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Monday, November 14, 2005


Global warming and rise in sea-levels linked to obesity
12 Nov 2005 by Peter Gee
British scientists have confirmed that recent rises in UK temperatures and sea levels are directly linked to the obesity rate and not to pollution levels as was originally thought.

Doctor Greg Mullet of the British Medical Association, said: "The BMA has carried out its most extensive research effort ever over the past couple of days. We have identified that the rise in UK temperatures is due to the increased calorie intake of some of our population, equivalent to an additional 29.597 billion Giga-Joules of heat energy, and that the 'perceived rise' in sea levels around the UK is simply due to the fact that the UK is sinking with the increased weight of its population".

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Good to see some real verifiable research, the increase in UK obesity being well verified, rather than stuff like the Mann Hockeystick theory, where you can literally feed in any old data & get a hockeystick, or passive smoking where only 7 out of 42 studies, all of very small & therefore statistically useless populations, actually showed any sort of corelation.

Your satire fails, I fear, by virtue of having greater scientific content than the average bit of medical research.
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