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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Since almost every newspaper in the western world carried a news story about the so-called "Srebrenica Massacre" (the fake one not the real one obviously) every non-racist newspaper would clearly have to carry a mention, at least 10 times larger, of the Krajina Holocaust.

& every single honest newspaper has - Google search of the total worldwide coverage. Not a lot.

Here is a letter sent to the Scotsman, & in slightly altered from everybody else, & which was, of course, not published:

Your newspaper gave extensive coverage to the 10th anniversary of the alleged Srebrenica massacre (2 full pages, though with no mention allowed of the prior murder of 3870 Serbs in Moslem genocide raids or the question of exactly whose bodies have been found). I trust you will be giving a considerably greater amount of space to the anniversary of the Krajina Holocaust started on 4th August 1995 by our Croatian Nazi friends, under the de facto command & control of US & UK officers & to the 250,000 people we helped ethnically cleanse, of whom half are still "missing".

Journalistic integrity would seem to require proportionate coverage.
Yours Faithfully
Neil Craig

Journalistic integrity has left the building.

Anybody want to accept a small bet as to whether when 9/11 roles round again, an event far smaller & a thousand times more deserved, roles around it will be equally censored?

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