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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


This article was in the Scotsman today Basically it is about how the UN is insufficiently Anglo-American (well ok American) dominated & should be replaced by an expanded G8 (G11 with China, India & Brazil but not South Korea which has actually replaced Canada in 11th place).

In fact the problem with the UN is that it is almost entirely western controlled & it's main job is to provide a fig leaf for western armies (the occupation of Kosovo & now even Iraq are UN "authorised"). Kofi Annan may not be the best candidate for Secretary General but he did, after all, get the job because of US approval of his role in pushing nazi lies in Bosnia so it is a little rich for the US to complain now.

The bit that really gets me is:
But the dream fell apart once again. The UN stood idly by as the Balkans descended into medieval savagery: only the unilateral NATO bombing of fascist Serbia in 1999 ended the ethnic cleansing. In fact, the UN’s signal contribution to the Balkan debacle was when cowardly Dutch UN peacekeeping troops let Serbian militia enter Srebrenica in July 1995 and murder 7,000 Muslim men and boys in cold blood.

This is a complete & deliberate lie by George Kervan. It was not the Serbs who were "fascist". In fact the Croatians were happy to display their Nazi history, the Bosnian moslems were led by a former SS auxiliary & the history of the KLA is similar whereas Yugoslavia was a state with democratic multi-party elections (like us except with PR). If Kervan knows anything at all of what he is writing about he knows he is lying. If he had any evidence to the contrary it was his duty to give it to the Nato funded "court" who, in 2 years, have produced no believable evidence.
Equally the evidence is overwhelming that the Dutch troops at Srebrinica (under a UN flag but in practice Nato) allowed the Moslem troops free passage thru' their "cease fire lines" to engage in genocidal attacks of Serb villagers. If he were honestly concerned about the UN not opposing fascism in Yugoslavia he would be objecting to the way the UN kept silent when out Croatian Nazi friends used UN soldiers as human shields in the invasion & extermination of Krajina.

Kerevan should not substitute racist lies for journalism. After all if I were to accuse him of being a lying genocidal Nazi child rapist he would be perfectly entitled to object if there was no evidence that he was a child rapist.

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