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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is the email I sent to the Scottish government. By sending no reply they have proven that SEPA's lie about paint particles have been provably found represents the very highest standard of honesty to which they aspire. It is, as proven previously, a lie.
Recently Mr Byron Tilly of SEPA stated on public radio, that particles containing an excess amount of radioactivity at Dalgety Beach had been specifically scientifically tested & proven to be paint particles.

A further reading of their report on the subject says the opposite - that they acted merely on the "belief" that they were paint particles. Their entire thesis that there is a dangerous amount of manmade radioactivity, on which it seems likely they have spent millions, depends on the particles being paint (though even then there would be no actual evidence they were dangerous). Without absolute proof on that point they would be left with the fact that the paint deposited there contained much less radium than occurred naturally & that since it was water soluble & the Scottish coast has experienced a significant amount of water over the last 60 years, it would be impossible for there to be any significant radioactivity beyond the background. SEPA have also specifically refused to answer an FoI request for figures of background radiation asserting they have no duty to obey this law.

While I would not wish to suggest that SEPA's claim to have scientifically proven these particles to be paint represents other than the absolute pinnacle of honesty to which they aspire (their decision to maintain it proves it) nor can I accept, in light of what their own report says, that it is in any way true.

That being the case if the Scottish government & civil service aspire, in any way, to any higher standard of truth it will obviously be necessary for the government & service to publicly dissociate themselves from that arm of government. I hope for that rather than the alternative of saying that that is also the very highest standard of honesty to which the entire body aspires.

Neil Craig

Refs On the radio programme & my request for further information
SEPA email reply from Byron
Further technical information including the paint being soluble
Further response from SEPA declining to dispute the factual accuracy of everything I said

I don't think I am overstating the case when I say that deliberate lying by a government department, whose regulatory functions cost Scotland billions each year, particularly where it is part of a series of similar claims should be a matter of major concern.
The MSM, who are either an essential element of our free society bringing those in power to public account or a corrupt bunch of fascists who spend their time rewriting government or government approved press releases have decided to censor any mention of this.

It is now nearly a month since my FoI enquiry for the evidence to support the paint story & they are still standing by their statement that they have no duty to answer it.

The MSM, who are ... a corrupt bunch of fascists who spend their time rewriting government or government approved press releases have decided to censor any mention of this.

That's being too generous. The media doesn't rewrite government press releases, it badgers the gov into writing this bull in the first place. I had to delete part of your post for clarity, sorry.

Have you seen this?
I agree with your link that the US media pussyfooted around Obama & that had he had proper scrutiny he would never have been elected. They also did exactly the opposite to Palin, though with less effect. That they hate Palin so much shows they themselves understand how divorced from real people they are.
I want you consider that the press holds two beliefs at the same time. The first belief is that "racism" needs to be stamped out through reeducation and the shaming and isolation of those considered unreeducatable. The second belief is that only Whites can be racist, and that all Whites who do not support the communist err.."Democratic" cause are racist. In fact all Whites are assumed to be racist even if they are hiding it and leftists denounce each other for hidden racist thoughts. If you combine these two beliefs you realize the media considers its goal to be the reeducation of the entire population and the replacement of their beliefs in God with a belief in the omnipotent state.

I have another point to make about the dems and socialism, but that would require a blogpost of my own.
Check out the hilarious
Its premise is essentially that the anti-racist movement is a form of social climbing with little or nothing to do with interacting with ordinary coloured people.
Think of liberalism as communism. The type of person profiled on that site would be called a "useful idiot" by the communists. The upper ranks, especially the ones in the media, are populated by men who have thought through what they are working for and genuinely want to see this country destroyed.

This exposes the liberal hierarchy. The evil and the media are at the top, the SWPL men are in the middle, and the coloreds are at the bottom. Union members serve the dual purpose of being working class useful idiots and making large scale industrial production too expensive here in the US. General Motors is a good example. GM's plants are old and located in urban areas that have large numbers of minorities and therefore its' hourly workforce is one-third Black. If you combine unionism, Blacks and liberalism you get leftist state goverments like Michigan and the downfall of a prominent corporation. When the Japs buld plants in the US their workforce is non-union and 1% Black.
That this is called "liberalism" is a sign of how moveable most of these titles are. I consider myself a liberal because I believe in freedom & free enterprise which is certainly what the founders of the movement believed in. Neither the "Liberal" party here nor US "liberals" believe in that nowadays. Wqually as i pointed out, neither Marx not Lenin would have had any time for the Luddites that call themselves "socialist" or communist today.

Most "leftist" parties today are an attempt to create a coalition of 51% of voters by offering to satisfy the grievances of their particular subgroup. This obviously involves nursing & enhancing such grievances since if they actually succeeded in satisfying them (as with oriental immigrants here or there or indeed black carribean or indeed Kenyan immigrants to the US) the voting group would move on.

This is immensely damaging to both society as a whole & the minorities stuck in dependency.
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