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Friday, January 06, 2006


Pete North has sent me this incredible email from reporter Elizabeth Tadic, with whom he has been arguing over the way she waxed enthusiastic about putting a balanced report on Yugoslavia & dropped him when it was obvious he knew to much to be painted as a nut.
Dear P.R. North,

Thanks for your New Year wishes for Dateline. You may be delighted to
discover that my contract has not been renewed this year with Dateline, and
so you will need to find some other shit-kicking, hardworking journo to

Now I wish to start my plate clean this year, and maybe even open up your
eyes to your wasteful, nasty emails. I am not sure I should even bother, but
if I can somehow knock some sense into that brain damaged head of yours,
that would be a tiny achievement.

I once asked you for your telephone number so that we could speak and
discuss your story ideas like civilised people. You never gave me your
telephone number but I trustingly gave you mine, as I was keen to hear more
from you. But you never called me. At the time, I believed you were an
intelligent person who cared about finding out a deeper truth. Instead, you
have abused my trust by posting my telephone numbers, thus giving me no
option but to change my numbers, and writing me countless emails like some
crazed peodophile stalker. You are sick.

Your postings on the web are filled with inaccuracies and falsities, the
first one being that that I am not a Serb. I have already told you this and
yet you continue to print your bullshit. Not that my nationality should have
any bearing on the matter, as I am not nationalistic at all. But at least
have the decency to check your facts before declaring some warped truth of
yours Don't you have better things to do with your life than write untruths
about journalists you have never met? I am a mere cog in this wheel (just
like you although you have major fault defects) and thus have no influence
on what stories get commissioned. I have no power in this regard. In fact,
my contract with Dateline has not been renewed for this year, and your false
ramblings have not helped my situation.

In the Balkans, you are what is called, a coward. It's so much easier to
blame and curse those with little to no power than to actually challenge the
real powerbrokers who make the decisions. I was serious about investigating
your story proposal and did actually push for it as hard as I could. But in
hindsight, after receiving your countless emails, I am glad it was never
commissioned, as it is no doubt filled with your distorted reality on truth
rather than any fact. If there was any substance in your claims, some other
reputable media outlet would have picked it up.

From your emails, I am guessing that you are an old and decrepit man who has
obviously had a shit life. Usually people who have had shit lives and
believe they deserved better, try to make other peoples lives shit. Or
you're a wanna-be journo, or simply a few beers short of a sixpack.
Otherwise you wouldn't waste your time targeting a honest, hardworking,
young journalist who has always cared for the underdog and fought so hard
for human rights. I am only a cog in the wheel and have no power over what
stories are commissioned and am easily dispensed with.

I suggest you either apologise for your false accusations and remove my name
from the post, which would help redeem yourself. Or, if you really want to
have a civilised debate etc than I would be more than happy to speak with
you over the phone or meet you in person. But I think you are too afriad to
meet me and confront me, as you are a coward. You probably even beat your
wife, girlfriend or daughter.

If you cannot realise your foolish ways, than I suggest you get some
psychiatric help. Make amends now by correcting your post and removing my
name, or go to the grave an angry, mean, old man who did nothing for this
world but try to hinder the work of a kindhearted, caring, humanitarian.
What you are doing is like attacking the Dalai Lama or Mahatma Gandhi or
Nelson Mendela - as they are my role models. I will continue my fight for
the poor and disenfranchised, to expose injustices, reveal truths and give
voice to the underdog!

So long to Dateline and crazies like yourself!

This is my last email to you. I really hope you do something about your
nasty streak and don't die a mean old twerp.

I can't take any personal joy in her firing. On the other hand it is clear that it is at least partly because Pete stood up to be counted & that is quite something. It is good to find that the media are touchable, at least in Australia.

Although she characterises herself as a "kindhearted caring humanitarian" comparable to Ghandi, Mandela & the Dalai Lama & accuses Pete of "falsities" the only thing she actually disputes is that she is a Serb (he actually said of Serbian extraction which is not the same). From my knowledge of the subject, which is fairly extensive, nothing he has said about Yugoslavia has been wrong.

