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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


The International Court of Justice has just proven itself to consist of the best judges Nato can buy. This means that International Law now absolutely does not exist. The court has decided to ignore every rule under which sovereignty & the rule of law exists:

NATO members, including Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Canada, argued at hearings in April that the United Nations' highest court could not consider Serbia and Montenegro's claim.

The 8 NATO states concerned said at the time their action was justified by what they said was Belgrade's ethnic cleansing of Kosovo's majority ethnic Albanian population. The former Yugoslavia argued the air strikes violated international law.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that the former Yugoslavia was not an official member of the United Nations when it initiated the case in April 1999 and as a result was also not a party to the ICJ's statute.

"The court unanimously finds that it has no jurisdiction to entertain the claim made in the application filed by Serbia and Montenegro on the 29th of April, 1999," Judge Shi Jiuyong said.

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, made up of Serbia and Montenegro, was recognised as a U.N. member in 2000, ending an ambiguous legal status sparked by the break-up of the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.

Of course the kangaroo judges could have said that 4 years ago, but that would have interfered with the nazi filth making a decision that they did have authority to "judge" on the non-existent Yugoslav invasion of the legally non-existent Bosnian state. No doubt these corrupt racists will, in due course, rule that Yugoslavia is liable for the fact that many Bosnian Serbs refused to submit to genocide.

This decision means that Hitler's attack on Poland was ok because the UN didn't exist at the time & that the survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto owe damages for illegally attacking the SS.

They do not actually say that all the NATO leaders aren't actually guilty of war crimes, genocide & child sex slavery (the evidence is absolutely irrefutable that Blair & his Nazis & the others are) but that it doesn't matter.

Apart from moral qualms the problem with legalising aggressive war & genocide is that, since the law can provide no defence every state has right indeed a duty, to defend itself in any way possible. North Korea has a duty to point nukes at California, bin Laden cannot be blamed for doing anything wrong & the one time SNP spokesman whose policy was that an independent Scotland should buy missiles, load them with anthrax & point them at all European capitals was merely exercising sensible caution. Not good.

Blair is a corrupt genocidal mass murdering nazi child rapist who makes Fred West look like a respectable citizen - everybody knows it & he & his co-conspirators must be brought to justice.

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