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Friday, March 11, 2005

Milosevic Trial Farce - Scotsman letter 7th Mar

Having said that it is particularly difficult to get letters on Yugoslavia published here is one I got published by the Scotsman & after that one not published by the Herald. I am particularly pleased that they did not delete the reference to the Dragodan massacre (they did on a previous letter). The fact that the largest mass grave in Kosovo (officially not a mass grave merely 210 separate graves all in the same place because the existence of a mass grave is ipso facto evidence of genocide) is virtually entirely unreported in the western media (see the google entries worldwide) is clear proof that the entire western media are not exactly committed to either truth or decency.
Reports that the chief judge in the trial of Slobodan Milosevic has told Milosevic that he must not discuss evidence that NATO was responsible for the flight of both Albanian and Serb refugees during their bombing, because "NATO is not on trial", shows how corrupt this farce is. NATO is not on trial because NATO members are financing the "court".

In three years, NATO has produced no credible evidence of his involvement in atrocities. NATO countries started the war on a claim that he was responsible for the disappearance and presumed murder of 500,000 Albanians. This was a total lie. Since then, a NATO report has admitted that the total of deaths was not more than 2,100, killed overwhelmingly in combat or by our bombers.

Indeed, the only large mass grave found in Kosovo (210 bodies in Dragodan, in the United Kingdom zone) was created by our KLA allies while we were in control.

Even if the NATO-funded court is hopelessly corrupt we, as a country, have a duty, as signatories to the United Nations Charter, to bring our citizens guilty of crimes involving the illegal killing of thousands of human beings to justice.

If the rule of law does not apply to everybody it is worthless.


Lets repeat the important bit for anybody who knows what My Lai was

Indeed, the only large mass grave found in Kosovo (210 bodies in Dragodan, in the United Kingdom zone) was created by our KLA allies while we were in control.

And now for what the Herald didn't print:
Dear Sir,
councilor Chris Mason is quite right in bringing our attention to the evidence that the cabinet did not have clear evidence that the war against Iraq was legal. If this is the case & if Mr Blair cannot, or will not, produce the document, either because it does not exist or because it says war would only be legal if the WMD claims were truthful, then his position is both morally & legally untenable.

However it is worth noting that many of the politicians & journalists who oppose this war were extremely supportive of the war against Yugoslavia & totally silent about the racial murder of 6 thousand civilians under the NATO occupation in Kosovo. If invading Iraq is probably illegal the, primarily civilian, bombing of Yugoslavia certainly was. The Yugoslavs had no WMDs (they decided in the 70s not to join the nuclear club because this would destabilise Europe). They had not invaded other countries - indeed quite the opposite had happened. Parliament knew that the killings of both Serbs & Albanians was being overwhelmingly carried out by our KLA allies. The Iraq war was primarily fought against the Iraqi army, though there were civilian casualties - the Yugoslav one was fought primarily against civilians who made up 80% of the casualties. While Iraq was merely in a state of ceasefire with us Yugoslavia was a country to which we were & are committed to "take no action against the territorial integrity & unity of" (Part 1 Section 1 of the Helsinki Treaty).

Supporters of that war cannot escape a share of the blame for establishing a climate in which Mr Blair & his cabinet could expect to get away with planning & launching an aggressive war (defined as a War Crime at Nuremberg) - again.
Yours Faithfully
Neil Craig
This was in reply to a letter from Chris Mason (Lib Dem Glasgow councilor, a smart man who makes Labour councilors look like numptys). He had been quite correctly accusing Blair of corruption over the lie he used to start the Iraq war it is just the the Lib Dems under former leader Paddy Ashdown (former SBS & 'former" MI6) supported an even more criminal war. The Herald did not consider this newsworthy.

I've only just come across your blog. Great stuff by the way, especially the Kosovo post!
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