s, and boasting of it, the Islamist forces were waging a psychological war. The message to Serbs was: 'We're back. Flee or die.'

But what about the Serbs? Did they respond in kind?

The following article, though definitely not 'pro-Serb' (as you shall see, the writers assume there must be some truth to the charges) nevertheless presents strong evidence that:

1) Islamist forces in Srebrenica waged a war of terror terror against Serbian civilians in nearby villages;

2) The supposed eyewitness accounts of a Serbian revenge massacre, though much trumpeted by the mass media, are not credible. Not only do witnesses contradict one another, but they tell different stories to different reporters;

3) There is no hard evidence that a massacre took place;

4) The western media routinely report mutually contradictory anti-Serb rumors as if they were unquestionably true;

5) Serbian observers have been falsely quoted as admitting the massacre took place;

6) And perhaps most important, Dutch military officers (the UN officers at the scene when the Serbs took Srebrenica in 1995) reported there was no massacre.

Comments above by Jared Israel.

Also your claims that "Serb lawyers" at The Hague 'trial' "...downloaded Afghany jihadist videos from the internet and portrayed them as Bosnian videos of execution of Serbs" is laughable.

There would be NO need for "Serb lawyers" [which you don't name] to do such a thing since there are plenty of such videos being OPENLY SOLD in Bosnian cultural centers with the full blessing of the Bosnian muslim authorities.

Also, where you state:
"The question is: How can you defend yourself against murder charges when videotaped evidence shows YOU laughing and shooting at civilians? (I'm sure you will give me some twisted reasoning, again)."

Daniel,which video are you talking about where someone is laughing/smiling after having killed innocent civilians?

Are you talking about this videotape?:

Or maybe this one?:

Or perhaps you are referring to Alija Izetbegovic's Bosnian Muslim warlord, Naser Oric and his "Greatest Hits Video" compilation of hideously brutal mass murders of thousands of Serbian elderly women, men, and young children, in and around Srebrenica & Gorazde from 1992 to 1995 where Mr. Oric LAUGHS [and smiles] as he is watching these videos in front of US newspaper reporters from the Washington Post & the Toronto Star:

For photographs of Alija Izetbegovic's muslim warlord, Naser Oric and his muslim buddies' atrocities against Serbian civilians in Gorazde & Srebrenica:

The major conclusion from Morillon's testimony was this: The fall of Srebrenica in 1995 was the 'direct reaction' to the massacres of Bosnian Serbs by Naser Oric's forces in 1992-1993. Morillon acknowledged that Oric's troops had committed war crimes in eastern Bosnia. Morillon personally witnessed the exhumation of the bodies of Bosnian Serb civilians and soldiers who had been tortured, mutilated, and executed. He saw with his own eyes the Serbian villages that had been burned to the ground in the Srebrenica pocket. More than anyone else, Morillon understood the level of devastation in eastern Bosnia and the extent and nature of the massacres of Bosnian Serbs."

Daniel, since you are such a HUGE FAN & supporter of the ICTY "trials" "justice" and "truth" then I suggest you read The Hague's indictments against al Qaeda-linked Bosnian muslims at:

Daniel, your DENIAL of the Srebrenica mass killings of 3,800 Serbian civilians - elderly women, men & children - by the brutal Islamist thugs under the command of Naser Oric -who used axes, knives, hammers and iron bars - to commit his foul deeds then BOASTED and laughed about it to reporters of the Washington Post & Toronto Star!

You deny it despite not only of Oric's boastings and his videotapes of his crimes which he openly showed off to the above reporters, but you also DENY the fact that these killings were confirmed by UN troops and Generals on the ground at the time - such as for example in testimony under oath by UN General Phillipe Morillon - at The Hague's ICTY show 'trial' of Milosevic, and verified in UN reports such as A/48/177, S/25835 available at,and as well as the UN documents on rape A/47/813, S/24991 by Bosnian muslim & Croat forces in Bosnia in 1992

You DENY the independent report produced by the Republic of Srpska, which was suppressed by the friend of Islamist terrorists, viceroy Paddy Ashdown in 2002, and and, and yet on top of that you have the BLATANT AUDACITY to make the ludicrous ,preposterous claim [a blatant LIE actually] that: "...less than 2,000 Serb civilians died in all of Bosnia.."[!!]

