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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Something which our media are mentioning only as something the Serbs are saying but without details
Milosevic feared he was being poisoned: Lawyer
Press Trust of India - The Hague, March 12, 2006

Slobodan Milosevic, who was found dead in his cell bed on Saturday, feared he was being poisoned in prison, his legal advisor Zdenko Tomanovic told journalists at the UN warcrimes court in The Hague.

"Mister Milosevic said there were attempts to poison him in the prison," Tomanovic said.

"After consultation with Milosevic's family, I have officially insisted that the autopsy not be carried out in The Hague but in Moscow," he added.

Tomanovic has been Milosevic's key legal advisor since the former Yugoslav president went on trial in The Hague in 2002.

He is not formally Milosevic's lawyer before the UN court because Milosevic refused to appoint one, deciding instead to represent himself.

I don't know if there are any poisons so subtle that the soert of very thorough spectroscopic analysis available in Moscow would fail to show it (& quite possibly nobody, not even the CIA, can be certain - or at least can be certain that such techniques will be possible in future).

Certainly his wife has the right to insist on it.

If NATO refuses it I do not think anybody could honestly claim certainty that this is not merely a very convenient death but state murder. Not the first such. Since the ICTY will know this any refusal would be inexplicable in any other terms.

Intelligent people can sustain an argument without the need to dip into such language, the use of which in any event will tend to convince the uncommitted that your case is without foundation.
You may have a point anonymous. What I wrote in the last couple of days was immediatley after hearing of the murder of Milosevic (it now appears he really was poisoned) & I was, I think not unreasonably, very angry. I still am.

Nonetheless I normally try to keep a light hand & a little humour, however black, in my writing.

On the other hand nothing I have said has been non-factual or even disputed, even by yourself, & I suggest that when similar things were said about Milosevic in the press & TV no complaint was ever allowed to be published.

Even though what was said about Milosevic was certainly a lie & what I have said about our genocidal leaders is certainly true.
It was actually the contribution from Mr North that I was referring to. I have no detailed knowledge of the details of the case but intemperate use of language is never seen as a positive sign in trying to form a view
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