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Sunday, November 20, 2005


I have been looking through the website of Joe Tripiciani < >. Joe, is a science fiction writer (as an SF fan myself I can confirm that we tend towards being more liberal minded & generally smart than the average) who was hired by the Croatian regime essentially to show what a fine fellow Franjo Tudjman was but insisted on finding things out for himself.

Now lets make it clear that Joe does not fully share my views (few do) but has been there & got the T-shirt. He clearly supports a Croatian nation & indeed I support the principle that they had the right to choose separation, in the same way that I support Scotland's right ot do so - my opposition is that they do not have the right to insist on including territory whose inhabitants don't want to go & I suspect he would not really disagree with me there either.

Part of the reason for posting here is that I asked him if he knew whether it was true that Tudjman had been a Nazi during the war rather than a resistor. There is a claim that his war record only appears in 1944, as leader of a military unit, after Tito offered an amnesty to any enemy unit that came over. His opinion was that Tudjman was a Croat nationalist, who could be compared with Vladko Macek, a non-Nazi Croat nationalist leader who spent most of the war under Pavelic's house arrest, which I suppose implies that he could have served in Croat forces in very much the same way, apart from being an officer, that Mitterand, according to photos, did under Vichy. Or, of course, he could have been worse - we haven't really cleared this up but at least we have upper & lower limits - he wasn't really the resistance hero that the BBC said but need not have been worse than the German officers who fought for their country.

In email discussion with him I brought up quotations ascribed to Tudjman supportive of genocide & justifying Hitler on the grounds of the need to be "rid of the Jews" which he could neither confirm nor deny on account of finding Tudjman's book Wastelands of Historical Truth to turgid to finish. I regret to say that on checking with the author of To Kill a Nation he also said that he could not personally verify the quotations as he had got them from secondary sources.

This is not to say that Tudjman didn't say it, or that he didn't say very similar stuff. It is the case that his PR man James Harff of Ruder & Finn said Tudjman had been "very careless" in what he said & "could be accused of anti-semitism" (he was boasting at the time of his success in getting US Jewish groups to support Croatia which was after all a considerable achievement but one for which CNN & co should share the credit). However, having quite publicly & quite correctly accused our BBC, ITN & papers of deliberately lying over 15 years to assist in genocide I have a duty to acknowledge when I say something that cannot be proved.

It remains a fact that there used to be 560,000 Serbs in Croatian controlled territory, that there are now only a token few left, & that the UK government has said that only about 320,000 of them can be accounted for. This from Denis McShane whom I have previously mentioned regarding the Dragodan Massacre:

" According to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, approximately 320,000 Croatian Serbs left Croatia during that conflict. Of those 320,000, an estimated 110,000 have returned to their pre-war homes, leaving about 208,000 outside the country: 189,000 in Serbia and Montenegro, and 19,000 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. "

In fact, as Mr McShane knows & everybody knew at the time virtually all the Serbs were expelled (560,000 not 320,000). Our government is unwilling to mention the missing 240,000 human beings but unless they can produce them Tudjman to a greater extent, & they to a lesser extent (under pressure from Germany & the Vatican) are clearly guilty of genocide.

I would, nonetheless, like to know what he said in the original Serbo-Croat edition of his book.

"..the establishment of Hitler's new European order could be justified by the need both to remove the Jews (undesirable more or less in all European countries) and to correct the French-British sin of the Versailles order."

"...genocidal violence is a natural phenomenon, in keeping with the human-social and mythological-divine nature. It is not only allowed, but even recommended. Moreover, it is advised in the words of the Almighty Jehovah whenever it is useful for survival or the renewed establishment of the kingdom of the chosen people, or for the maintenance and spread of His only genuine faith."

"...Remember also that Tudjman has made an indelible mark as a Holocaust denier and revisionist. In his pseudo-historical book Wastelands-Historical Truth, Tudjman ridiculed the notion that 6 million Jews perished in Europe and that the estimates of those murdered at Jasenovac in particular were grossly exaggerated. Incredibly, he argued that the Jews not only ran and "jealously" managed the camp, they actually orchestrated the murder of the Gypsies.

"For good measure, and to leave no doubt about where he stood, Tudjman criticized the efforts to expose Kurt Waldheim (as a matter of full journalistic disclosure, I must state for the record that I take that charge rather personally), while comparing Israeli policy towards the Palestinians to Nazi genocide, going so far as calling Israelis "Judeo-Nazis."

While campaigning for the Presidency, Tudjman fanned the flames of xenophobia and anti-Semitism by proclaiming on Croatian television that he thanked God that his wife was neither a Jew nor a Serb. How's that for subtlety.

