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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Recent letter sent to the Telegraph & the other UK national newspapers, & a number of US ones:
Dear Editor,
Following the Telegraph's recent defeat in the appeal against their previous suit on their allegation that George Galloway had obtained oil money by fraud may I offer some support. I accept absolutely that the Telegraph's accusations represent the very highest standard of honesty of the newspaper & confirm that I will never seek to suggest otherwise.

Indeed, since the Press Complaints Council, who are funded by & represent the entire UK press, have never at any time suggested that the Telegraph have behaved with anything less than total journalistic integrity, we must accept that the allegations made against Mr Galloway represent the absolute pinnacle of integrity of the entire British press. This is not, of course, to suggest that they are in any way whatsoever truthful.

It is interesting to note the unanimity with which the press have attacked Galloway over his arguably populist move of appearing on Big Brother. This compares with the relative silence when the Prime Minister appeared on the Ant & Dec show to be interviewed, not by the title characters, but by "little Ant & Dec" (who are child impersonators of them). Clearly the press hold Galloway in sufficiently high regard to think he was slumming whereas Mr Blair was being interviewed by his equals.
This does not appear to have been published by any newspaper - some people just don't take criticism.

George has been getting a lot of stick for letting himself be set up by the Big Brotherites. It was certainly naive to think that they were going to let him say stuff about housing conditions, but everybody is naive in front of a camera even experienced hands like him.

I will admit to being, apparently, one of the very few people on the planet who does not find Big Brother exciting & had barely watched it before - I have a low opinion of "media celebrities" & find them saying "yeah, uh" to each other barely ahead of watching drying paint but, purely because of Galloway I did watch bits of this. He was clearly the natural leader & most intelligent & centred of them all whatever journalists say. Granted the competition wasn't tough.

I disagree with his socialism & I think he is a considerable degree of chancer but it is also obvious that he genuinely has beliefs & is willing to robustly defend them against all comers. I thus admire him in a way I most definitely don't some other lefties like Derek Hatton & Ken Livingstone. He is also, following the death of Alan Clark, whom I also admired, one of the few blatantly heterosexual types in Parliament. Oh for the days of LLoyd george who was also a chancer.

He also shared with Clark, a principled opposition to the Yugoslav war. Indeed, & this is a connection to the previous post, during that war I wrote to many MPs in terms less well informed but in the same general direction I currently express. He was one of the very few who spoke at the time against the Krajina Holocaust & in favour of ethnic rather than imperial frontiers for Croatia. When I wrote to him he sent me back the 2 copies of Hansard covering the debates which I still have & to which I referred yesterday. May I say that despite, or perhaps because of, many of the speakers holding these debates up as the Commons at it's best, I hold the opinion that most of our elected leaders could be replaced by randomly selected taxi drivers without harm.

So here's to fearless George Galloway who lives life to the full & is a better man than the interviewee of little Ant & Dec or any of his cabinet or indeed most journalists or Congressmen.

"most of our elected leaders could be replaced by randomly selected taxi drivers without harm": well, no harm to government but terrible harm to travellers.
"May I say that despite, or perhaps because of, many of the speakers holding these debates up as the Commons at it's best, I hold the opinion that most of our elected leaders could be replaced by randomly selected taxi drivers without harm."

Having read the Hansard 'debates', I would have to say that modern day Taxi drivers would be less enthusiastic about putting innocent people to death.

Robin Cook, Tony Blair,Clare Short, George Robertson,Michael Jackson et al, would, had they lived in the 17th century, been over-zealous prosecutors and/or judges during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692:

These Hansard 'debates' contain numerous examples of the classic psy-ops ploy known as: "are you STILL beating your wife?"

This type of disinformation & propaganda [otherwise known as "begging the question"]was used extensively by Western politicians & the corporate controlled Western media, based on the principles outlined in the US Army Psychological Operations field manual.[# FM 33-5]
"General Ivashov said that the psychological operations activities were carried out precisely inline with the U.S. military doctrine laid out by the U.S. Army field manual # FM 33-5 regarding psychological operations.

"According to Ivashov’s testimony, NATO began the physical preparations for its aggression against Yugoslavia in early 1998. He said that this preparation included the repositioning of U.S. spy satellites, the massing of NATO troops in the Balkans, and the construction of airfields and other logistical centers in Macedonia and Albania."

For further evidence of Western politicians' anti-Serbian obsessiveness & hysteria bordering on religious fanaticism,whilst simulataneously & deliberately ignoring terrorist KLA & Bosnian Islamist-fascist crimes against Serbian civilians & Nazi [Ustasha]mass murder & 'ethnic cleansing'of Serbs from Krajina, check out:
Thanks for giving me the excuse to delete your blog from my favorites.

Likes Galloway = Nutcase

That's a rock solid mathematical justification for you.
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