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Thursday, January 27, 2005


I was on Radio Scotland today.

The 12 to 2 phone in did a piece about a Dr Finkelstein whose opinion about the Holocaust is that a lot of Zionists are doing very well out of it & that they deliberately played it up as the worst thing in history. He is so clearly politically incorrect & factually correct that I felt a need to partially agree with him - the correspondence, including the quite remarkable response by the MC is given here:

"I think that Dr Finkelstein is correct about the Jewish Holocaust having been deliberately overemphasized but that it is not primarily the Jews who were responsible. I think the blame lies with western political leaders. What happened is that after the war it was necessary for us to prove that the war was justified because Hitler was such a monster. Hitler's most serious crime was the genocide of 24 million Russians, 1.5 million Serbs & other Slavic peoples & his intention to eventually wipe out all the Slavs in Europe. This is the absolutely unparalleled crime of Hitler. The problem is that shortly after WW2 we were involved in the Cold War with the Russians & were pointing atomic bombs at their cities & threatening to kill hundreds of millions. It thus became politically impossible to treat Hitler's killing of about 30 million as his worst crime. For this reason it was necessary to make the Jews to take on the onus of the victims justifying the war."

"And on the next line we have Brian. Brian what do you want to say"

I think that the decision to cut me off was probably wise. Had I been asked to amplify I would undoubtedly have mentioned that had the Serbian Holocaust been taught in schools a the Jewish one is it would have been impossible for the BBC to use the term "another Hitler" of Milosevic (a man whom nobody who is not ignorant or dishonest has ever accused of racism) while supporting people like Tudjman & Izetbegovic whom they knew to be Nazis formerly in Hitler's forces. The BBC will undoubtedly find the discussion of their deliberate role in genocide unsettling.

While writing this News at 10ish came on with a lot of melodramatic twaddle about how the "world stopped 60 years ago when Auschwitz was liberated" - in fact the world did it's best to ignore it. I don't remember the 50th being a lead "news" item. For the purpose of inducing projectile vomiting we got that obscene genocidal Nazi murdering child rapist Blair's sermon on how dreadful it all was & worse - when I switched channels the slimy war criminal was making exactly the same remarks on Newsnight.

At least he proved my point.

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