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Saturday, January 01, 2005


I resolve not to believe or to cooperate in making others believe;

-that Blair, or indeed Howard, Kennedy & many of their followers, arn't, by the standards we hung people for at Nuremberg, guilty of war crimes & crimes against humanity over Yugoslavia & to a lesser extent,Iraq.

- that Blair sincerely believes anything he says.

- that the UK has the world's 4th biggest economy.

- that the disposal of nuclear waste, or anything else to do with nuclear power, is a serious problem.

- that our government is not knowingly involved in promoting child sex slavery (in Kossovo & possibly elsewhere).

- that our economy is successful in world, rather than just EU, terms.

- that Christian leaders are sincere Christians (as in the Pope supporting genocide as a method of spreading the "one true faith" & the Moderator fabricating racist stories about Serbs similar to the earlier claim that Jews were sacrificing Christian children).

- that any party is seriously committed to ending poverty (by increasing growth which is the only way it can be done).

- that crime is decreasing.

- that any party is seriously trying to stop it (stopping crime & invasion are the 2 prime duties of government but frightening people is more profitable).

- that CO2 global warming is anything other than a hypothesis at variance with observed fact.

- that this justifies more government controls on our lives.

- that al Quaeda has killed more people worldwide than die annually in Britain because of the unnecessarily high cost of "alternative" power.

- that this justifies more government controls on our lives.

- that the Bilderberg Group is just a bunch of private citizens who happen to run countries, own media empires & run financial conglomerates, who get together for a weekend's golf & never conspire against us.

- that our media haven't deliberately lied over the last 14 years to help people they knew to be engaged in genocide (Croatians, Bosnian ex-SS, KLA).

- that they can be trusted not to do so for the next 14.

- that the government's most solemn promise is worth the paper it is written on (by clause 1 section 1 of the Helsinki treaty we have undertaken to "take no action against the territorial integrity & unity of, among others, Yugoslavia" & that is the most long negotiated & publicly affirmed promise our government ever made).

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