"And he didn't get better after taking office. In a move which was both reprehensible and revealing as to how far he would go to rehabilitate the fascists, several years ago Tudjman attempted to turn the Jasenovac site into a burial ground for all those who were, in his words, "Croatian war victims."

"This obscene plan would have buried Ustashe criminals side by side with the very people they killed. There was to be no distinction between murderer and true victim. All were equally deserving of remembrance."
Thanks Robert he clearly did say it tho' the context is that of a pro-Nazi historian rather than anazi partisan. The first link you provides contains the quotes previously refered to - the quotes are not translated with precisely the same words but that just proves we are talking about 2 translations from a common source.

I will do an update on this.

That's right, Neil. The "common source" you referred to in your comments' response was from an early edition of the book, [ca 1989/1990] translated from the original Serbo-Croatian text.

The translated English version was provided by Peter Makara [he may have actually done the translation himself, you'll have to ask him to be sure].

Regardless of which translation you refer to however, there can be no doubt whatsoever that the translations - even from pro- Serbian sources - are accurate and are NOT taken "out of context" as Wikipedia claims in their entry on Tudjman or "mis-translated" as some pro-Ustasha and far-right pro-Fascist Croats inside and outside the HDZ party claim.

I have seen DIFFERENT translations from the original Serbo-Croat text from DIFFERENT SOURCES: including German sources, anti-fascist and politically moderate Croatian sources, US, UK and Israeli sources - and - surprise,surprise -with very minor differences they all translate into English pretty much the same. It is therefore ludicrous for Tudjman apologists to claim that he was "mis-quoted" or "mis-translated" or had his writings "taken out of context".

Wikipedia's entry was obviously written either by a supporter of Tudjman's HDZ party, or by someone on the extreme right of Croatian politics [for example HSP/HOS,HOP]masquerading as a so-called "liberal" or "democratic moderate"; someone writing for Wikipedia in such a way in an attempt to pass themselves off as an "impartial" and "unbiased" or "neutral" biographer of Franjo Tudjman - the entry even incorrectly [perhaps deliberately intended to mislead] names the title of the book "Horrors of War" when in fact, the actual title of the book translated from the Serbo-Croat language is -"Wastelands of Historical Truth" [or Wastelands/Impasses of Historical Reality].

It's almost funny how Wikipedia makes no mention of the fact that upon Tudman's ascension to the leadership in the HDZ party and subsequent autocratic power in Croatia in May, 1990 - at a party conference, where many in attendance were suspected or confirmed Ustasha war criminals invited back to Croatia [by Tudjman himself] from countries such as Canada,Australia,Sweden and the US; Tudjman made the following comment to those in attendance:

"They [i.e.those who criticize the Ustasha] forget that the Independent State of Croatia [NDH] was not merely a Quisling creation and a Fascist crime, but was just as much an expression of the historical aspirations of the Croat people for an independent State of their own,and the recognition of international factors:the government of Hitler's Germany in this case".

Neil, if as you say in your closing comments that you want to know what Tudjman wrote in the "original Serbo-Croat edition" of his book, then may I suggest that you contact Peter Makara and ask him to send you a photo-copy of the original early edition of the book, which is in the original Serbo-Croat language, and have it translated by a [hopefully] neutral and impartial non-Serbian,non-Croatian,non-Bosnian muslim professional translator in the UK.

For a photo-copy of the original book, may I suggest you contact Mr.Makara at Emperor's Clothes [] or visit the following URL:


Pete Robert North.
Hi Neil,

Isn't it just plain WEIRD, how that HDZ [current Croatian government]approved biography of Franjo Tudjman on Wikipedia sounds STRIKINGLY SIMILAR to the ones issued by the Western news wire agencies:e.g., Reuters, AP, AFP,UPI et al parroted by the likes of ITN, BBC,CNN etc, and then regurgitated wholesale by Western politicians [diplomats,presidents,prime ministers,chancellors etc.]

Well, hardly weird or surprising at all...not when you consider that Germany [through its funding and control of European media channels] and the Vatican [through its billions of stolen gold and money from Holocaust victims and its political influence throughout Western Catholic Europe] were largely responsible for FORCING Europe to acquiesce to recognize the breakaway Roman Catholic statelets of Slovenia and Croatia and were largely responsible for promoting Tudjman as a "Western- oriented moderate democrat in favour of the Western free-market".

Then we have the PR agencies [Ruder Finn, Waterman & Associates],the Knights of St.John of Jerusalem and various phony European and American conservatives: those who are historically and politically ignorant of World War 1 & 2 history and/or politically naive about Balkan leaders like the late Tudjman & Izetbegovic having anything to do with Western "liberal democratic values" or actually you could quite accurately call them JUST PLAIN HYPOPCRITES and LIARS - or actual closet FASCISTS & NAZIS themselves - take your pick [I think the latter would be applicable in the case of MANY political figures in the UK and the US; e.g. Ashdown,Blair,Robertson,Solana,Short the late Mitterrand and Cook, Shroeder,Genscher,Kohl,Kinkel,Fischer,Ruhe,Kouchner,Jackson, the Scottish and English judges/prosecutors at the ICTY et al in Europe.