Even the US State Department and your beloved ICTY commissioned a report which showed that 94,000 people died - soldiers and civilians combined on ALL sides - in three and a half years of fighting - with Serbs, Croats & Muslims being roughly evenly distributed among the dead.

Your figure of "1,978 to be exact" dead Serbs in ALL of Bosnia after three and a half years of fighting is nothing more than a SICK JOKE and is similar to what you accuse everybody else of doing - "Genocide denial" - when they do not accept the UNPROVEN claim that "8,000 muslim men and boys" were executed by being shot. A claim that has NOT been substantiated by ANY competent independent body - including your favorite: The Hague ICTY!

Why don't you quote some UN or NATO/EU body to substantiate that figure of "1,978 to be exact" since you frequently love to quote them repeatedly as such infallibly reliable sources, but NOT when the UN publishes reports of massacred Serbs and when they report far higher figures of Serbs murdered by Izetbegovic's muslims - figures that you don't like because it DOESN'T fit in with your views of the Bosnian muslims under Izetbegovic as innocent angels/saints [despite their Islamist Nazi al Qaeda sympathies & connections] and the Serbs as demons/monsters? That's why you dont mention ANYTHING about the mass killings by Izetbegovic's forces of the Bosnian muslim followers of the moderate secular leader, Fikret Abdic in 1993.

Why not quote at least ONE United Nations report number for your figure of "1,978 to be exact" killed Serbs?

The fact that you DENY the UN reports mentioned before A/48/177, S/25835 and A/47/813, S/24991 and you also DENY the ICTY & US State Department figures of 94,000 dead on ALL sides in roughly even proportion, then have the brazen audacity to LIE by claiming the ludicrous figure of "1,978 to be exact" killed Serbs for ALL of Bosnia for 3 and a half years of war[!!], proves who the REAL "Srebrenica Genocide Denier" truly is: YOU!! And yet you have the nerve to accuse me of "twisted reasoning" and implying that I am similar to a Holocaust "denier" [I happen to be half Jewish and lost relatives in the Holocaust; how dare you try and use the Holocaust as an argument against me?!!]

Daniel, your method of personal attack by accusing someone of "twisted reasoning" for not accepting your ad hominem arguments [arguments which lack proof] shows that you have no respect, common courtesy or honor when disagreeing with somebody ele's point of view.

You appear to be unable to conduct an honest debate without resorting to this kind of dishonorable behavior - a personal attack and attempt at character assassination -in a futile attempt to discredit somebody.

It is a great pity for your cause, because if you disagree with someone, you DON'T attack them personally, you improve your argument by challenging statements with better quality analysis containing EVIDENCE/PROOF and NOT personal attacks/abuse, name calling/labelling & ad hominem specious "are you still beating your wife?" type of arguments.

Case in point:

Your labelling of Emperor's Clothes writer, George Pumphrey, as an "anti-Semite" is absolutely LUDICROUS and laughable. Jared Israel -who runs Emperor's Clothes-happens to be JEWISH, and would NEVER associate himself with anyone who is "anti-Semitic".

Daniel, I wanted to rationally and honorably debate you one on one but you seem incapable of doing so without resorting to personal insults and put downs, so I will leave you with the words of Andy Wilcoxson, when I asked him if he knew about you:

Don't waste your time on this guy. His name is Daniel Lam, he's from
Quebec, and he is mentally incapable of having a rational discussion. I had to ban him from the Milosevic discussion because he frequently used profanity, insulted other participants in the discussion, and tried to flood the discussion.

- Andy
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