I wish to draw particular attention to "If there was any substance in your claims, some other reputable media outlet would have picked it up" which not only suggests that she never checked up anything but links closely to the "if it had happened it would be on the news" in an earlier post. Both assume that the people who make decisions, to whom she is a "mere cog", are in some way honest.

The corolary, of course, is that if there is substance to what we say then they aren't in any way honest.

PS Pete has confirmed that the "private" phone no she complains about him misusing has been available on a website for years.

Honestly, despite what people may think, I sincerely do NOT hate Ms. Tadic, despite all the completely unjustified, nasty & terrible personal attacks upon my character that she makes in that e-mail.

However, she makes some comments and baseless allegations about me which I wish to elaborate upon:

First, the issue of refusing to call her on the phone.
her about the angle of her report, and with respect to this, I asked for a guarantee that the story would NOT be twisted/skewed to be yet another anti-Serbian pro-NATO piece in order to portray critics of Western policy [vis-a-vis the Serbs] in a bad light by making them look like complete nutcases [in the US, this is done by using cunning video editing techniques whenever the corporate establishment media has a need to discredit somebody; it usually makes use of the "do you STILL beat your wife?" technique of character assassination]

Each time I wrote an e-mail requesting clarification on
this matter including why her boss Mr. Mike Carey, ALWAYS censored/deleted my posts [most of the time he just simply refused to publish them outright] I did not
receive even the common courtesy of an answer.
ALL my e-mails were deliberately IGNORED.Mind you, this was
AFTER both Tadic & Carey had agreed to do the story
exposing the links between the KLA, NATO & Al Qaeda.

Second, she is very angry & UPSET [??] for me referring
to her as being of "Serbian descent".

Okay, let's see. I write a lengthy post to the SBS Dateline program in early September 2004, after they do a story entitled "Justice at the Crossroads".
The general tone of the story was anti-Serb pro ICTY Hague/pro-NATO.

My post gets chopped to pieces - I'm not exaggerating here either - EVERY sentence & URL link which mentioned & exposed the lies of this bogus 'court' and the lies
against the Serbs got completely DELETED.

However, EVERY sentence in my post criticizing the US government
with regards to Iraq, Afghanistan and its attempted
conquest of Eurasia [including the US encirclement of
Russia with military bases throughout former Warsaw Pact
countries & ex-Soviet central Asian republics which could lead to WW3] on the other hand, ALL of these sentences get left in.AMAZING.
The post ends up being a few short sentences of anti-US
statements with respect to Islamic countries!! INCREDIBLE, to say the least isn't it? That's what I referred to when I wrote
"utterly amazing HYPOCRISY & DECEPTION" in that
very first letter I wrote to "A Place to Stand" back in August 2004, on the 10th anniversary of the Krajina genocide & expulsion of Serbs.

I get a letter a few days after my very first post to Dateline from a Ms. 'Elizabeth Tadic' telling me that I have made a "very pertinent argument, one which I have
voiced also in the past" and that she now wants to do a story on it.

I naturally ASSUMED she was Serbian - after all, the
name 'Tadic' is a very common Serbian name - and after
all, getting an e-mail out of the blue - ESPECIALLY AFTER IT WAS CENSORED TO PIECES and TWISTED into a pro-Islamic/pro-Arab anti-US piece - then receiving such
a contradictory e-mail from a Dateline reporter suddenly telling me she supports my view concerning the Serbs & US/NATO policy was such a surprise for me and SO UNUSUAL - for a government funded corporate media journalist - and with the common Serbian surname of 'Tadic" to boot, I had NO reason to assume that she was anything but of Serbian descent/extraction and EVERY reason to think she must have been of Serbian descent for supporting the general gist of the information I sent to Dateline in my original post which got censored.

Naturally I had no reason to assume that she was either Croatian, Albanian, Slovenian,Macedonian or Bosnian muslim, since these ethnic nationalities -for the most part - can hardly be described as being 'pro-Serb'.

Oaky, so after I get this letter from her asking me to
telephone her, I asked for an explanation from both her
& her boss, Mike Carey, as to WHY my original post has been chopped to pieces. I FINALLY get an answer from Mike Carey - after several attempts where he ignored me-
telling me that the reason why he "didn't post all of
it" was because, he explained:

"I didn't post it all because
I don't want other TV programmes getting the idea to do a report from your posting".

