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Monday, January 16, 2006


Did anybody else see the Sunday AM programme this week? Basicaly Frost on sunday without Frost. Interesting appearances from David Cameron & Menzies Campbell.

"This is the decisive moment Mr Cameron. What do you prefer to be called? Dave or David." Andrew Marr started with.

"Well my wife calls me Dave but lots of my friends call me David" Cameron decisively replied.

We then got a lot of stuff about how he is in favour of niceness without being extreme about it. He is also in favour of streaming according to aptitude but not ability. When asked the difference he explained that the 11 Plus was abad thing.

Surprisingly he actually supported, subject to various policy reviews etc., nuclear power. He is also in favour of using biofuels to replace oil, which won't work because you'ld have to cover half the planet with oilseed plants & anyway you use more energy growing them than you save.

Menzies Campbell, on the other hand was trying to distance himself from a recent interview which suggested he was going to lead the party from the left. he made the fair point that just because you are against poverty doesn't make you left wing & then said how important it is to hold onto traditional liberal values which have served us so well for the last 100 years (I would say 200 since we have been out of power since the end of WW1). He then followed this sensible statement by saying that his priority was "environment, environment, environment" (echoing Blia's soundbite of "education, education, education". however since, unlike Cameron, he didn't have any silly policies to go with this I think that, as someone who has only shown interest in foreign policy before, he is looking for something to stand on rather than meaning it. Lets hope so since apart from the claim that all the glaciers are going to melt real soon & we will all have to move to Antartica as the only habitable point on Earth there is very little visibly wrong with the environment, unlike ecucation.

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