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Friday, April 15, 2005


Watching BBC's question time last night (Thurs 14th Ap) a member of the audience mentioned the recent Birmingham Vote Case. He was incidentally an Asian gentleman for those who say this vote fraud is all because immigrants don't live up to our high standards.

The response from Mr Dimbleby was to say "I don't want to discuss this, we have a question about it later - but I don't think we will have time to get round to it."

A few years back I was in the audience for a question time (I didn't get to speak) so I know how questions are arranged. We all get handed a list of things they want us to ask about & while we are all perfectly free to put questions the BBC haven't chosen they are unlikely to, & in this case didn't, choose them. Indeed it went a little further. There were 2 subjects on which nobody in the audience obliged. It was the week Jamie Bulger's killers were released & the popular press were expressing their synthetic shock & horror - I think it quite impressive that the audience ignored this but Mr Dimbleby, very much in the manner of a schoolmaster complaining about late homework, allowed us another chance. The other one was about Charles' having said that wanted to be "Defender of Faiths" & how would this affect his role as head of the Church of England - somebody must have finally twigged that this could not credibly be put forward as being of the remotest interest to us Glaswegians.

The point being that the BBC deliberately set the agenda here & so they must have quite deliberately decided to keep any discussion of the Birmingham Vote Fraud scandal & it's role in the election, a matter which can hardly be underestimated by anybody that believes in democracy, out of the discussion.

Incidentally the Question Time programme came from Birmingham.

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