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Sunday, December 11, 2005

CROATIAN HOLOCAUST "it would have been on the evening news if it had happened"

Contributed by Pete North:

Natasha Radakovic, spokeswoman for Croatia's president Franjo Tudjman, insisted that masses of Serbs leaving Croatia were doing so of their own free will. "If there was any ethnic cleansing, it was done by the Serbs themselves. We did not ask anyone to leave. On the contrary."
"Clinton made 1995 Ethnic Cleansing in Krajina Possible"

"...After the fall of Krajina, Croatian chief of staff General Zvonimir Cervenko characterized Serbs as "medieval shepherds, troglodytes, destroyers of anything the culture of man has created."
"During a triumphalist train journey through Croatia and Krajina, Tudjman spoke at each railway station. To great applause, he announced, "There can be no return to the past, to the times when [Serbs] were spreading cancer in the heart of Croatia, a cancer that was destroying the Croatian national being."
"He then went on to speak of the "ignominious disappearance" of the Serbs from Krajina "so it is as if they have never lived here... They didn't even have time to take with them their filthy money or their filthy underwear!"
"American ambassador Peter Galbraith dismissed claims that Croatia had engaged in "ethnic cleansing," since he defined this term as something Serbs do." (12)

"...I recently brought up the subject in a conversation with one of my own children, who had never heard about the 250,000-275,000 Serbs who were driven out of Krajina, after more than 500 years of living in the area. She thought I was making it up because she was sure it would have been on the evening news if it had happened."
[Ahh yes, our faithful and eternally vigilant "Fourth Estate", otherwise known as the Western corporate-controlled media, our freedom-loving "Free Press" in action, once again fearlessly "safeguarding our liberties" from the tyranny of government oppression & deception - somebody please hand me an airline sick bag...]

The above excerpts are from an article written by Mary Mostert from the US. Note the figure of 250,000 to 275,000 refers to conservative estimates of those Serbs cleansed in "Operation Storm" in August 1995 [other estimates are as high as 350,000 people].

The above figure does NOT take into account the earlier 300,000+ Serbs ethnically cleansed from Krajina and Croatia proper over a five year period from May 1990 to August 1995.

Mrs Mostert should have added "Western Corporate Media & NATO/EU Nazi sympathetic politicians" to her article's title : "Clinton made 1995 Ethnic Cleansing in Krajina Possible"

See her site: [formerly]

Note how even today with the latest news of the arrest of one of Tudjman's generals ,[Ante Gotovina] who led - under US training,arming,command,control & communication guidance[ through the ex-Pentagon generals' US mercenary firm, MPRI] - the genocidal operation known as 'Operation Storm' - Reuters and other Western news wire agencies still refer to the former Krajina Serbs as "Serb rebels who occupied one third of Croatia in a rebellion in 1991" [this is a current quote from Reuters which has not changed its tune for fifteen years; Reuters is still,after all these years, deliberately engaging in a campaign of disinformation and obfuscation; Reuters again intent on misleading the Western public into thinking that the Krajina Serbs were really "invaders" of "Croatian territory".

According to what Reuters is insinuating, the Krajina Serbs [who lived there for more than three centuries BEFORE the founding of the US republic in 1776] really did not belong in Krajina at all, but illegally "occupied" that "part of Croatian territory" [yet another blatant Reuters historical falsehood from its early 1990's news-wire reports, repeated incessantly like some kind of Orwellian mantra: the fact of the matter is that Krajina was NEVER a constituent and integral part of Croatia prior to its recognition by the Vatican and Germany,followed by the acquiescent EC,in early 1992]

This disinformation and whitewashing of Tudjman's Ustasha Nazi ethnic cleansing/pogroms, and blatant genocide perpetrated against the Krajina Serbs serves one purpose: to cover up WESTERN COMPLICITY in the genocide - specifically, Clinton, Christopher and Galbraith giving Tudjman the "green light" to pepetrate such a horrendous act - along with the cover up of the crime by the Western Corporate controlled media [especially Reuters,ITN,BBC,CNN et al].

