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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Recently when Lesley Riddoch, who is doing a radio series said on air she was looking for ideas re her show I, somewhat sarkily, sent her a copy of the list of programme ideas I had sent last year (it is in my 14th November 04 archive) & she sent back a reply that she was indeed shortly going to be doing a bit about the reasons for the growth of the Irish economy.

Now lets be fair - this did not mean that I had persuaded them to do it & I seriously doubt if the BBC will be taking up my other suggestion for running a programme on the Bilderberg Group.

On the other hand I must admit to being quite chuffed when, at the end of today's programme Lesley said "It's your turn now Neil Craig, next week we will be discussing the reasons for the success of the Irish economy".

So in return

Tuesday 11:05 Lesley's Off the Fence
A new weekly series where Lesley Riddoch enjoys heated debate with other feisty types from our neighbouring countries, Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland, and sometimes Scandinavia and beyond. Topical discussion exploring what they think of Scotland, what lessons we have for each other, and how each country sees some of the week's major stories. Direct speaking, no nonsense grilling by Lesley Riddoch for half an hour. Do our neighbours know what theyre letting themselves in for?!

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