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Thursday, February 02, 2006


I have considerable respect for the jury system. Where it requires a selection of ordinary people, traditionally ordinary householders, to convict somebody, whatever the self styled "great & good" wish, freedom can never be totally absent.

I believe the jury in the BNP case have properly done their duty.
"We don't hate anyone from any ethnic minority in this country," Griffin told reporters. "We don't blame them for being here ... we blame our government for putting them above our people."

He said the BNP's wrath was directed at politicians who had turned Britain into a "multi-cultural mess".

Thursday's acquittals brought groans from anti-racist activists waiting outside court.

"We think it is a tragic day for justice that Nazis can hide behind freedom of speech in order to attack democracy and to encourage racism," said Weyman Bennett from the Unite Against Fascism group.

This prosecution has been entirely political. The BBC never spent 10s of thousands of pound trying to infiltrate the Labour party to find someone willing to say that bombing Serbs is ok. Professor Torrance, was never prosecuted for fabricating a story about Serbs putting their enemies through a sawmill, as part of his role as Moderator of the Church of Scotland. Such a story is clearly likely to produce racial hatred but when challenged on it he not only refused give provenance but removed the sermon for the Church's website. I have previously accused Mr Blair of being a Nazi war criminal. Nick Griffin is clearly not a Nazi, he has not bombed hospitals, he is not guilty of genocide, he has not murdered one thousandth as many people as the Cabinet, he is not as racist, or dishonest, as the as the Church of Scotland.

The difference is that he has not earned membership of the "great & good" either by birth or by his willingness to talk newspeak & that is what is threatening.

By comparison Mr Bennet & "Unite Against Fascism" do not know the true meaning of the words "justice", "Nazi", "freedom of speech", "attack", "democracy" & "racism".

For impartial BBC reporting of the trial try this.
Ahh yes...the British parliament & cabinet - the vanguard of truth, freedom & democracy [tongue firmly implanted in cheek].

Did you know that the British parliament was FULLY aware - as EARLY AS 1992 - that Alija Izetbegovic, the illegally usurped 'leader' of Bosnia Herzegovina, was a fanatical Islamist fundamentalist -and former Nazi- dedicated to a PURE Islamist Bosnia state [i.e WITHOUT Serbs & Orthodox Christianity] complete with "Sharia" law?!

But wait a minute! Didn't the entire British & US press at the time repeat over and over that he was a "moderate, secular,democratic leader dedicated to a multi-ethnic Bosnian society"??! Didn't the British & US media keep telling us that the Serbs were the "intolerant Nazi fascists" who wanted an " ethnically pure Greater Serbia"?

How strange!! [Well, not really]

Have doubts? Read this:
Alija Izetbegovic:his background and philosophies.

A briefing paper produced for Members for the 1992/3 Session of the British Parliament Monday 21 December 1992


ALIJA IZETBEGOVIC, leader of the SDA (Muslim Party of Democratic Action), is currently the President of the Presidency of Bosnia-Hercegovina. He was born in Bosanski Samac in 1925, went to school in Sarajevo, and eventually completed law school; he had no schooling in religion within the Islamic school system .

Izetbegovic's Early Years

From his early youth, Izetbegovic dedicated himself to Islamic work. At 16 he became part of the group that founded religious-political organisation "Yung Muslims" in Sarajevo, in 1940. From the very outset the "YM" was modelled on fundamentalist formations in the Islamic world, such as "As- subban al-muslimun" and "Al-ikwan al-muslimun". One of the five points of the "YM" programme insisted on the unity of the Muslim world through the creation of one large Muslim state .

During the Second World War, the "YM" grew and become part of a network of Islamic religious groups headed by the highly conservative theologian of the Mehmed Handzic (1906-1944). The "YM" were not officially pro-fascist in orientation, though they were pursuit for this by the Communist regime after 1945. There were, however, many individual examples of active collaboration with the Ustashi government .

Izetbegovic was arrested in 1946, for his significant participation in founding the Muslim journal MUDZAHID. He spent the next three years in jail for promoting hatred. At the same time, his friend Nedzib Sacirbegovic was given a four year prison sentence. Sacirbegovic is now Izetbegovic's personal representative in the USA and his son Muhamed, is Bosnia-Hercegovina's ambassador to the UN. Izetbegovic has systematically promoted to top positions in the SDA people who were political "cadres" in the original "YM" movement .

In February 1949, the "Yung Muslims" started an open revolt . This was short-lived. During subsequent trials held in Sarajevo in 1949, four members of the "YM" were sentenced to death and many were given prison sentences . After this lesson, Islamic activists stopped creating illegal groups and started working on Islamisation "from underneath" . This meant penetrating the very pores of the system's institutions, including the formal Islamic community, because the activists considered their leaders to be traitors to the authentic Islamic cause. From the beginning Izetbegovic preferred Shiite Islamic radicalism in comparison to the Sunni .

Izetbegovic's doctrine - "The Islamic Declaration"

Izetbegovic published many articles in Muslim journals (TAKVIM, GVIS, etc.), discussing the sad state of Islam and the necessity for its universal regeneration . In 1970, he wrote and distributed to people of confidence, his specific manifesto or programme for radical pan-Islam - the ISLAMIC DECLARATION .

In this booklet, similar to many of the same type circulating in the Islamic world, but the only one of its sort in Yugoslavi
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