That is why the as yet unproven claim of the "massacre of 8,000 muslim men and boys by Bosnian Serb forces at Srebrenica" aka "the worst single atrocity in Europe since World War 2", is incessantly drummed into our heads by Reuters and its ilk, while the enormity of the genocidal Nazi crime of 'Operation Storm' is deliberately whitewashed and trivialized by Reuters as "Serb occupiers who left/fled the area after Croatian forces re-captured/re-took the territory in Operation Storm".

What is infinitely more OFFENSIVE & OUTRAGEOUS is how these Western corporate media WHORES and their globalist-monopoly-capitalist elite PIMPS[Western politicians & diplomats]have the unmitigated gaul,the audacity to INVOKE THE WW2 NAZI HOLOCAUST against the Serbs [See ]and then to add insult to injury,to falsely accuse the Serbs of being "similar to Holocaust deniers" when the Serbs rightly point out that UN and OSCE observers on the ground like Carlos Martins Branco and Captain Schouten in Bosnia [and Roland Keith in Kosovo] unequivocally state ON THE RECORD that they NEVER saw ANY evidence of such massacres [as in Srebrenica] alleged by Western politicians and media[see]- especially of the scale and magnitude alleged by the former Izetbegovic controlled SDA government in Sarajevo and the Thaci/Haradinaj KLA-UCK terrorist gang of Nazi thugs in Kosovo[see]

Incidentally, Western politicians & diplomats at the UN changed the name of the KLA-UCK into the "Kosovo Protection Corps" - Orwell's '1984' "freedom is slavery" & "DoubleThink" in action yet again - now the terrorist "Kosovo Protection Corps" is funded by the UN to commit pogroms against Serbs, Jews & Gypsies - give me another airline sick bag...]

All of these lies by the Western corporate media WHORES were repeated over and over and over - in true Goebbels fashion ["a lie repeated often enough becomes the Truth"] - to make it clear to the gullible & historically ignorant Western masses that it is "the Serbs" who are the new genocidal Nazis. Every other ethnic group fighting the Serbs - ethnic groups WHO ACTUALLY FOUGHT ON THE SIDE OF HITLER DURING WW2, WHO WILLINGLY ENGAGED IN A HORRIFIC GENOCIDE AGAINST SERBS,JEWS,GYPSIES & ANTI-FASCISTS TO THIS DAY GLORIFY THOSE EVIL DEEDS AND ARE COMPLETELY UNREPENTANT ABOUT THEM -are actually now the new "moderate Western-oriented democrats fighting for tolerance and a multi-ethnic society" [you guessed it, a Reuters quote again!]
Then the entire Serbian people were/are portrayed by the Western corporate media and politicians as being similar to the racist Ku Klux Klan and modern day Nazis.

In fact Serb civilians were subject to daily pogroms, "Kristalnachts", genocidal expulsions and mass murder in Krajina and Croatia proper by the Ustashi HOS/HSP/HOP Nazis,the ZNG and armed HDZ party members and to this very day by the Thaci/Haradinaj KLA Nazi thugs in Kosovo without a word of protest by the Western media WHORES or Nazi-sympathetic Western politician PIMPS; Milosevic himself was/is portrayed as a "demagogue", "brutal dictator" and "genocidal racist" - "another Hitler" who "whipped up Serbs into a nationalist frenzy in his quest for a Greater Serbia".

