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Saturday, December 24, 2005


& I will be back next Friday or Saturday

Hi Neil,

I think you missed my point about PA Phillippou's post on SBS' Dateline viewers' forum [Guestbook].

In PRINCIPLE, I would agree 100% with PA Phillipou as well that we should judge people:
" their actions and not
putting them into catagories?"

However, where she writes:

"There are human beings
who are occupying other human beings, taking their
land, killing them with impunity and ignoring world
opinion. That is the issue...not what religion
people choose."

This is where Ms. Phillippou misses the point and shows her anti-Israeli/anti-Jewish bias - the only side that EVER gets condemned for anything on Dateline's broadcast stories & the Dateline viewers forum on its website in the Israeli-"Palestinian" Arab dispute are ALWAYS invariably the Jews.

Dateline NEVER condemns the Arabic muslims - incorrectly referred to as "Palestinians" - Palestine was never a State or nationality - much the same way the Albanians were falsely labelled by the media as "Kosovars" and the Izetbegovic muslims in Bosnia as "Bosnians" [not the Abdic muslims though, how strange!].
While the Krajina Serbs were/are referred to as "Serb rebels" or "Serb occupiers" to make it look like the indigenous Serbs were "invaders" and "occupiers" of "Bosnian", "Kosovar" and "Croatian" territory.

WHAT UNBELIEVABLE BIAS and HYPOCRISY by the Liberal/Leftist-leaning corporate media, especially SBS & its Dateline program!!

Dateline NEVER condemns the Arabic muslims for their terror attacks on Israeli civilians, referring to those Arabs who perpetrate such terrorist attacks as "militants" but NEVER "terrorists".

Dateline also REFUSES to publish ANY such noble comments about "judging people by their actions" and NOT what nationality "or religion people are" as so nobly elucidated by Ms. Phillippou.

Why is it that Dateline REFUSES to publish similar comments condemning the Croatian Ustasha cleansing of 500,000+ Krajina Serbs from 1990-1995, the Bosnian muslim Izetbegovic SDA faction cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Serbs from Bosnia [including the 3,800 CIVILIANS murdered by Naser Oric in & around Srebrenica], or the Albanian KLA-UCK cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Serbs from Kosovo??

I wonder why?! Could it be that, according to Dateline's point of view, it is ALWAYS the muslims who are the "victims" while the Jews & Christians in any conflict are always the perennial villians & "perpetrators"??
Hi Neil,

In continuation of my last letter:

The Liberal/Leftist leaning US corporate media failed to tell the facts about the Clinton/NATO bombing campaign against Serbia and his alliance with Islamist Al Qaeda linked terrorists in Kosovo & Bosnia.

The US corporate media deliberately engaged in a campaign of obfuscation - as did the Clinton White House, Pentagon and State Department- before, during, and after the bombing of Serbia -and still does so to this very day.

I found out too late from Washington Post reporter, Michael Dobbs, speaking to the World Affairs Council, that the Pentagon deliberately bombed civilians in an effort to sap the morale of the people, as was revealed by Washington-based O'Dwyers PR report - but NOT CNN,CBS,ABC,NBC,NYT,WP etc.
Available at:

The European media (especially the Spanish media)were not blindly following what their governments were alleging, unlike most of the US media, which regurgitated State Department and Pentagon press releases almost word for word.

Compare this to the US media's current anti-war/anti-Bush stance [apart from the notable exception of Rupert Murdoch's Fox network]on Iraq. What blatant media HYPOCRISY!!

Nobody in their right mind would want to defend ethnic cleansing or genocide, and it's pretty obvious that anyone who attempts to expose Clinton's and NATO leaders' war crimes in the Balkans will be forced to go on the defensive, as they will inevitably be accused of precisely just that - the same old "are you still beating your wife?" "tar-baby" technique of character assassination.

However, the illegality of the bombing, the non-sensical arguments used to support it, and the evidence of NATO leaders' war crimes - including that of Bill Clinton and his accomplice Madeleine Albright - is indisputable.

But "Slick Willy" Clinton NEVER got condemned for his illegal war on any of the above points by the fawning US Liberal/Leftist media [but of course, Bush gets vehemently condemned over Iraq by the likes of CNN's Christiane Amanpour - one of the most vociferous & vocal supporters of Clinton during his Balkans adventures].

Unlike the European public back in 1999, the truth I did NOT learn from the US media (until it was way too late) was this:

The entire basis and justification given by Clinton/Albright & the US media for the bombing of Milosevic's Yugoslavia/Serbia - that it was a "humanitarian intervention" to stop "Milosevic's dream of a Greater Serbia" - was a complete and TOTAL LIE. Sound far fetched? Not if you probe a little.

Now look, I'm no fan of the ex-communist turned "leftist social democrat" Slobodan Milosevic; despite the fact that ALL the ex-Yugoslav republican leaders were former communists including Tudjman,Izetbegovic,Kucan,Djindjic,Djukanovic etc., only Milosevic got demonized first as a "communist", then a "fascist" then a "Butcher of the Balkans/Belgrade" by the US corporate media.

However, in spite of Milosevic's ex-communist background, there is no question that he is completely INNOCENT of the trumped up charges brought by the NATO-owned ICTY at The Hague, of "joint criminal enterprise" [i.e. a conspiracy] with Radovan Karadzic & Ratko Mladic, to create an ethnically pure "Greater Serbia".

The so-called "prosecutors" & "judges" [working in concert on the SAME side of the bench - what a cute & novel form of future international "justice"!] must be real comedians with their sick jokes concerning what "ethnically pure" means in Serbia. Just take a look at Serbia's massive multi-ethnic minority community, with more rights & privileges than any minority in ANY Western capitalist "liberal democracy".

Not ONE of these minorities in Serbia was in ANY way persecuted or denied rights by the Serbs,despite the Serbian people being killed en masse & persecuted by the Croatian Ustasha Catholics in Krajina,Albanian & Bosnian muslims co-religio
It is an interesting fact that the most consistent paty of the political spectrum to support Milosevic is libertarian "rightsist" such as you & I Peter. Particularly the American "right". It indicates that we, alone, put individual rights before party & look at things without ideological blinkers.
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