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Monday, August 22, 2005


2nd letter here. After a number of letters about genocide, war crimes etc which the world's press, except the Morning Star, declined to allow. A couple of lines have been edited out, removing the example of wind as politically directed investment & the suggestion that we seek specific advice from Singapore/Taiwan. this may make the letter more acceptable but, I believe, weaker. Originals are in <> :

It is good to see that<, under George Reid's guidance,> Holyrood is going to examine the question of how to achieve a growing economy (18th Aug).

Economic growth is achieved, as in the Irish example, by low business taxes & light regulation which make investment attractive.

That's pretty much it. Sometimes intelligently directed government investment can help, though much more often governments choose to invest either in industries chosen for political rather than economic motives <(politically powerful windpower in Scotland, the President's brother-in-law's sure fire scheme in much of Africa)> & such investment is largely wasted.

I am also slightly concerned that a specific part of their remit is "looking at how other devolved areas in Europe have developed their economies" since, with the notable exception of Ireland, economic progress in the EU has & is still severely lagging the rest of the world, even much of Africa. It would be better to ask how Singapore or Taiwan, both small states, have been so successful

George Reid must be congratulated for his success in, winning over the Executive to looking at this vital question. That it is necessary to make such an effort proves how very far we have to go.

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