Let's see how truthful and honest the Western corporate media - especially Reuters - and the Western PIMP politicians in the EU & US really were/are, by checking out the following URLs:

To those who might be reading this; who supported the NATO bombing of Serbia & the Bosnian Serb Republic of Srpska back in 1995 & 1999, while now screaming and hollering profanities at the "neo-cons" and George W.Bush over his invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan; you may be able to get the TRUTH/FACTS by doing some independent research in order to finally realize that the US/NATO/EU establishment is manipulating and engineering global Islamist terrorism and inter-ethnic as well as religious hatreds [as clearly seen in the Balkans] in order to further their geopolitical strategies vis-a-vis Eurasia/Central Asia and the encirclement of Russia - which is also directly tied to the breakup of Yugoslavia - hence the demonization and disinformation campaign against the only group opposed to the [illegal] breakup: the Serbs who were vilified by some on the "Left" [in agreement with the Western corporate media WHORES] as "ultra nationalists" or "xenophobic racists" {for example Vanessa Redgrave the marxist who was on the box this morning talking about a report by her Saudi friend prince something - I would certainly call her a whore : Neil}.

If the supposedly "anti-racist" Left did some independent research they would have discovered that Western politicians - led by the globalist-monopoly capitalist scumbags in the US [see the PNAC,CFR,Carnegie Endowment websites for clues] - was covertly supporting the most RABIDLY RACIST neo-Nazi and fascist movements in Croatia - primarily HOS/HSP and the Ustashi/ Communist partisan hybrid known as the HDZ party which came to power in May 1990 ; as well as the most militant Islamist fanatics of the Iranian-backed extremist SDA party of the late Alija Izetbegovic (who incidentally, illegally usurped control of the collective presidency of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina prior to the outbreak of war and the constitutionally illegal "referendum" on secession from the former SFR Yugoslavia. [])

It should come as no surprise that much of the "anti-war" movement [a large part of which is infiltrated and manipulated by the White House via the FBI/CIA and phony front organizations] {Human Right Watch, Medecins Sans Frontiers, Radio Free Europe at least some of Amnesty International & anything touched by Soros or the Rockefeller or Carnegie Trusts - Neil} is as completely phony as "the war on terror" [witness the saturation Western media coverage given to Michael Moore's film 'Farenheit 9/11' including the celebratred "anti-war" hero, Scott Ritter; conversely witness the total news blackout on any criticism of the war against Serbia/Yugoslavia and the lies of the bogus ICTY 'tribunal'] .

"...Holbrooke, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and the Clinton White House all played key rôles in supporting the Islamists who, as it transpired, were consistently working with al-Qaida and the Iranian Government, among others, in planning major terrorist attacks on the US."
[ 03.htm]
"...Agim Ceku, an Albanian Kosovo by birth, began his military career as an officer in the former federal Yugoslavian Army (JNA). When the initial Yugoslav breakup occurred in 1991, Ceku was quick to switch his loyalty to the Croatian cause of independence. As a colonel in the Croatian army, Ceku commanded the notorious 1993 operation now known as the Medak Pocket.

"It was here that the men of the Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry came face to face with the vulgar savagery which Ceku was capable of, over 200 Serbian inhabitants of the Medak Pocket were slaughtered in a grotesque manner –female rape victims were found after being burned alive. Our traumatised troops that buried the grisly remains were encouraged to collect all possible evidence “in order to bring the perpetrators to justice."
"...Throughout the air campaign against Yugoslavia, Ceku was portrayed as a loyal ally and he was frequently present at the NATO briefings with top generals such as Wesley Clark and Michael Jackson."
"...KLA Commander Agim Ceku was appointed Chief of Staff of Kosovo's new KPC. In the words of Bernard Kouchner during the inauguration ceremony:
I look to him [Agim Ceku] to lead the new members of the Corps in the footsteps of Cincinnatus, the model citizen-soldier of ancient Rome -- who left his plow standing in the field to answer the call to arms & and at the end of the war refused all honors in order to return to his civic duties

"The mainstream media’s favorable treatment of the antiwar movement cries out for explanation":

"...If the Democrats were to win the 2004 presidential elections, continuity in US foreign policy would be maintained. More importantly, the "war on terrorism" and the lies concerning Al Qaeda and 9/11 would also be maintained."

