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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The Israeli embassy's PR man has just been interviewed on Gary's show on Radio Scotland & I have just had this email I sent in read out (about 12.50). I was quite gratified to have it done in full, even with an "as he would see it" added to the NATO bit:
The number of Palestinians who were driven from Israeli territory (or as Israel would have it left voluntarily) was half a million. By comparison half of Israel's population were Jews driven from Arab lands (or as the Arabs would have it left voluntarily) & 2 million of the population of Serbia & Montenrgro are people ethnicaly cleansed from Croatia, Bosnia & Kosovo with the very active assistance of NATO, "as he would see it".

What do you think motivates people, particularly in Europe more affronted by Palestinain than Jewish or Serbian refugees?

His entirely reasoned & sensible reply was that the Palestinians had been kept as refugees quite deliberately as a symbol whereas the arabic Jews had got on with building a country. Israelis had hoped the Palestinians would have followed their example. I think this somewhat underestimates the problems the Palestinians have, but not all that much so, when you look at the problems that Israel faced in building the country on their side of the border.

He did not fall for the implication in my question that there is an undercurrent of anti-semitism in the opponents of Israel, particularly non-Moslems (which there certainly is) & considerably more than an undercurrent of Nazism in the attitude to Serbs (which is also true).

Neither he nor Gary mentioned the point about the Serbs which is what I expected - in fact I was quite surprised he hadn't cut that line.

"When the Sarajevo market place massacre happened at 12.02 hrs on February 5, 1994, the US immediately used the event to move the UN Security Council into issuing a 10 day deadline ultimatum to the Bosnian Serbs to pull back their heavy artillery and mortars from the hills above Sarajevo, or face NATO air strikes.

"At the time, the UN Commander, British Lt.-General Sir Michael Rose, said it was not possible to say which side had fired the alleged "mortar round". However, it has been alleged by a number of unnamed UN sources that a subsequent confidential UNPROFOR technical report showed it was more likely that the Muslims staged the event to evoke UN military action against the Serbs.

"A letter from EC peace mediator Lord Owen to EC foreign ministers, containing statements that the Bosnian Muslims were probably behind the event was shown by French Television 1 on February 18. When challenged by the French authorities, TF-1's Washington-based reporter, Ulif Gose, and TF-1's Foreign Affairs editor, Bernard Volker, stuck by their report that said an UNPROFOR investigation had shown the mortar was fired some 1.5 kilometres inside Muslim lines, a notification of which Lord Owen had repeated in his letter to the EC foreign ministers."
Lord David Owen, whilst initially acting like some kind of deranged war monger back in 1992 - when he called for the bombing of Serbia - subsequently started to realize how wrong he was about the Serbs being Nazis and publicly changed his tune [unlike the piece of pro-Islamist, pro-Nazi, spineless British filth, Ashdown].

In fact in testimony at The Hague kangaroo court, Lord Owen - under oath - had this to say about Milosevic's attitude to non-Serbs: "Any kind of racism was simply anathema to him".

There goes the entire BBC/ITN/ITV et al "ethnically pure fascist Greater Serbia" lie right out the window, and with it, the entire justification for over 10 years of sanctions, NATO's 79 day [worse than Nazi] terror bombing of civilians and civilian infrastructure: eg. hospitals, churches, nursing homes, pre-schools, children's day care centers, zoos, museums, grocery market-places, trains, buses, cars etc.

All of this going on while the leaders of Croatia -Franjo Tudjman, Bosnia Herzegovina - Alija Izetbegovic,Rasim Delic,Sefer Halilovic, and finally the Albanian KLA - Hashim Thaci, Agim Ceku,Ramush Haradinaj were all PUBLICLY committed to genocide & ethnic cleansing of ALL Serbs from Croatia,Krajina,Bosnia and Kosovo and actually carried out their threats of mass murder & ethnic cleansing.

Who supported these despicable Nazi filth & Islamist terorist thugs in their publicly stated goals of ethnic cleansing? Why it was all of the "peaceloving & humanitarian" [i.e. bleeding heart leftist liberal] capitalist Western "liberal democracy" fawning,gutless military goons & politicians such as Robin Cook, Tony Blair, George Robertson,Clare Short, Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright,Peter Galbraith ,Richard Holbrooke,Samuel Berger,Anthony Lake, Wesley Clark,Mike Jackson,Joseph Biden,Joe Liebermann, Tom Lantos [I could go on, but the list is way too long].

All of them SPINELESS, MASS MURDERING NAZI PIECES OF WESTERN GLOBALIST TRASH who should be rotting behind the iron bars at The Hague instead of Milosevic.
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