When I read Mr. Carey's reason for censorship I was
naturally somehat skeptical, since it would be completely out of character for journalists working for other "TV programmes" [whether it be government funded/owned or privately owned/publicly listed
corporate media current affairs TV shows] to start frantically running to their editors/executive
producers-directors telling them something like: "Hey I got something, boss! Lets beat SBS' Dateline to this
story, by being the first current affairs show in
Australia to expose the establishment's lies about the
Serbs and its support of Al Qaeda terrorism in the

I was naturally skeptical of this explanation by Mr. Carey, especially when one takes into account the corporate media's track record on the subject for the last 15 years [especially the news wire services like
Reuters & AP].

The reason given by Mr. Carey for his censorship just
didn't make any sense considering the above points. I
subsequently received NO replies from either Mr. Carey
or Ms. Elizabeth Tadic to ANY of my e-mail enquiries concerning their policy of censorship on their viewers'forum at Dateline.

See one of the e-mails I sent below:

Dear Elizabeth,

My apologies for the delay in replying. No offense, but I really did laugh out loud when I read Mike's explanation that he did not want to post my URL links in order to prevent other reporters from doing a story based on the material. I don't think too many reporters would frantically run to their producers with "Hey, I know, let's go back to investigative journalism and expose the establishment's lies!!" It would be completely out of character for any of your competitors/colleagues at the other networks doing a factual report on the ICTY or anything else that challenges the establishment elite/corporate media line.

Judging by what I have seen of most of the Australian media, you guys parrot virtually every viewpoint disseminated by corporate media hacks in the States, so I'm quite perplexed and skeptical as to why your network,SBS,would suddenly decide to ignore all that and report the truth. I posted similar material back in February to the ABC's '7:30 report' in reponse to a story entitled "Book recalls Rwandan massacre".Predictably of course, they refused to publish my post. What makes SBS' "Dateline" so different from the pack all of a sudden?

Before we talk, I want to know from what "angle" in particular do you wish to compile your report? After viewing your last two reports on the ICTY kangaroo court [including the report in February 2004 "Serbia's Patriot Games" - which like your latest report,"Justice at the crossroads", was severely biased towards this sham "tribunal"] you can forgive me for being somewhat skeptical about your sincerity.

How can I be sure that you won't attempt to "debunk" the evidence by twisting or misrepresenting the facts ? I have seen what corporate media current affairs shows in the US are capable of doing by utilising devious and cunning editing stratagems to distort the facts and consequently bury the truth to suit a particular establishment agenda.

Therefore, I need to be 100% certain of your intentions. What exactly is your "angle" and how much time do you have to complete your research and when do you plan on broadcasting the report?


Pete North.

I sent further e-mails several days later after receiving no answer to the above letter. Again, I wrote several e-mails several days later asking for an
update on the progress of the story or whether it has
been cancelled.Each time I sent an e-mail I was simply ignored.

I hear nothing from either of them for several weeks. AMAZING.

After hearing nothing from either of them for about a
month -finally - Ms. Tadic [but not Mr. Carey] gives me
the courtesy & respect of writing me an e-mail telling
me she is quite "busy" because she is in the "process of
doing a story", and that when she finishes it, she will "begin to do research on the story" that I wanted to post - but couldn't, due to Mr. Carey - as agreed to earlier by her boss. Again, I hear nothing after that from either of them.

After about six weeks from the time Ms. Tadic & Mike
Carey sent me their first e-mails, Ms. Tadic had actually put together a story on the "civil war" in Macedonia.

The story is about several Pakistani nationals who were
allegedly murdered by the Macedonian police who then
proceeded to frame the dead Pakistanis by having them
"dressed up as terrorists" in order to curry political
favour with George W. Bush and his "War on Terror".

In the story it mentions the large Albanian minority in
Macedonia and how they are being oppressed by the Macedonian government.

According to Ms. Tadic, the Albanian NLA [the Albanian
Macedonian branch of the KLA] is merely a movement
fighting for greater Albanian "civil rights", and she
goes into some length about how the Macedonian government is trying to portray the Albanians - unfairly & falsely - as having links to Islamist [Al Qaeda]

Naturally, the evidence for this, according to Ms. Tadic,was the Macedonian government's need to frame-up the Pakistani nationals by having the Macedonian police shoot them dead[for no good reason] and then dress them up as Islamist terrorists and have weapons planted on them.

