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Thursday, January 20, 2005


This was in reply to a letter by Corin Redgrave attacking the Obituary of Susan Sondtag for not considering her going to "besieged" Sarajevo to put on a play & provide some photo-ops for the moslem nazi war, he was also a bit pissed that the article had dared to ask who paid for her trip. The Redgraves, of course, supported the "former" nazi Izetbegovic to.

Corin Redgrave objects to questions as to who provided the money to allow media personalities to provide publicity by visiting "besieged" (general Rose said that the "siege" was maintained by the moslems for publicity) Sarajevo on the grounds that the answer is "blindingly obvious". Perhaps it is. Perhaps it is the same people who hired PR firm Ruder & Finn to persuade Jewish organisations to support the nazi Tudjman of Croatia by covering up his "careless" statements about the Holocaust being both non-existent & justified. Certainly the story of how the public were conned into supporting pro-nazis publically committed to genocide (Tudjman, Izetbegovic & the KLA) in Yugoslavia is not widely reported.

He also says "every Sarajevan I ever met" supports Izetbegovic. Clearly he has never met any of the 200,000 Serb or Jewish residents or even the 50,000 Croats, who were ethnically cleansed by Izetbegovic with our help. The fact that the Redgraves supported Izetbegovic does not in any way alter the fact that he was a young auxiliary in Hitler's SS (& not one of the nicer units) who started the war publically in support of the genocide of all non-moslems, who wared even on moderate moslems & whose non-conscript troops were provided by al Quaeda through the friendly offices of the CIA.

The war in Bosnia was incited by EU recognition in a manner which was a deliberate breach of international law & a breach of our most solemn treaty promises. Our involvement was, by the standards of Nuremberg, a war crime & not something of which we should be proud.
Yours Faithfully
It is an interesting fact that while a majority of my letters on most subjects get published only a small minority on Yugoslavia do. I did put in a PS saying it would be OK to drop ruder & Finn's namr.

Jerry Pournelle did an obit to - he thought she was a stupid &ignorant racist for different reasons. Not wrong.

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