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Friday, May 06, 2005


1.32 Gordon Brown being interviewed - I have never before seen him looking as happy as he does now. What he needs is a Labour win but with enough losses to prove that Blair is a liability & enough Blairite MPs are gone & to say that it was only his management of the campiagn that did it. That is a grin.

1.40 Mohammed Sarwar has said that when he wins he & all the other candidates will not appear on the platform because the BNP candidate is allowed there - also that the BNP were excluded from all hustings meetings. This is quite improper - democracy requires the freedom of speech of everybody, nobody objects to freedom of speech of those they like.

1.45 Alan Millburn says he won't serve in the next cabinet. I doubt if this will remove Brown's grin.

1.46 Labour hold Aberdeen against Lib challenge.

1.49 Lib Jo Swinson takes Dunbarton East with 4000 majority (their 2nd target).

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