The general gist of the story is that the Macedonians
are repressing the Albanian minority and denying them
their human rights.

For proof of this, Ms Tadic discusses the Macedonian
government's construction of a huge cross/crucifix
[which cost an enormous amount of public money],the purpose of which, according to Ms. Tadic, is to "send a clear message" to the Albanians living in Macedonia.

What that message is, she doesn't elaborate upon, but the implications are obvious.

Naturally, after I viewed her story I was quite shocked
that she would put such a story together, since I sent
her dozens of URL links to documented sources of
evidence which could have easily refuted such spurious
claims concerning the Albanian NLA terror group's activities in Macedonia. she obviously didn't bother to read any of them.

Knowing what I did about the KLA-NLA link to Al Qaeda -
and NATO's covert support of it - whilst simultaneously & dupilicitously arming & assisting the Macedonian government to fight these very same "Albanian NLA terrorists", I just could not believe what Ms Tadic & her boss, Mike Carey, had done by producing such a false portrayal of events, in light of their statement of intention in their previous e-mails concerning the link between the KLA, Al Qaeda & NATO.

First they tell me they want to do an expose' of NATO's
links to the KLA, Al Qaeda links to the Balkans terrorist groups [such as the KLA-NLA], and expose the "NATO spin on Yugoslavia".

Subsequently, I wrote a critique of Ms. Tadic's story on
the Dateline viewers' forum [aka 'Guestbook'].
It was not that long a post, but it again had several
URL links to documented sources/evidence which would
have exposed the absurdity & falseness of the claim that
the Macedonians were guilty of a "frame up" of the
Albanians "fighting for greater civil rights" - the
terrorist NLA - in order to link them to Al Qaeda and
curry favour with George W. Bush's "War on Terror".

There would be NO need of a "frame-up" since there were plenty of REAL Islamist Al Qaeda terrorists in Macedonia, Kosovo, the Sandzak province of Serbia, the Bosnian SDA party [formerly led by the late Islamist, Alija Izetbegovic]-controlled parts of Bosnia Herzegovina and Albania itself.

Here is a copy of the full post which was refused publication by Mr. Carey:
Hmm...'Macedonian Murder Mystery'

"..During the vicious civil war that followed,
Boskovski often played the terrorism card, trying to
link Muslim Albanians with al-Qa’ida..."

Seems like Mr. Boskovski had a good stack of legal
playing cards while Washington had cheating fakes:

"...The Delcevo police chief has testified that
Boskovski asked him to find some Asian-looking people
he could portray as Islamic terrorists..."

Mr.Boskovski wouldn't have to try hard - just a short
trip a few miles down [or up] the road actually in
Kosovo or Bosnia or Northern Albania:


"..In 2001, Albanian rebels took up arms against the
Macedonian Government, demanding greater civil

Well, yeah but they got by with a little help from
their frinds - MPRI and Uncle Sam:

Yeah, but to get "greater civil rights" it also helps
if you dress up as Serbs and kill UN 'peacekeepers':

We are informed by Dateline that Boskovski has "..been
accused of committing war crimes against Albanian
civilians, and is currently being investigated by the
War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague..."

If that's the case then Mr. Boskovski must have really
pissed of someone in Washington for some reason - so,
off we go to Del Ponte's ICTY Kangaroo Court to see
what's in store for Mr. Boskovski:

No links between Al-Qaeda and Albanians "fighting for
greater civil rights" in Macedonia? Pinch me momma, I
must be dreaming...

Is this Dateline or is this the State Department
briefing room during Monica-Gate?



It was just unbelievably hypocritical & disingenuous to have refused publication of the above post, since on mumerous occasions, Mr. Carey had no qualms at the time [and still doesn't] about publishing the most racist, hate filled & bigoted anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli, xenophobic, & neo-Nazi style comments targeting minorities like Jews & ethnic immigrants to Australia as the source of all of Australia's domestic political/economic woes.