"...That U.S. leaders have consciously sought to dismember Yugoslavia is not a matter of speculation but of public record. In November 1990, the Bush administration pressured Congress into passing the 1991 Foreign Operations Appropriations Act, which provided that any part of Yugoslavia failing to declare independence within six months would lose U.S. financial support. The law demanded separate elections in each of the six Yugoslav republics, and mandated U.S. State Department approval of both election procedures and results as a condition for any future aid. Aid would go only to the separate republics, not to the Yugoslav government, and only to those forces whom Washington defined as "democratic," meaning right-wing, free-market, separatist parties".

Do you know what Gandhi once said in response to a question, "What do you think of Western Civilization"?
Gandhi replied: "It would be a great idea" [ see]

Neil Craig, you are obviously infected with Serbian and pro-Serbian propaganda. Emperors-Clothes is one-sided, pro-serbian, genocide denyal, and out-dated-info worthless piece of crap website that you use as a 'references'.
Hi Neil,

The remarks I made about the Left were perhaps a bit too generalized [despite the fact that the analysis is quite accurate of MANY on the Left;of course one naturally abhors to generalize, as there are many fine people on the so-called "Left"] but perhaps I was being a bit too harsh - I should have probably written: "THE MICHAEL MOORE LEFT"- since this particular "poster boy" of a large segment of the Left is a TOTAL PHONY.

It was Mr. Michael Moore whom UNASHAMEDLY supported the 2004 US Presidential election candidacy of GENERAL WESLEY CLARK, WHO ALONG WITH THAT OTHER AMERICAN NAZI, U.S.GENERAL SHORT, IS A MONSTROUS WAR CRIMINAL [remember,it was Clark who along with General Short, commanded the bombing of maternity hospitals, children's hospitals, children's day care centres, elementary/primary schools and nursing homes [the list of purely CIVILAN TARGETS goes on and on] throughout the US/GERMAN initiated "COWARDS' WAR": THE NATO NAZI TERROR BOMBING of Serbia back in 1999.

These murderous Nazi thugs wouldn't even stop bombing out of respect for the Serbian Orthodox Christian Easter -even though such respect has previously been afforded the Arabic Muslims during their holy month of Ramadan with the previous bombings of Iraq[naturally, the Western corporate media whores kept either covering up the NATO crimes - or when that wasn't possible - whitewashing these deliberate barbaric cowardly bombing attacks on civilians by Generals Clark & Short as mere "mistakes","accidents",or as attacks on "dual use targets" & "collateral damage".

These Nazi criminal thugs should - at the very least - be imprisoned at The Hague ICTY Kangaroo Court, not given phony "subpoenas" to appear as "witnesses" for the "prosecution" [invitations to LIE for the US/NATO politician PIMPS] by this bogus sham court in order to "testify" against Milosevic [in other words, again to DELIBERATELY LIE] in a "closed session hearing" [so that we, the Western public, are kept in the dark about their nefarious, despicable Nazi acts] and then to have the bogus "testimony" of these Nazi murderers "redacted" [nice coy way of saying CENSORED], so that again, we the public, are left in the dark, because these Nazi murderers are too spineless and gutless to allow us to see their Fascist Nazi crimes in the open.

Like all bullies throughout human history, these Nazi thugs are COWARDS. These Western military goons/thugs like Clark & Short are merely puppets of the US/EU politician PIMPS who in turn are puppets & whores of the transnational corporations, the corporations that own the military-industrial complex and their major shareholders; the industrialists/tycoons and their globalist elite international bankers/financiers.i.e., George Soros,Warren Buffet,David Rockefeller,Lord Rothschild et al; the ultimate PIMPS at the top of the corrupt political pyramid.

This is what is referred to as "paranoid conspiracy theory" by the Western corporate media whores whenever anyone questions their credibility and loyalty by exposing who OWNS and ipso facto, CONTROLS them.

