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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Regulars here will see that I have published stuff from Peter North whose research on such things as what the Croatian Nazi leader Tudjman actually said has been invaluable.

Pete has his own blog

What is also rather astonishing which he pointed out to me & I can confirm, is that various search engines do not acknowledge his blog's existence as this link to a Google search for "peter north" "nato media lies" reporting that it does not match anything shows.

If I were paranoid I would think the search engines were being censored - since I try not to be, at least as a first assumption, I would be interested if anybody who knows more about it than I can explain this.
This morning (Monday) I got this from Pete

Dear Neil,

This is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Just a few short hours
AFTER you published your item post, all of a sudden,
out of the blue, after almost an ENTIRE MONTH of not
being picked up by ANY internet search engine, my blog
site suddenly & miraculously APPEARS on Google!!!

This would have to rank AS ONE OF THE MOST BIZARRE
examples of... ahhum ..."Coincidence" [??] I have ever
seen in my entire life!!!

Indeed - not believing conspiracy theories is sometimes hard work.

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