After this post was refused publication, I wrote the following letters to Mr. Carey & simultaneously, Ms Tadic:

Dear Mr. Carey,

I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with you and Liz.When will Dateline begin to behave ethically and honorably and begin to abide by the SBS Codes of Practice? When will you cease and desist from this ABOMINABLE practice of BLATANT CENSORSHIP?

Or do I have to resort to a FORMAL WRITTEN COMPLAINT to senior management at SBS before you guys stop acting like Orwellian book-burners? Why not allow your viewers to read my post and make up their own minds? What are you afraid of?

It is now clear from what you have done - refusing to publish my last post [and chopping the first one to pieces] - that you guys have absolutely NO INTENTION of adhering to the [phony] promises you made to me back in early September - concerning the alleged forthcoming report on Al Qaeda links in the Balkans; and their connections to NATO, 'Dubya' Bush, Bush Snr and Bill - 'I did not have sex with that woman' - Clinton.

Why LIE to me and make phony promises that you had an intention to make a report in the first place? Why not just admit that you don't want to publish the TRUTH instead of resorting to this kind of dishonorable stratagem?

What kind of political agenda do you have in protecting the crimes of Clinton as well as Bush Snr and 'Dubya' in relation to their protection and sponsorship of Al Qaeda terrorists in the Balkans?

Dear Liz,

I have yet to receive a reply to my e-mail [see end of this e-mail] which was sent to you on September 14. You refused to publish my last post [in its entirety] and prior to that, you ruthlessly censored my initial post in response to your pro-ICTY story "[In]Justice at the Crossroads" by cutting out every URL link as well as ALL paragraphs pertaining to the conflict in the Balkans between NATO and Serbia/Yugoslavia .Maybe this has something to do with the strident Serbo-phobia[i.e that Serbs are Nazis] of certain factions on the left wing of the political spectrum in the US and UK - the establishment engineered this hate campaign on the part of the left quite well - SBS would not be immune to this phenomenon.

I am not surprised by this behavior anymore: the global media [overwhelmingly dominated by US based corporations] is worried that if people start researching the "war" in the Balkans they will discover the shocking truth that Western elites created and supported Islamist terrorism in order to consolidate the illegal breakup of Yugoslavia and Serbia [witness the creation of Bosnia nad Kosovo as bases for Islamist Al-Qaeda terrorism and global drug trafficking].

However, I was expecting at least a modicum of freedom in order to publish my material on your forum. Why do you keep censoring my posts? Is this how things are done down here in Australia? Don't you guys believe in "free speech" or is that some kind of anachronistic concept in a former British penal colony? Don't you think I deserve an honest answer for your unethical behaviour, which incidentally, is in clear violation of the SBS Codes of Practice?

I thank you for the privilege of being invited to come into SBS to speak with you, however, after the way my posts have been refused publication or heavily censored in your viewers' forum, you might forgive me for being somewhat suspicious and skeptical of your motives. The offer to speak with you in person, while being most gracious and welcome, does NOT make any sense at all in light of the disrespectful way my submissions to your forum have been dealt with. What's the hidden agenda, Dateline?

After reading some of your outrageous viewers' comments and exchanges, it is abundantly clear that you guys have absolutely NO problem publishing the most vulgar racist rants and poisonous ethnic vitriol of the style usually reserved for the most extreme racist hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan or The Aryan Resistance. One of your viewers ["Thomas"] dared to write that:

[Dateline forum excerpt starts below]

"... Australians hate imigrants because they threaten our way of life, they make our lives difficult, so what are we doing?"

"....These people are sick and tired of being exploited, they hate the Poms and Yanks in the same way that Australians hate imigrants who come here and compete with them for jobs, take their jobs and cause Aust. to be unemployed"

[End of Dateline forum Excerpt]

Posts such as the above are par-for-the course on the Dateline forum. I guess your moderator must relish publishing this kind of material - maybe he or she gets their kicks from reading the responses [or lack thereof].

So I suppose it's perfectly okay for racist Dateline viewers to have comments published in the Dateline forum which attack Australian immigrants [such as myself] as the cause of all the economic misery and unemployment you Australians have to put up with ?
After all, "Australians" should really empathize with the Islamist terrorists - who incidentally, behead people and slit their throats - because they are "sick and tired of being exploited".

