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Saturday, September 03, 2005


A short letter
(one of the Points of View) in Saturday's Scotsman in reply to an ongoing correspondence:


The idea that Ireland's economic success is due to European Union bankrolling does not give our own politicians any excuse. EU benefits were not even close to the net tax gain Scotland gets under the Barnett formula, let alone that gain plus North Sea oil taxes.

In any case, EU benefits largely went to agriculture, the one area of the Irish economy that has not shown spectacular growth.

Ah the Barnett formula. Joel Barnett was just another of Labour's Red Sea Pedestrians charged with the predictable task of fleecing the pathetic Gentile British dupes who voted for socialism,the ne plus ultra of Jewish security measures. Your pitiful ego, massaged by 'Scotsman' or 'Herald' letters
can hide neither your lack of substance nor your ignorance of the root cause of Scotland's malaise.

I think you've got a live one there.

You should do what I've done and ban anonymous comments.
I take your point g-Gnome. I have little respect for the anonymice & the post is hardly an intellectual addition (Joel Barnett is Jewish therefore his formula is biased against ....? - yeah right). On the other hand I don't like censorship & have suffered from it a few times (I was on the C4 discussion board but, for some reason, they took exception to my repeatedly mentioning the judges's remarks "essentially true" about their faking their "concentration camp" video).

Basically I am willing to delete if morons become a problem but won't do so lightly.
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