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Monday, January 03, 2005


Frederick Jenkins (letter 13/12) is quite correct in pointing out that windfarms & suchlike nonsense will not reduce UK energy use by more than 2%. Certainly the massive programme of pro-Green government controls he advocates would reduce CO2 production slightly more, though, as he points out, at the cost of ending democracy. Ending freedom & democracy are clearly not a show stopping consideration for many green activists.

Of course even the most complete enforcement of Kyoto would only reduce the alleged rise in temperature by 1/5th of a degree at the cost of trillions of dollars in unnecessary world poverty.

Using his own figures nuclear power would, if used to replace CO2 producing methods, cut CO2 by 17%. If off peak nuclear was used to produce hydrogen to run a hydrogen economy that figure could be at least doubled. That is why those who are genuinely interested in the environment are supporters of nuclear power. Regrettably most 'environmentalist' politicians are more interested in a government controlled economy than in a non-polluting one.

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