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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Passing it on from Jerry Pournelle

But the election is not over. There are more decline to answer voters than it takes to change the election.

One vote per precinct in California delivered the nation to Woodrow Wilson.

The way to win elections is to get those who intend to vote for your candidate to go vote. Few readers here are not capable of getting two or three voters to the polls. That's well over a million votes. Think on it.

About half of my readers are in the US which if you all got 2 or 3 others out, as well as yourselves, would be well under 500. Still.

I came out for McCain when he proposed an X-Prize for developing a new battery. I think he is honourable & moderate (arguably over moderate). His choice of Palin showed bravery. She appears to be the real deal - somebody who is not a career politician but has intelligence, integrity & a willingness to take the tough decision & in Alaska has received 80% approval ratings. Somewhat like a younger Thatcher except for the approval ratings. I am convinced the US political establishment share my view of her - hence the rabid attacks (I think that term just). Whatever happens I expect to see more of her in 4 years & then, since she will be her own woman, we will here more of what she really thinks.

Obama on the other hand, insofar as we have any idea what he intends to do, would increase taxes, political correctness, the size of government & oppose progress from allowing industry to produce oil to cutting back the space budget. From here he appears to have got where he is because of a messianic desire among Americans to believe without evidence & a very free ride given because nobody dares to say that even a black emperor can have no clothes. Biden is despicable.

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