It's almost funny how these Nazi whores then build a "straw man" - in order to knock him down - by FALSELY labelling their critics as "anti-Semitic" or "far-right wing conspiracy theorists"; invoking Hitler's paranoid ravings about the "international Jewish financiers" and the "Jewish-Masonic-Bolshevist conspiracy" [based on the notorious 19th century, anti-Semitic forgery, "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"] in order to discredit anybody who dares question the Western media whores' motives when they are exposed as blatant hypocritical LIARS covering up the crimes of Western governments.

A bunch of Nazi murderers, whores and PIMPS hypocritically labelling their victims and critics who resist them and expose their outrageous LIES, as "anti-Semitic"??! I feel nauseous again, someone please hand me yet another airline sick bag...

Now you know what Orwell was writing about when he warned us in '1984' with "NewSpeak" "DoubleThink" and the "Thought Police".

It is interesting to note that assistant Secretary of State - under George Bush Snr - Mr. Lawrence Eagleburger,at a meeting where David Rockefeller was in attendance; the ONLY man at the meeting Eagleburger would consistently keep addressing in such a courteous and polite manner of "Sir", was none other than - you guessed it - David Rockefeller!
[Rockefeller,conversely, consistently addressed Mr. Eagleburger as merely:"Larry"]

So much for the US President being the REAL "elected" leader of a "republic" or "democracy" [codeword the elite globalist PIMPS and media whores use when referring to the two candidates "tweedledum" & "tweedledee" they present to us - from the the two parties they OWN & CONTROL - every few years in the comical theater of the absurd known as a "federal election" in order to make us - the "public" or "masses" they hold in utter contempt - think that "at least we have a choice"].


Pete Robert North.
The Z-4 Plan and the Run-up to Operation Storm

Written by: Andy Wilcoxson

Throughout 1995 the Contact Group was conducting peace negotiations in Geneva between the Republika Srpska Krajina (RSK) Government, and the Croatian Government.

On August 3, 1995 the RSK Prime Minister, Milan Babic, announced that Kinin had accepted the so-called "Z-4 Plan" which envisioned the integration of the RSK into the Croatian state, while giving autonomy to the Serbs living there. Babic had reached the agreement on August 2nd through negotiations with the U.S. Ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith.

Unfortunately, the Krajina Serbs’ acceptance of the Z-4 Plan was rejected by Croatia, and Operation Storm was launched the next day. During Operation Storm the Croats killed or expelled approximately 200,000 Serbs. This article will examine the events that immediately preceded Operation Storm.

On August 3rd Galbraith went on Croatian TV and announced that "Mr. Babic agreed to negotiate the reintegration of the Serb-held areas in Croatia. Mr. Babic said that he was going to instruct his delegation in Geneva about these points. According to our reports, he has already done so." [1]

According to an August 3, 1995 interview that Babic gave to Serbia's FoNet news agency, Galbraith had promised that the United States would protect the Krajina Serbs from any Croatian military offensive.

Babic told FoNet that: "I spoke to US Ambassador [to Croatia, Peter] Galbraith last night. Today I also made a statement which supported the stand of our delegation in Geneva. Mr. Galbraith promised me that his government would uphold our stand and that it would intervene to prevent Croatia from carrying out its military strike, provided we made public the stands we adopted earlier and which we made public today." [2]

Unfortunately, in spite of the good-will of the Serbian side, the Croats had no intention of reaching a peace agreement and broke-off negotiations.

According to Babic, "Despite the fact that our delegation had accepted all of the co-chairman, [Thorvald Stoltenberg's] proposals, the Croats did not accept anything and broke off today's talks." [3]

Babic's claims were backed-up by Glasgow's "The Herald" newspaper. Consider the following excerpts from the August 4th edition of that paper:

Last night [August 3, 1995], an American mediator said a leader of the rebel Krajina Serbs had offered significant concessions so that there was now no reason for Croatia to go to war.

The US ambassador to Croatia, Mr. Peter Galbraith, said Krajina Serb “prime minister” Milan Babic had agreed to hold talks on the “peaceful re-integration” into Croatia of Serb-held areas." [4]


“On my part, I can state that we are ready to enter negotiations on a political solution with Zagreb,” Babic said.

