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Thursday, June 02, 2005


So on C4 & ITN we have film "proving" that the Serbs committed a massacre at Srebrenica, or at least that a small group of people carrying guns went bang & some other people lay still but apparently didn't bleed.

Of course this is the same ITN that "accidentally" faked their notorious concentration camp video (a British judge decided that the allegation of fakery was "essentially true" but that if you don't mention the possibility of accident it is libel to say so). ITN have a rarely discussed problem with the accident story - if ITN is so slipshod that they can manage such an accident with the most influential single film ever made by ITN without noticing, & they can let it be used round the world, & they can not notice when their journalists go into court to announce it as an accident (they never publicly apologised on air & are still using this film) then obviously there are no circumstances when you can be even half sure these people are telling the truth. When you get the silly item at the end of the news about a cat stuck up a tree they cannot say for certain the Trevor didn't accidentally stick it up there in the first place.

Still none of this stops them announcing this film as proof A number of questions they don't ask & neither does the surrealistically named Mr Nice, the chief prosecutor. Where did this film appear from, why was it made & who was stupid enough to keep it - it is not impossible that such film could have been made - Nasir Oric, Moslem commander of Srebrenica showed journalists videos from his extensivehome video collection of him massacring Serb civilians (in the same area where the "Moslem" bodies were found) whose bodies are officially still missing. However Oric's videos are now missing & the ICTY, while charging him for other crimes, has not charged him with this genocide. While ITN is at pains to report that half of all Serbs don't believe in the massacre (I would have thought a lot more) they still censor the evidence why.

A little examination of what actually happened in court is instructive. The interesting thing is that Nice has produced this film in conjunction with "documents" about the Scorpion unit which are clearly faked:
Mr. Nice spent a great deal of time reading documents allegedly seized from facilities in Republika Srpska in 2004. These documents identified a unit called “Skorpions” as being part of the Serbian MUP. Stevanovic said that the Serbian MUP had no “Skorpions” unit, and had no idea what the documents were all about.

According to the documents, these “Skorpions” were sent to the Srebrenica area in the summer of 1995. Mr. Nice claimed that the commander of the “Skorpions” was Slobodan Medic, and that the Scorpions had been tasked with guarding the Djeletovci oil fields in Republika Srpska Krajina (RSK). Gen. Stevanovic had no idea what Mr. Nice was even talking about and consistently denied that the Serbian MUP had a unit called “Skorpions.”

The Milosevic trial has already heard evidence about the “Skorpions” from the former Deputy Defense Minister of the RSK, Mr. Milan Milanovic who testified as a prosecution witness.

Beginning on page 27492 of the 14 October 2003 transcript, Milanovic testified that he personally recruited Slobodan Medic to establish the “Skorpions” in order to guard oil fields in the RSK. Take a look at the following excerpt from Milanovic’s testimony:

SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC: Let's move on to the next topic. You testified about a Skorpions unit which was led by Slobodan Medic. Where were they from? Are they from your area? [i.e. the RSK]


MILOSEVIC: Did you engage them?


MILOSEVIC: Did you engage them in your area?

MILANOVIC: As far as the area is concerned, I proposed, as is stated in this text, in my statement, I proposed to the director of the oil company that they secure the oil fields that were on the separation lines.

MILOSEVIC: Does that mean that you personally found them, rallied them, organised them, and engaged them privately to protect the oil fields?

MILANOVIC: That is not true.

MILOSEVIC: Well, who engaged them, then, to defend the oil fields in your area?

MILANOVIC: I proposed Slobodan Medic as the person who should be in charge of that security, and then they were under the director of the oil company.

MILOSEVIC: So this was a security unit for the oil company, the head of which you yourself proposed.


MILOSEVIC: Why did it happen that you chose Medic to be at the head of the security detail in the oil company in your area?

MILANOVIC: Having toured the area, I realised that the oil fields were in jeopardy as they were along the very confrontation line. And it is common knowledge that if a shell were to fall, this would cause an ecological disaster. I toured the area. I met this young man for the first time. He was proposed to me by several people. And I even remember that I asked Badza even whether he had anything against this, and he said he didn't.