I never realized - until I read the Dateline viewers forum - that coming to Australia as an immigrant [in my case, from the US] meant that I deserve to be beheaded or have my throat cut - but I guess it must be justified because I must have had the nefarious intention to: "... come here and compete with them for jobs, take their jobs and cause Aust. to be unemployed". I was STUNNED that you guys would publish such a racist post.


Perhaps you should rename your Dateline "Guestbook" to "Racist Rants Okay - Truth Won't See The Light of Day guestbook" or maybe simply "Support Australian Immigrant Beheading guestbook".

You guys had no problem publishing the above post which clearly belongs on a Neo-Nazi racist hate site, yet you refuse to publish any of my posts which expose how the US/NATO/EU establishment is manipulating and engineering global Islamist terrorism and inter-ethnic as well as religious hatreds [as clearly seen in the Balkans] in order to further their geopolitical strategies vis-a-vis Eurasia/Central Asia and Russia which is also directly tied to the breakup of Yugoslavia - hence the demonization and disinformation campaign against the only group opposed to the [illegal] breakup: the Serbs [vilified in the Western Press as "ultra nationalists" or "xenophobic racists"].

In reality it was quite clear that the West - led by the US - was covertly supporting the most RACIST neo-Nazi and fascist movements in Croatia - primarily HOS/HSP and the Ustashi/Partisan hybrid known as the HDZ party which came to power in 1990 ; as well as the most militant Islamist fanatics of the Iranian backed -extremist SDA party of the late Alija Izetbegovic].

As an aside, it should come as no surprise that the "anti-war" movement [of which SBS is a willing participant of] is as completely phony as "the war on terror" [witness the saturation media coverage given to Michael Moore's film including the celebratred "anti-war" hero, Scott Ritter ; conversely witness the total news blackout on any criticism of the war against Serbia/Yugoslavia and the lies of the bogus ICTY 'tribunal'] .
[I had many, many URL links here as well as brief excerpts from each one, which - for reasons of clarity & brevity -I have removed here to focus on my comments to Ms. Tadic & Mr. Carey]
Does Dateline wish to continue to remain part of this globalist-establishment-engineered "anti-war" media coverage or does it want to tell the TRUTH and finally expose the "anti-Iraq war" movement - which has focussed on the "neocons" in the Bush Administration - for what it really is: an establishment-engineered Red Herring.

Liz, I hate to say this, but I just don't believe that you are being genuinely sincere about exposing US/NATO-EU support of Islamist terrorism in the Balkans considering the story you put together on Macedonia recently. Give me one good reason why I should believe you now?

Pete North.

Of course, the above e-mails, just like almost all the previous ones, received no response from either Mr. Carey or Ms Tadic.

It was clear there was some kind of hidden agenda at work here, so I decided that it would be POINTLESS to engage in a telephone conversation with either Ms. Tadic or Mr. Carey.

Now, getting back to the point Ms. Tadic keeps harping on about - apart from her outrageous personal attacks on me - the issue of my statement of her being of "Serbian descent".

After almost an ENTIRE YEAR of keeping silent & deliberately ignoring me, she sees my e-mail posted on "A Place to Stand," by Neil Craig,in response, she sends me the following e-mail:
Dear Peter,

I just noticed that you wrote about me on a website. First, I'd like to correct you...I am not Serbian as you announce. Secondly, I have no power in what stories get produced or made for the show. I was genuinely interested in the story you presented us, but in the end, the producers chose not to go ahead.

Having said that, I still plan to push for the story but it does take time and most stories do. I'd appreciate it if you removed that website, as it is untrue.

I just could not believe that Ms. Tadic would politely ask for the REMOVAL of the entire site, merely on the basis of her claim that I incorrectly referred to her as being of "Serbian descent". I took that request to take down the site as an insult and contempt for freedom of speech.

This is what I wrote back to Ms Tadic [cc'ing her boss, Mr. Carey, as well]:
Dear Liz,

You must be joking right? The website comments are 100% TRUE and YOU KNOW IT, despite your protestations to the contrary - otherwise you would not have written to me. Truth or lies stand on their own merits. Now you must know what the Serbs feel like, huh?

