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Monday, January 03, 2005


From today's Independent. Don't worry about the poor mass murderer. There is no way he can come to trial without exposing the fact that Clinton & MPRI were at least equally criminal over the Krajina Holocaust.
General Gotovina is accused of war crimes against Croatian Serbs in 1995 when the Croatian army, under his command, overran the rebel Serb province of Krajina.

This operation ended the Serb rebellion and the war in Croatia, but led to another problem. More than 200,000 Krajina Serbs who fled in 1995 have not returned to their homes.

Most of them still live in Serbia, waiting for circumstances to improve at home. But those who do return could find that their former homes and farms have been sold.

The Croatian state-run Real Estate Agency (APN), in co-operation with a law firm from Serbia that represented refugees from Krajina, has sold more than 10,000 houses without their owners' knowledge, it was recently revealed.

The Croatian state prosecutor, Mladen Bajic, has opened an investigation into the scandal, describing it as "one of the most profitable crime rings in the country".
The main story is about which Nazi wins the election. Despite it being 49.3% there is no question of western observers suggesting that this entirely honest & law abiding regime's elections are in any way dodgy.

The bit that really amused me was the last line. If selling 10,000 houses is only one of the most profitable official crimes going on who is the front runner?

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