He said a “modified and improved” version of the so-called Z-4 plan drafted by the United States, Russia, the United Nations, and the European Union could serve as a basis for talks. [5]


Ambassador Galbraith said Babic had told the Serb delegation holding last-ditch talks in Geneva to carry out his pledges. The Croatians in Geneva consider the talks to have broken down.

However, UN mediator Thorvald Stoltenberg said the discussions in Geneva could yet help to avert a new war. “We did not reach an agreement but I felt it is not far away,” he told reporters. [6]

The Serbian side had agreed to the Z-4 Plan. Babic publicly stated his acceptance of the Z-4 Plan. He had instructed his negotiators in Geneva to implement the agreement, and the U.S. Ambassador Galbraith confirmed all of this with his public statements. In spite of all of this the Croats still decided to break off talks. But why; what justification did they use to break off the talks?

The answer to that question is contained in the transcripts of the so-called "trial" of Slobodan Milosevic.

When Milan Babic testified as a witness against Milosevic, the prosecution entered into evidence [as Exhibit 352, tab 104] a coded-cable dated August 3, 1995 from the U.K. embassy in Zagreb, regarding a conversation between Galbraith and Babic.

The cable read: "RSK Prime Minister tells my American colleague that to avoid war he is ready to meet Tudjman's conditions and will announce this today. Unclear whether he has other RSK leadership on board. Milosevic being briefed by Americans on Galbraith's discussions with Babic, need to get Belgrade backing to lend credibility." [7]

When the prosecutor, Ms. Uertz-Retzlaff, put the cable to Babic to get his reaction he said:

"I don't know about any briefing of Milosevic by international factors. All I know is that a member of the French embassy in Belgrade had told me that Milosevic did not support us." [8]

Milosevic was not briefed by the Americans. Galbraith complained that they could not get a hold of Milosevic, but we'll discuss that later.

At this point we can start to see what gave the Croats their excuse to break-off the negotiations. The French said that Milosevic did not support the Z-4 Plan, and the British said that without his support the negotiations had no credibility. Therefore, the Croats could say that the negotiations were not being done in good-faith, and had their excuse to break off the talks.

Of course it is totally false that Milosevic didn't support the Z-4 Plan. Already in April 1995, Milosevic told Babic that Z-4 was "a good plan." [9]

When Babic, through his negotiations with Galbraith, agreed to the Z-4 Plan; he called Milosevic on the morning of August 3, 1995 to inform him. According to Babic, Milosevic approved and said, "Yes. Yes. Everything should be done peacefully [or 'mirno' in Serbian]." [10]

So, twice Milosevic told Babic that Z-4 was a good plan. He told him that it was good four months before he agreed to it, and he supported Babic’s decision when he agreed to it in the negotiations with Galbraith.

Of course, none of this stopped Galbraith from blaming Milosevic for the talks breaking down. Never mind that neither Serbia, nor the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was even invited to those talks.

When Galbraith testified he said, "In August of 1995, this was August 2nd, this was the meeting I had in Belgrade with Babic which produced the last-minute agreement to try to head off the war."

"The next day Rudy Perina [the US charges d'affaires in Belgrade] requested an appointment to see Mr. Milosevic to demarche him to support the Galbraith-Babic agreement. He refused to see Mr. Perina that day, the 3rd of August, and the next day the Croatian army attacked the Krajina." [11]

It is completely untrue that Milosevic "refused to see Perina." Milosevic was not in Belgrade on August 3rd, and therefore he could not possibly see Perina in Belgrade. However, this doesn't mean that Perina couldn't speak to him on the phone, and secure his support for the agreement in that way.

Take a look at the following exchange between Milosevic and Galbraith:

MILOSEVIC: Mr. Galbraith, I never refused to receive Rudy Perina. I wasn't in Belgrade at that time.

