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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


When I wrote to Jim Wallace, as an ordinary party member whom he had met, to strongly disagree with the party position on new nuclear power he wrote back to me personally. Indeed he replied 3 times to follow up letters. That was a courtesy which I did not expect. He is a gentleman.

On the other hand when I emailed him about my enterprise motion which had been turned down for debate (similar to the growth policy the SNP are now proposing) he replied that he would have liked seen it debated. However when my consitituency refused to put it up again a few months ago this was, I was told, because those in charge didn't want it debated. Jim can also be pretty brutal.

On the third hand he was wrong about nuclear, & while he was a good justice minister he is generally agreed to have achieved little on growth.

He was able to lead the party without divisions, which as my example proves is not easy & he led them to the greatest success in Scotland since LLoyd George. It is said that every political career ends in failure but he has disproven that. It is an example many (you know who) could learn from. The Americans have a rule about serving only 2 terms at the top & it is a good one. Since he is a respected QC he will now be in a position to prove that successful politicians do not generally, or indeed almost ever, go into it for the money.

And he's only bloody 52.

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