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Monday, November 07, 2005


Scotland's premiere judge & Bliar's creature on the bench of the Milosevic "trial", Lord Bonamy, has stated that Islamic fundamentalism is not a danger to world peace. He should check with his master who wants to introduce internment without trial here on the claim that it a worse danger than the IRA, or Soviet nukes (or even global warming) ever were. Clearly Bonamy is not only corrupt enough to serve on this show trial but stupid enough to make it obvious.

Milosevic asked if any of what was written about the areas where he served was true.

At this point Judge Bonamy intervened, completely out of left field, saying that the question was foolish because the witness would have had to be in every part of Kosovo at once in order to answer.

Milosevic calmly repeated the question, which was; Was anything that “As Seen As Told” wrote about the areas where Col. Vukovic served true? The witness responded that almost none of what was written in the book was true, but this latest episode raises certain questions about the mental competence of Judge Bonamy.

Judge Bonamy frequently loses the point of the most obvious discussion. At one point during Wednesday’s hearing the witness commented that Islamic fundamentalism constituted a significant danger to world peace. Judge Bonamy angrily responded that he did not share the witness’s view. Bonamy proceeded to base his position on the fact that not all Muslims support terrorism. Of course the witness never said that all Muslims supported terrorism. The witness explicitly used the term “Islamic fundamentalist,” he never insinuated anything against Muslims as a group.

While Milosevic was comparing the orders with the war diary Judge Bonamy absolutely could not understand the point, even though it was easy as pie to understand. The witness was ordered to search out and destroy terrorists in certain villages, and when he completed his orders he would write in his war diary that the village had been “cleansed,” cleansed of the terrorist forces that he had been sent there to find and destroy.

The simplest of concepts escape Judge Bonamy’s understanding. The man is constantly making foolish interventions. When you hear the dumb things that come out of his mouth you just have to be amazed that he ever got to be a judge in the first place.

It says nothing creditable that the rest of the, not quite equally corrupt, Scottish judiciary keep quiet about this buffoon - these are the scum who will have to enforce Bliar's laws.


Meanwhile I have had another mention on Jerry Pournelle's site where there has for some time been a debate on Europe (& America's) problems with the problems of an ever growing ethnic group alienated from European society. This debate was partly inspired by the riots in France which, after several days, are now starting to be reported in the official media.
Have just finished watching a programme on the Christian reconquest of Spain (being BBC it was a fairly PC item making clear that the barbarians at the gates were Christian, with which, in this case I agree). The point however being that there is nothing inherently inevitable about a Moslem 5-10% taking over.

On the other hand the more recent example of Kosovo, where in 1945 moslems formed 40%, & before we joined in, allegedly, 90%, achieved by a process of low level violence, corruption, unrestricted immigration & a government that refused to recognise racial allegencies existed.

If you look at Milosevic's speech at the Field of Crows < > he appears to have been, sincerely, dangerously liberal & indeed his major fault may have been an unwillingness to fight hard. Still we have produced NATO defended al Quaeda states in Bosnia & Kosovo & must accept it. At least 50% of local moslems, the female half, lose drastically out of this but thats western democracy.

Neil Craig

Most of the French seem cowed, but the Normans never were; and historically the Anglo-Saxon-Normans are the most warlike people of history, largely because we like war; it took all the superstitious awe the Church could manage to tame the Normans (Frenchified Danes and Swedes) and even then the whisper of a Crusade where they could fight for God -- God wills it! -- was enough to get them moving. William Rufus "feared God little and man not at all, and so stark a man was he that a widow could travel the kingdom with gold in safety." His brother Robert of Normandy at Doryleum stood all afternoon fighting on the defensive. "Why run? Their horses are better than ours." Until Tancred the Great came over the hill behind the Saracens.

No, I do not think it inevitable that Western Civilization will crash, but I do have my doubts about liberal democracy. Something will stir the blood before it is too late. Something always has. But it will not be politically correct.

I don't relish such a politically incorrect solution but far less do I relish, even though there would be some national justice to it, Paris & London being eventually ethnically cleansed as we did to most of Kosovo.

PS If putting comments you will see that you now have to be able to prove you are a real human rather than a spammer. I regret this but I was getting to many comments from people who "really like your blog & what it really needs is a link to my bicycling naked ladies selling real estate". Never never buy anything from a spammer.

"the barbarians at the gates were Christian, with which, in this case I agree": OK, that may be so, but did they give you all relevant evidence, including Muslim slaughters of Jews in Spain, or did they just spin the line that Muslims, always and everywhere, treated Jews and Christians well?
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