MR. MAY: It's no use repeating that. You've heard what the witness says. If you can give evidence about it, no doubt you may.

GALBRAITH: Your Honour, if I can point out, even if the [accused] were not in Belgrade, which I don't know, there are telephones, and we did use telephones to talk to leaders on urgent matters.

MILOSEVIC: Why then didn't they speak to me by telephone? They didn't want to talk to me, Mr. Galbraith. Why don't you say that?

GALBRAITH: We desperately wanted to talk to you. We desperately wanted you to support this last-minute agreement. We desperately wanted to head off the war. Mr. Babic also wanted to see you and get you to support this last-minute agreement. As he said to me, one sentence from you and Knin would have agreed, and I think there would have been a very good chance at that point that Operation Storm, even at that last minute, Operation Storm could have been headed off and a 180.000 Serbs from the Krajina would not have been driven from their homes and a huge humanitarian catastrophe would not have happened.

MILOSEVIC: Mr. Galbraith, Babic testified here. He asked to see me. He heard that I wasn't in Belgrade. He asked for my telephone from people from the Ministry of the Interior, and my telephone was known to all my associates always. I was on vacation. He reached me by phone. [12]

At this point Milosevic is cut-off by Mr. May, but notice that Galbraith didn’t explain how come nobody called Milosevic, even though he claims that they “desperately wanted to talk to him.” However, later in the cross-examination Milosevic re-visits the topic and look at the lame answer that he gets from Galbraith:

MILOSEVIC: Before we move on, just one thing, please. Since you said that you could not reach me, that Perina could not reach me, that Roberts could not reach me because I was away on vacation, if you already wanted to give this kind of information, why didn't you give it to the Foreign Minister, the Prime Minister, anybody, or why didn't you request telephone contact with me? It was possible at any time.

GALBRAITH: It was for -- referring now to the August meeting or August 3rd events, it was for the charges of the United States to try to get in contact with you. He attempted to get in contact with you. I don't know the particulars of it. Some of these officials the United States did not see because we did not recognise the government of -- of the so-called Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

MILOSEVIC: That's not correct. Perina contacted the Foreign Minister, Jovanovic, and many others. So if you really cared about this, if you really wanted to convey some information or a demarche, are you trying to say that the US charges d'affaires could not deliver this at my office and would he not have known that I would have gotten it immediately for sure, or couldn't he have requested to speak to me on the telephone? He didn't ask for any such thing. He just asked for me to receive him and the answer given to him was I was not in Belgrade and that was it.

There's a saying in Serbia, Mr. Galbraith, and it says that a person requests something and prays to God not to get it. So I think that this was the case. [13]

Galbraith's answer is nonsense; the U.S. wouldn't contact any officials of the FRY Government to try and get in contact with Milosevic, because the U.S. didn't recognize the FRY. That is obviously a lie.

Milosevic is right; Galbraith never wanted to contact him. Galbraith wanted the negotiations to fail. He wanted the Croats to attack the Krajina Serbs, and now he wants to make Milosevic the scapegoat, and blame him for the genocide that was committed against his own people.

Look at what happened: France made up the lie that Milosevic didn’t support the Z-4 Plan; the U.K. decided that the negotiations had no credibility without Milosevic’s support, the Americans deliberately failed to contact Milosevic to see if he supported the plan or not, then the Croats broke off talks and launched Operation Storm.

The international community, specifically France, England and the U.S. undermined the, negotiations by lying about Milosevic’s position, and handed the Croats the pretext to break-off negotiations, and that’s not all. The Americans gave the Croats the go-ahead to attack.

On August 18, 1995, just two weeks after Operation Storm, Galbraith and Richard Holbrooke went to Zagreb and met with Tudjman and his cabinet. The stenographic notes from that meeting were obtained by Milosevic and entered into evidence at the tribunal. In the stenographic notes Holbrooke is quoted as saying:

"You had just justification for a military operation in Western Slavonia, and I kept defending it in Washington. You will recall that the two of us met in London immediately afterwards, and then we went to the US embassy to meet Gore. It was a very dramatic exchange of views. Some people wanted Gore to tell you -- tell us that you would be withdrawing from Western Slavonia and we said absolutely not. You have to stay there.”

