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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Ongoing Organlegging Non-Story

Jerry Pournelle has also taken up yesterday's story about KLA organlegging. His comment in italics, mine bold

I thought you might be amused & should be proud that when I Googled for an image of "Kosovo organlegging" your imperial picture came 4th.

This is because you posted an email I had sent you. An investigation driven by Serbs & Russians is going on & they have a witness who says that President Thaci whom we set up got 4 million marks personally from selling body organs. It is difficult to think of a descriptive term to cover the journalists & broadcasters who have decided that this is something we should not be allowed to hear about.

Neil Craig

One expects to see a great deal more organlegging. I can even see naming someone a recipient for an organ as a condition of obtaining a loan...

The problem is coming up with a non-religiously based argument for forbidding it. Should not people be allowed to sell what is theirs? What good is my property if I cannot sell it? But if that be true of property, what about life and liberty?

Selling of Organs has been going on for years & apparently the Sarajevo papers classified are full of them. What we let the KLA/NATO Police do has not been voluntary.

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