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Monday, January 16, 2006


This, not subsequently reported over here, suggests that all is not going well with the preparations for the trial of Croatian General Gotovina. I must admit when I heard that the Croatian (officially ex-)Nazi government announced having found his mobile phone number on file & arranged for him to meet the ICTY in a Spanish restaurant I suspected a deal had already been done. 3 years imprisonment in a minimum security chateau on the Dalmation coast perhaps & then the mass murderer would be free, or get compasionate home leave on account of illness. This has happened not only to Croats but pretty much happened to the original Nazis at Nuremberg. With the token exception of Hess they were all out between 1950 & '55.

However it looks like one side or the other is uncomfortable about the deal. Gotovina is shockingly suggesting that the US government is as guilty as he of the Krajina Holocaust. Longtime readers here will be aware that this has been obvious for years but Gotovina is certainly able to name names & give details which will make it more difficult for the "court" to ignore, though the same does not apply to the BBC. At the time I wrote a letter (unpublished) to the Herald pointing out that the fact that Operation Storm involved a 3 pronged speedy night attack very closely coordinated with artillery proved it could not be run by untrained militia.

The CIA secretly planned operation 'Storm', which took place in August 1995, at the Sepurine military base, near Adriatic port of Zadar,with the knowledge of then-US president Bill Clinton and top Croation leaders.

Globus said it obtained the information from the defence team of general Ante Gotovina, who was arrested last December on charges of having committed crimes against Serb civilians in the operation “Storm” and is awaiting trial before the UN's Hague war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

According to Globus, George Tenet, who later became CIA chief, had “directly” worked with Gotovina on planning operation “Storm”. The paper alleged that Clinton wanted to punish the Serbs
Tenet and at least 12 American military experts had worked with Gotovina in Sepurine, planning military action that resulted in the fall of Krajina. The Americans had, among other things, jammed Serb communication systems and conducted reconnaissance flights for the Croats, Globus said.

Legally, if the term applies, the ICTY are required to indict all those guilty of war crimes. When Milosevic asked Wesley Clark about the legality or otherwise of NATO's attack (Clark was already on record as saying it was illegal but so what) the judge told him he wasn't allowed to ask such questions & quite possibly Gotovina will be told he isn't allowed to give such evidence.

One minor problem is that the statute of the ICC makes it a criminal offence to run a "trial" on a partisan or racist basis. There can be no doubt that Carla del Ponte & indeed Scotland's own corrupt racist judge Lord Bonamy are guilty of this. Still in a world where that obscene genocidal child raping Nazi Bill Clinton still get fawned over by politicians & journalists who do know better justice does not seem to loom.

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