“You've closed the back door, that is to say, your country, and then we discussed your activities in Livanjsko Polje, and then we stated the following: Continue, carry on."

"We publicly said that we were concerned. However, privately, you knew what we wanted." [14]

So, Holbrooke is boasting that he defended Operation Flash (the Croat attack on Western Slavonia) in Washington. Then he tells the Croats to “carry on” with activities in Livanjsko Polje where they were getting ready for Operation Storm, and then at this meeting that took place only two weeks after Operation Storm, he says to Tudjman “We publicly said that we were concerned. However, privately, you knew what we wanted.”

The writing is on the wall. The international community and the Croats had the same objective: To commit genocide against the Krajina Serbs. Holbrooke publicly professed concern for the fate of the civilians in the Krajina, while secretly plotting their demise together with Tudjman.

On August 3rd Galbraith was promising Babic that the United States would protect the Krajina Serbs [15], and the very next day, as Croatia was waging its offensive, American warplanes were bombing the Krajina Serbs’ air defense systems. [16]

The day before Croatia launched Operation Storm, Galbraith said that there was no reason for Croatia to go to war, since there was now an agreement with Babic [17], but when Galbraith testified he sang a different tune, and mocked Milosevic for being surprised when the Croats attacked.

Galbraith said: “I mean, I don't -- Mr. Milosevic must have been very cut off on top of the mountain, because everybody else in the world understood that in August 1995, Europe was on the verge of the biggest battle since the Second World War. And how any leader, any responsible leader could be on vacation with all this happening and with the fate of so many people, may I add, so many Serbs, at stake, I cannot understand. But, you know, it was clear that the Croatians were going to attack. It was in the press. It was -- their forces were mobilised. I mean, he could not have not known this. -- And so -- I mean, what else can I say?” [18]

Galbraith, who personally, the day before the attack took place reached an agreement with Babic, and said that there was no reason for an attack, is now saying that everybody knew there would be an attack and that Milosevic was stupid for not seeing it?!

The implication that Galbraith is making is that Milosevic knew about the attack in advance, and could have somehow stopped it, but didn’t.

It defies logic that anybody would think that an attack would happen after a peace agreement had been reached. Babic agreed to the Z-4 Plan. Milosevic supported the Z-4 Plan. Galbraith promised Babic that the United States would stop any Croatian attack. The British Embassy’s August 3, 1995 coded-cable stated that Babic was “ready to meet Tudjman's conditions.” Galbraith had said himself that there was no reason for the Croats to launch a war.

How was Milosevic supposed to know that an attack would happen? And what could he have done about it even if he did know? Babic agreed to the Z-4 Plan, and agreed to Tudjman’s conditions. Did Galbraith want Milosevic to send in the Yugoslav Army so that Serbia could be accused of “aggression” and bombed that much sooner?

Croatia and the International Community committed a horrific crime against the Serbian people. Operation Storm was pure evil, and those responsible for it such as, Holbrooke, Galbraith, and Tudjman should burn for what they did.


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You comment that "..Emperors-Clothes is one-sided, pro-serbian, genocide denyal, and out-dated-info worthless piece of crap website.."

Unlike the mainstream press,I have found Emperor's Clothes articles ALWAYS provide documented references/sources for EVERY article to back up their arguments. I check and double check the references they provide and INVARIABLY their references always check out as being accurate and truthful ,so it can hardly be referred to as "Serbian propaganda".

So instead of name-calling and tarring people by personally attacking their character the way the mainstream corporate media whores do to anyone who disagrees with them, may I suggest that you attack the argument INSTEAD with your own argument [making sure that it is carefully researched and providing the relevant documented reference sources].
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