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Friday, May 06, 2005


Kilroy got under 3,000. Ha Ha.

4.29 Labour have got their 324th seat which gives them a majority. The most interesting one left is Tower Hamlets which was leaked by a labourite as a success for george Galloway. Clearly there are repeated recounts going on & I hope Galloway makes it- he may
4.33 Galloway has done it - he may be slippery & somewhat silly but he isn't a war criminal & he isn't a mass murderer. His acceptance speech referred to the "corrupt political culture" that had been stuffing ballots.

I'll do more on these results later. At first site it looks like Labour have the majority the Beeb predicted plus a few but on 37% of the vote. In Scotland they got 39.5% & the Lib Dems are in 2nd place both in seats & more importantly, votes, for the first time since LLoyd George. The Tory vote seems to be only a bit over 30% which is pretty disasterous. We will have to see later how many of the postal votes were trustworthy.
Good Night

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