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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


This was sent in reply to yet another self-righteous piece about remembering Auschwitz. There is another letter to the Indie on this is the pipeline in reference to a letter pointing out that we have ignored the 200,000 disabled killed by our German friends:

It is good to see that the British government & media understand the importance of remembering the crimes of the nazis even if our future king, like many young people, is a little hazy on the subject.

With the commemorations of Auschwitz may we expect that our government will be equally enthusiastic about commemorating Jasenovic? This was the camp where 600,000 Serbs & Jews were murdered by the Pavelic's Croatian Nazis. It now forms part of the current Croatian state, created, by Pavelic's disciple Tudjman accompanied by the genocide & ethnic cleansing of over 560,000 Serbs (12% of the population). This was all done with the active assistance of Nato countries including ourselves.

Perhaps the picture Harry shows is a better mirror of our society than the platitudes of those who supported Tudjman's genocide when it was convenient.
Yours Faithfully

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