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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Radio Scotland rang me today & I spoke for a couple of minutes on nuclear power (I presume they were running through old emails or phone calls on previous phone-ins to find vox populii) (9.25AM ish). I may have spoken a bit fast but I got most of it out & managed to rubbish Alex Salmond's advocating burning more gas (it produces CO2 which violates Kyoto) & pointed out that an offshore windfarm he claimed would produce 1000MW (same as a nuclear power station) would only produce at best an average of a quarter of that because of wind variability.

Gary, the MC, also asked about disposal & I said that all the world's reactor waste, a cubic metre per reactor year, could, after 50 years, go into a 100M cube & would, because of the short half life of reactor waste, be down to a fairly safe level by then.

He also mentioned the ridiculous one about nuclear producing CO2 when you pour concrete to build them & I replied that at up to 1000 tons of concrete in the foundations of each windmill they produce proportionately more.

I also got in that we are going to have massive blackouts when Hunterston closes in 2011 & that nuclear costs only 2.3p a unit.

I've always been anti-anti-nuclear, feeling that it was impossible to be pro-nuclear when the only "costs" available were from the government. Still, I did enjoy Bob Hawke's suggestion that all the highly active waste in the world should be shipped to the Red Centre and stored there. Simultaneously very logical and, what shall we say, unlikely to eventuate. (Note graceful use of a very Australian verb.)
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