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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Letter in the Scotsman yesterday though apparently not online:
Is it not hypocrisy when leaders of the SNP, LibDems & Greens try to make political capital by saying how opposed they are to fuel poverty? All 3 parties must know that electricity prices in france are 1/4 of ours because they are 80% nuclear & the rest hydro. Nonetheless all 3 are committed, for purely ideological reasons, to increasing Scotland's current £1 billion spend yearly on subsidising windmills & other "renewables." That is the equivalent of 3p off our income tax.

Labour & the Conservatives have nothing to be proud of but at least, though in the past equal sinners, they are now partly repenting.

This was based on the Times article I spotlighted on 11th October.

Another reminder of Professor Colin McInnes head of Space Dynamics research at Strathclyde Universitylecture on Weds 7.30 at the John Anderson Building, Strathclyde University on on the means by which large-scale engineering ventures can offer a route to future prosperity. In particular, the delivery of long-term energy security will be explored, as will so-called geoengineering schemes to mitigate future climate change. It will be argued that the apparent near-term bottleneck in human development can be overcome by considering engineering on both visionary length-scales and time-scales.

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