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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Letter in Today's Herald. It may appear elsewhere since I submitted it to virtually every national newspaper. On the other hand, bearing in mind previous trends, it may not.

I am, however, rather proud of this since it is a news item which should most definitely be told & the lies & censorship practiced by all our media over the last 5 (or indeed 15) years would not be out of place under the late Joe Stalin.

As you will see there has been slight censorship of the 2nd last paragraph ( marked <>) to, somewhat clumsily, dilute my reference to the media's censorship.

Dear Sir,
Denis McShane has publically expressed regret that the media have given so little coverage to the finding of 1,500 bodies found in a mass grave in Iraq.

several years ago<, as a result of a query I had put to my local Labour MP >that same Mr McShane, then a junior Foreign Office minister, wrote to me to confirm the existence of a mass grave. This particular grave was in Dragodan a mostly Albanian suburb of Pristina in the British occupation zone & was easily the largest ever found in Kosovo. 210 bodies had by then been recovered from it, mostly unidentifiable but many of them identified as Serbians who were proven to have been alive at the time NATO occupied the place & started handing out police uniforms to our KLA friends.

I had read about this on the net <& been unsure of its veracity since >it had not been reported by our conventional media. If Mr McShane feels that the media should give more coverage to the discovery of mass graves I would agree with him. If he is only calling for coverage of mass graves for which his government is not responsible I would strongly disagree.

In a follow up letter I asked him what measures were being taken to bring the perpetrators of the Dragodan Massacre to justice but received no reply.
Yours Faithfully
Neil Craig

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