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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


This is a piece of feedback I put on Techcentralstation. They had run an article about fallout at the Guardian because they had hired a Moslem terror supporter & presented him as an objective reporter (when it came out the Grauniad was gave him the option of quitting them or his pro-terror group - the Grauniad lost his services). My story indicates that far from being an aberration this paper has a long history of supporting murderous anti-Semitic & pro-Nazi groups & rather more importantly the Press Council (renamed the Press Complaints Commission) have a long history of deliberately disregarding their own rules to support their deliberate lying. To be fair the Council may have improved since Lord wakeham, the man paid to certify Enron as honest, left under somewhat of a cloud.

A few years ago I had a couple of runs in with the Guardian, both of which I put to the Press Council:

In the first case they printed an article which stated that anybody didn't support the genocidal Moslem regime regime in Bosnia was guilty of 'anti-semitism' (yes the logic was tortuous). I wrote to point out that Izetbegovic, the president, was a former auxiliary in in one of the less pleasant divisions of Hitler's SS & was ethnically cleansing Bosnia's Jewish community. The Council approved the Guardian's lie.

In the 2nd case they claimed that only 150,000 people were ethnically cleansed by Croatia. Since census figures were easily available & showed the pre-war Serb population was 560,000 (plus people designating themselves as Yugoslavs) & the post war figure was in the thousands this was clearly also a lie. The Guardian said the had got the figures from unnamed 'Croatian politicians' & had no duty to check them. Despite the fact that the Grauniad carries a prominent section devoted to correcting errors (if the get an airport runway length 50m out they will let us know) an error of 400,000 missing humans was to small to correct. Again the Council agreed even though this once again meant breaking their own code of conduct.

The Council are dedicated to 'upholding the highest standards of the British Press' & one can see they have totally succeeded.

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