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Monday, August 01, 2005


This is a letter I have sent to a number of newspapers, none of whom have printed it, nor, so far as I can tell, allowed any reporting of the facts given.
We have seen a lot of media coverage of the fall of Srebrenica. Unfortunately there has been absolutely no coverage of the events that caused it.

In the previous months Nasir Oric, Srebrenica's Moslem commander carried out dozens of raids on neighboring villages in which he, often personally, murdered thousands of men, women & children. This is attested to not only by reporters from the Washington Post & Toronto Star, to whom he proudly showed videos of him beheading Serb civilians, taken from his extensive home video collection but also by the UN commander in Bosnia, General Morrilon, at the time. Speaking as a prosecution witness he told the War crimes Commission that:

"I met Naser Oric much later, in March, when I intervened directly
on the ground. The actions that you are referring to were one of the
reasons for the deterioration of the situation in the area, especially in
the month of January.

Naser Oric engaged in attacks during Orthodox holidays and
destroyed villages, massacring all the inhabitants"

This lead to the Serbs seeking to arrange a ceasefire & Dutch UN troops duly signed a ceasefire guaranteeing that Oric's forces would be disarmed & prevented from launching attacks through cease fire lines.

Unfortunately the Dutch did not do so & Oric was permitted to continue his genocidal raids leaving the Serbs with no alternative to taking the town.

These well attested facts, together with the fact that no other mass graves have been found lead to 3 immediate conclusions:

1) That the bodies of the thousands of adults & children found very near the villages where Oric killed thousands of adults & children are not, in fact, those of Moslem soldiers but of Serb adults & children.

2) That the remaining evidence of Serbs massacring anybody consists of statements, some certainly untrue, made by Izetbegovic's Moslem government, witnesses provided by that government (Moslem secret police are known to have aggressively coached witnesses) & forensic examiners based entirely in Moslem territory.

3) That the refusal of the western funded War Crimes Commission to indict Oric for the genocide identified by their witness, though he is facing trial for lesser unrelated atrocities, proves that they are a body dedicated not to justice but to propaganda.

Taking these together with the assumption that Messrs Blair, Clinton, Kohl, every involved government & journalist have access to information equal to that available to any internet user proves:

A) These individuals, governments & journalists from the BBC, ITN & most newspapers have deliberately lied & censored over 10 years.

B) That NATO bombing in Bosnia & by extension Kosovo & less openly, Croatia has been done knowingly & deliberately to assist people carrying out the genocide of Serbs & other Yugoslavs.

This leads, with quiet inevitability to the conclusion that:

Virtually all western leaders, including ours, are knowingly & deliberately guilty of war crimes & genocide, & that the BBC etc have deliberately censored & distorted the facts & in some cases lied so that population would accept such behaviour.

I believe the way that the bodies of murdered Serbs have been desecrated to serve their murderers at the recent junkett attended by Jack Straw is obscene, even by the unexacting standards of Auschwitz.
Yours Sincerely
Neil Craig
PS I would entirely understand if you chose to delete the references here to newspaper journalists from section A or even to the whole last 2 paragraphs. In a different way I would understand if the entire letter was missed out on the grounds that it would not be of interest to readers.

Ref - for more of the general's statement
- for numerous articles on the faking of the massacre

The basic case here is that there is absolutely no doubt that Oric's Moslem militia engaged in the deliberate murder of thousands of civilians, mainly old people & children since the men were in the army (attested to not only by the Serbs but by General Morrillon & most importantly by Oric himself, plus video footage). Such murders undoubtedly constitute genocide, in a way which killing soldiers normally doesn't. Even if a Serb massacre of all the Moslem garrison of 7,500/half of the Moslem garrison of 15,000/all male civilians (since the story has mutated over the years) was true it would be dishonest to report it without mentioning Oric's genocide.

Beyond that we have the point that the only real evidence we have for a Serbian massacre is the bodies & since they were found near the sites of oric's genocide & since the Serb victims of Oric's genocide have not been found it must be considerably more likely that they are Serb bodies. At one stage NATO claimed that the Moslem bodies had been cremated but this excuse cannot be applied to the Serb bodies because Moslem troops, engaged in raiding, would not have access to a crematorium.

Now OK I wasn't really expecting to take the world by storm but the refusal of them all to print does prove that no newsparer is failing to cover the truth about Srebrenica out of ignorance. They gave substantial coverage to the anniversary of the official story (the Scotsman gave 2 full pages containing pictures of a big eyed child & numerous lies) & yet are deliberately censoring ANY mention of the problems with the massacre story.

Compare this with how they treat other stories, including ones the papers don't believe. Many newspapers have carried letters on both sides of the "debate" about creationism, renewable energy, or the EU constitution. Some even print both sides of the global warming case.

If they are refusing to allow ANY mention of the evidence that this massacre is a deliberate lie on a scale worthy of the late Dr Goebbels it is not because they believe it no more credible than creationism but because they know that their & their government's story is so obviously flawed that they dare not let the facts out. This, in turn, would mean that these papers & almost all their journalists are deliberate lying racists knowingly covering up genocide.

Of course there may be a journalist somewhere in the world who disagrees with that assessment - in which case they may comment here.

Oric's genocide of 3,870 identified Serbs (Republika Srpska figure) is undoubtedly an obscene act of genocide. It is a matter of record that Dutch "peacekeepers" allowed this to go on while Srebrenica was under their protection. Oric has been indicted for lesser war crimes but they dare not touch him on this, not just because it would destroy their whole case against Karadic & Miladic, but because the Dutch commander is clearly also an accessory to genocide. It is inconceivable that he & his officers decided off their own bat to let Oric carry on therefore Wim Kok, the Dutch PM, must also be implicated & since the Netherlands has no particular reason to hate Serbs he must, in turn, have had his arm bent, probably by German Chancellor Kohl & US President Clinton. All of this follows automatically from the genocide.

Important as Oric's genocide undoubtedly is I would suggest that the fact that the western press & TV is willing & able to coldbloodedly & deliberately lie to us for 10 years to help the perpetrators displays more human evil & is more important to the world, & certainly to those who live in western countries, than the genocide itself.

If you have any doubts see

Andy Wilcox emailed me
It looks like at least one newspaper picked-up your letter, although
they seem to have cut the end off of it.

- Andy

Copyright 2005 People's Press Printing Society Ltd
Morning Star

August 01, 2005

LENGTH: 404 words

HEADLINE: Letters - Why wasn't Muslim commander indicted for crimes?;

We have seen a lot of media coverage of the fall of Srebrenica.
Unfortunately, there has been absolutely no coverage of the events that
caused it............(you know the rest - I basically invited them to cut the last para)

Here I am calling myself a classic liberal fairly firmly free marketish & all & it turns out the ONLY newspaper in the UK/US which gives any room at all to non-statist liberal views about not covering up mass murder is the communist Morning Star.

It shows the world is not black & white which I find rather heartening.
you fucking asshole. you have no idea what happened during the war in bosnia. i daresay that what the serbs did was far worse than what the nazi did. i have survived ww2 and bosnia, and i tell you ww2 was like a fucking comedy, a joke compared to this. i dont say it was funy for the jews, but you probably think the whole jew thing was also a lie. 6000000 dead jews? the biggest lie.
will that be your next letter morone?
or maybe nagasaki and hiroshima the greatest lie too. but noone wants to publish it either. wonder why...
The word is "moron" moron.

You survived Bosnia & you "daresay" what the Serbs did was worse. Have you thought of applying for a job with the BBC?
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