You didn't think I was going to sit back and watch you and SBS demonize the Serbs continually and get away with it?!

Just in case you were wondering, I am half Jewish and I WILL NOT STAND FOR DISINFORMATION AND LIES DIRECTED AGAINST THOSE WHO WERE OUR ALLIES DURING THE HOLOCAUST. You can tell Mr. Carey and your bosses at SBS, this is only the beginning.

Sorry to disappoint you,


Peter Robert North.
PS: if you are NOT Serbian with a name like "Tadic" what exactly are you?
Surprise, surprise, neither Ms Tadic nor Mr. Carey replied to this e-mail either.

I can only assume that Ms. Tadic is referring to the above e-mail as being an example of one of my "countless" "nasty e-mails" which she alluded to in her fit of livid rage exposed on "A Place to Stand" ; I never even ONCE sent her a "nasty" e-mail as she alleges. All of them used polite & courteous language - & even in my quite irritated response above, even though I was quite justifiably peeved at what she was asking me to do, I didn't resort to the kind of unwarranted & vicious personal attacks of the type she resorted to in her fit of livid rage displayed on the blog webpage you are reading now.

I challenge her to send even one e-mail that was in any way "nasty".

At least if I was guilty of being "nasty" in my e-mails as she alleges, she could better explain or justify [well sort-of anyway], her insane comments about me being a "crazed peadophile stalker", a "coward", someone who is "sick",and who "needs psychiatric help", someone who has "a brain damaged head", who is "a few beers short of a sixpack", an "old and decrepit man who has obviously had a shit life", and someone who "probably beats his wife girlfriend, or daughter".

VERY NICE words,thank you, Ms. Tadic.

And I, Pete Robert
North, the guy who at Ms. Tadic's request, went to the trouble of trying to help her research efforts by spending hundreds of hours on the Web sending her literally dozens of URL links over a several month long period to try and convince her boss to change his mind & do the story - I am now somehow supposedly the one who has a "mean nasty streak"??! You have got to be joking, Ms.Tadic.

Gandhi, Mandela & the Dalai Lama? Someone, please hand me an airline sick bag.

As they say in some parts of the US: Please, pinch me momma, as I must be dreaming!!

I have to admit, that instead of being angry and feeling hate at such a vicious written attack, I actually CRACKED UP, and had one of the most unbelievable guffaws & INTENSE BELLY LAUGHS of my entire life, when I first read her incredible & unbelievably outrageous e-mail.

Anyway, on my blog website - which for some reason cannot be picked up by Google or any other search engine for that matter, even though it has been up for almost a month now - I IMMEDIATELY WROTE A CAVEAT/DISCLAIMER concerning my statement that Ms. Tadic was of "Serbian descent" and how Ms. Tadic refuses to correct me by saying what Balkan nationality she is. At least I did not IGNORE her e-mail for a whole year,at least I had the common courtesy & decency to reply and place the caveat on my blog site.

Now the other charge, that of posting her telephone numbers on the internet. Ms. Tadic's telephone
numbers were ALREADY ON SEVERAL OTHER web sites when I did a search on Google even BEFORE I sent my e-mail to Neil Craig's "A Place to Stand" so I didn't think of anything of it at the time.

Anybody could have gotten Ms Tadic's telephone numbers beforehand if they wanted to - VERY EASILY - by merely doing a search on Google even MONTHS BEFORE that letter was posted on "A Place to Stand".I should know, since I checked this weeks before I even decided to send the e-mail to Neil Craig's site.

Anyway, I don't hate Ms. Tadic, and just the same as Neil, I take no pleasure in her firing by SBS.

But if this whole sorry episode proves one thing, it is that the internet has put power back into the hands of the people - but only those who take the time to do some independent research, and who have the wherewhithal [to pay for internet access] & strength of character to resist the lies of the establishment.

In particular, to resist the gang of pro-Nazi war criminal politicians in the US,UK,NATO & the EU - who rule over us & who commit war crimes & crimes against peace & freedom both at home & abroad - in OUR name, mind you - all of it on a daily basis, while most of us are simply too busy working & paying our mortgages/rent & bills to notice or even care.

And there you have it - the main reason for why the bastards can get away committing these crimes in our name with impugnity.


Pete Robert North.
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