This young man was about 22 or 23 years old at the time, and he organised the task well and continued working at it until the end of 1996.

MILOSEVIC: But you also sent them to Bosnia and Herzegovina, didn't you?

MILANOVIC: I didn't send them. The command of the [VRSK] corps sent them to accomplish various assignments, and most of those units that went outside the area I would visit very frequently.

MILOSEVIC: Well, as deputy defence minister, I assume you had a decisive say. As you appointed Medic yourself, you would decide where you would send him.

MILANOVIC: As you know yourself, according to the law on defence, the ministry does not have the right to order the engagement of the army. This is a right vested in the government and the command.

MILOSEVIC: Very well. So the government [of the RSK] sent them.

MILANOVIC: Yes, the [RSK] government and the [RSK] army command.


As you can see from the transcript of Milanovic’s testimony, the “Skorpions” were not a unit of the Serbian MUP, they were a unit of the Army of Republika Srpska Krajina (VRSK). Milanovic, as deputy Defense Minister of the RSK, would certainly know which units the RSK had under its command. Milanovic, as the Deputy Defense Minister of the RSK, personally appointed Slobodan Medic to lead the unit, the Serbian MUP had absolutely nothing to do with it.

The fact that Mr. Nice had so many different documents containing the same wrong information suggests that somebody is forging documents in order to bolster the prosecution’s case."

Assuming the prosecution witness wasn't lying, in a way which could have had no reason at the time, then the documents are faked. If the documents are faked, the film, of no provenance, must be assumed to be faked (not after all a particularly difficult thing). Of course you won't be seeing this possiblity mentioned in the official media & when, as happened with all the stories about rape camps, mass graves, 500,000 dead, Serbs rather than NATO bombing refugees, the lorry full of bodies etc etc, these are proven to be lies it will accidentally go unreported.


Neil, you are a sick man
Its a sick world but at least I am willing to put my head above the parapet & discuss facts Mous.

Check out
if videos of massacres in Bosnia are of interest -
"why hasn't that dignified court released a free circulating video that shows Bosnian Muslims decapitating Serbs, gouging their eyes, beheading them or pulling out the heart from the chest of a Christian as a sign of Islamic piety.

All Carla Del Ponte would have to do is stop at any "Islamic Cultural Center" in Bosnia and obtain a video copy."

The video we have been shown doesn't actually have any bearing on the Srebrenica massacre since it relates to the alleged killing of a few men elsewhere. It is quite likely that the video mentioned above contains material from the hundreds of videos Nasir Oric the moslem commander of Srebrenica made of him murdering hundreds (probably thousands) of Serb civilians (the bodies claimed to be Moslem victims are were found near where Oric committed genocide & have officially not been found - in fact there was no widespread massacre by, rather than of, Serbs. Anyone who says these bodies are Moslem soldiers (some of them very small ones)has to explain what happened to the bodies of Serb civilians including children.

In any case the refusal of Ponte or our media or politicians to mention the existence of genocide videos from our Moslem Nazi friends represents the standard of honesty one might expect from such racist filth.
Another atrocity video but yet again the victims are Serb:

"Belgrade, 15 June: A picture showing the beheading of Ensign Rade Rogic from Sanski Most and a picture of his Mujahid killer were published in Belgrade newspaper Vecernje novosti today.

Vecernje novosti says that its journalists were able to view private video footage of the 505th Buzim Brigade of the Bosniak army [B-H Army] showing heaps of mutilated bodies, torched villages and the bestial killing of Ensign Rogic.

The Hague tribunal refused to screen the so-called Meho's [nickname for Mehmed] video because of its brutality, and the Belgrade paper says that the video footage is indeed not fit for broadcasting."

Obviously we are going to at least get this reported as a major news item by the BBC & ITN unless Paxman, Snow, McDonald etc are racist scum deliberately lying to us.

Any bets?
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