Then we have Clinton, Bush Snr, Albright,Liebermann,Lantos,Biden, Dole,Holbrooke,Galbraith,DioGardia,Abramowitz,Brzezinski,Burns,Zimmerman,Christopher,Cohen, Generals Clark & Short, et al in the United States.

The above mentioned political and military figures/puppets as well as the globalist-monopoly-capitalist geo-strategists[NOT to be confused with genuine Free Market/Free Enterprise Libertarian advocates] KNEW the truth about the REAL political affinities and beliefs of Balkan leaders like Tudjman & Izetbegovic, so the ONLY explanation is imperialist-globalist -monopoly capitalist plutocratic GREED coupled with a closet sympathy for Fascism/Nazism; probably because of the little known historical fact that Wall Street financiers/bankers and American industry supported Hitler and Nazism/Fascism both before and during the Second World War.

Then as well as after World War 2 with Project Paperclip and the Nazi Gehlen organization TAKING OVER the Office of Strategic Services [OSS] and CREATING the CIA into a post-War crypto-fascist Gestapo/SS agency run by ex-Nazis used by the US military-industrial complex [the forerunners of Lockheed-Boeing et al] to feed propaganda/disinfo/psyops to the American people, Congress and the Executive Branch in order to justify the burgeoning Cold War with the USSR - "Reds under the Bed" - which has now turned into the TOTALLY PHONY "War on Terror" .

Sounds like a CONSPIRACY "theory", doesn't it? Well, my dear friend Neil, it is an OPEN "conspiracy" since these political globalist scumbags and corporate media whores do their daily mis-deeds and evil acts OPENLY, BRAZENLY,and UNASHAMEDLY in PUBLIC by deceiving the GULLIBLE MASSES by LYING through their teeth via their mighty corporate controlled newspapers and television broadcasts [i.e.psyops] on a daily basis [ the so-called Western "Free Press" in action "safeguarding our liberties" - what a sick joke].

NONE of these despicable acts by these Western politicians and geo-strategists in support of Nazi genocide would be possible [eg. the Tudjman Ustasha cleansing of over half a million Serbs and the murder of 20,000 "fleeing" elderly men, women and children in the Krajina district -which incidentally was NEVER a recognized constituent part of Croatia prior to 1992].

These horrendous acts of Nazi GENOCIDE and "ethnic cleansing" IN FULL VIEW OF WESTERN CIVILIAN & MILITARY OBSERVERS would NOT be possible WITHOUT THE COMPLICITY and OUTRIGHT OPEN SUPPORT of the Western corporate media [who are nothing more than political WHORES really, working on behalf of the Nazi-sympathetic elite PIMPS [Western globalist-monopoly-capitalist politicians] who dominate the EU and US today.

These lunatic Western politicians/geo-strategists and corporate-media mouthpieces are now risking World War 3 and a nuclear holocaust with their encirclement of Russia in the guise of their PHONY "War on Terror" - even most of those on the idiotic, dogmatic Left have got this one dead WRONG thinking that it is "ALL ABOUT THE OIL" and "Halliburton/Bechtel/DynCorp in Iraq" and "pipelines through Afghanistan" so that "THE BUSH'S & CARLYLE GROUP GET THEIR HANDS ON THE OIL" in the Caspian Sea basin. WRONG. While oil IS definitely a part of it to a certain extent, it is NOT, FIRST & FOREMOST what it is PRIMARILY/MAINLY about.

[If in doubt about this criticism of the Left's incorrect analysis, see]

Now you know why the Western media claim of the "masscare of 8,000 men and boys by Bosnian Serb forces at Srebrenica" also referred to by the Western "Free Press" as the "single worst atrocity in Europe since World War 2" has to be constantly repeated and drummed into our heads like some kind of Orwellian mantra while the Krajina GENOCIDE is either deliberately ignored or whitewashed as a "self-inflicted voluntary evacuation of Serb refugees"...or...."Serbian occupiers/inhabitants who fled the area when Croatian forces re-took/re-captured the territory in Operation Storm" [the latter is courtesy of CNN and Reuters]

["Oceania is and always has been at war with Eastasia"....or was it Eurasia? I really can't remember which,so if you'll excuse me, I'll just switch on CNN, BBC and ITN and consult the London Times, New York Times and Washington Post while I'm at it for good measure]


Pete Robert North.
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