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Sunday, August 14, 2005


It has been pointed out to me that the pre-war & post-war distribution of population in Yugoslavia proves unambiguously who the victims of ethnic cleansing were & that this proves the media have lied.

Quite true this map shows the point.

Had the NATO powers decided to destroy Yugoslavia but to do so along ethnic lines this would have been almost within the traditions of the more thuggish Great Powers of Metternich & other liberals. The fact that they decided to split it on deliberately non-ethnic lines & to correct nature by genocide & ethnic cleansing is what really puts Clinton, Kohl etc on a par with the Nazis. It will be seen that a legitimate Moslem Bosnian state would have been about a 3rd of NATO's protectorate (or less since the Bihac Moslems made their views plain by rising against their "national" leader & allying with the Serbs. It is equally clear that if limited to their national territory Croatia would be 2/3rds its current size & that the Dalmations who, being culturally linked to Venice, were never exactly loyal Zagreb nationalists, would probably have chosen to remain in Yugoslavia.

While it has been said that Yugoslavia was never real in fact the successor states are the ones which do not have any real demographic justification (except possibly Slovenia) & could not have been maintained except by NATO violence.

The map actually underemphasises the degree of ethnic mixing since it shows only the largest grouping in each area. It also underemphasises the degree to which ethnic cleansing has been almost purely an anti-Serb phenomenon, something which every remotely honest newspaper & TV station admit but no UK or US one does. This is because the Serbs under Milosevic (the "butcher of Belgrade") largely did not cleanse their own territories, for example the said Belgrade currently has 200,000 Moslem inhabitants, 70,000 of them Albanians.

Rather than "deserving" their enemies this makes the Serbs positively saintly (possibly to much so - evolution gave us feuds & hatreds because, according to game theory, turning the other cheek is a poor survival strategy). One can make a very good case that had Milosevic & Karadic not been so decent & peace-loving as to repeatedly trust western cease fire guarantees & give their enemies ceasefires when they were winning they would not have lost. This, of course, means that the NATO/Nazi powers have achieved their conquests at the cost of losing any future trust from any nation, which I personally think was worth, on its own, more than running Kosovo.

There are Moslems in Belgrade. If the USA had had the entire population of New York murdered & of California turned into refugees does anybody think it would be safe to be a Moslem in the rest of the country. For the UK it would be London cleansed & Birmingham murdered. We have seen seen Americans beating up Sikhs after 9/11 & Brits killing a Muslim recently for attacks which, proportionately are barely pinpricks.

Incidentally in case anybody thinks this map, being from a Serb site, is biased here is one created by our German Nazi friends in 1939 but I didn't use it because a lot of the Serbs aren't there anymore.

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