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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Bodies of Kosovo Serbs whose vital organs were extracted for sale were thrown into the shaft of a deserted mine “Deva” in Albania, on the border with Serbia, Press Online reports.

According to the Serbian media, remains of several hundred Kosovo Serbs whose organs were first taken out, and who are still listed as missing, were thrown into the mineshaft in northern Albania, on the border with Serbia.

Albanian KLA (UCK) terrorists have moved the remains of the killed Serbs to Deva Mine from the first mass grave they were buried in, near Djakovica. Serbian Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor has confirmed they have evidence at least one truck was used to transport some 70 bodies to northern Albania, where the remains of the victims were dumped into a deserted mineshaft.

War crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic told media he will soon go to Albania, where he is expected to meet with the Albanian state prosecutor regarding the investigation Serbia launched in March about the kidnappings of Serbs and other non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija province, and harvesting their organs for sale. Note this is admitted to be purely in response to the Serbian investigation. No attempt wahtsoever for the NATO funded "court" to actually prosecute the murderers on its own.

“We have learned by a mere coincidence that Deva Mine is most probably one of the biggest Serb graves in the region. Prosecutor Vukcevic and his team are going to Tirana at the start of October. We expect Albanians will enable us to verify all the information we have gathered during the investigation. It is very important that they allow us to visit all the locations suspected to have been used as concentration camps where Serbs kidnapped from Kosovo-Metohija were being held. Countless people were tortured in those camps, that is where their vital organs were being extracted for sale in the West, after which they were being killed and thrown into the mass graves. Some of those locations are in the region of Tropoje, Kukes, Bajram Curri and Deva Mine,” Serbia’s State Prosecution Office said.

Russian State Prosecution Launch Their Own Investigation

In the meantime, Russian Federation has also opened an investigation about the organ trade Albanian KLA was conducting in Serbian Kosovo province and neighboring Albania since, according to the reports, Russian women were also among the kidnapped victims used for organ harvesting by the KLA terrorists.

Russia’s Central Investigative Committee, a department of the Russian Federal Prosecution, had started verifying information gathered about the KLA kidnappings and murders of the Russian citizens in the period between 1999-2003. They are also verifying testimony by the Hague’s former chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, about some 300 Kosovo Serbs KLA had kidnapped and transported to Albania in 1999, to harvest their vital organs for sale. Carla Del Ponte wrote in her book Russian women, tricked by the Albanian mafia to come to Serbian province immediately after the war, as NATO troops marched in following the bombardment, were also in that group of 300 mostly Kosovo-Metohija Serbs. Officially NATO had undertaken to disarm the KLA as part of the occupation agreement. Instead they, quite deliberately provided them with police uniforms & more weapons &sent them out to commit genocide.

One of the influential Russian newspapers recently reported that Albanian mafia had used in this horrific way and killed at least 500 people, 50 of whom were Russian citizens.

Investigation about the organ trade atrocities was opened in Serbia as soon as Carla Del Ponte’s book “The Hunt: Me and War Criminals” was published. In the book, Del Ponte testified that Kosovo Albanians have kidnapped and transported some 300 Kosovo-Metohija residents, mostly Serbs, to northern Albania after June 12, 1999, when NATO troops were deployed in Serbian province. According to De Ponte, kidnapped victims were held in storage depots and similar facilities in northern Albanian towns, such as Kukes and Tropoje. Young and healthy prisoners were regularly fed and were spared beatings and torture prior to being moved to places where their vital organs were extracted, like the basement of the yellow house near the town of Burrel, recently visited by the German Spiegel reporters.

After their vital organs were removed, the victims were killed, while the harvested organs were transported to the West, for rich patients needing transplants, via a smaller airport near Tirana.

Hashim Thaci Earned 4 Mill. off the Serb Vital Organs

Hague tribunal witness K-144, who personally took part in these atrocities against, told investigators the sale of organs of the kidnapped victims went through Italy, that it was conducted under direct command of the terrorist KLA our police and also that the Albanian state leadership was aware of these atrocities and allowed the crimes to be committed on their territory, silently tolerating them.

Eyewitness K-144 testified that in the group he was involved with, at least 300 kidneys and more than 100 of other vital organs of the imprisoned Serbs were sold. According to his testimony, the victims were being killed afterward and buried in the mass graves. K-144 claims that present Kosovo province “prime minister” Hashim Thaci, former KLA leader, had earned at least 4 million German Marks from the sale of the Serb organs.

Czech Social Democrats Seek UN Investigation

This testimony prompted former Czech Prime Minister Jirzi Paroubek to urge the Czech government to request the UN investigation of the macabre chain of Albanian crimes, which would also determine whether the current leader of Kosovo Albanians, Hashim Thaci, had profited off the organs extracted from Kosovo Serbs.

Leader of the Czech Social Democratic Party Paroubek yesterday requested from Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg to seek investigation about the involvement of the Kosovo Albanian leaders in the sale of organs of the kidnapped Serbs and other non-Albanians.

“I am deeply disturbed by this information”, Paroubek said yesterday at the press conference, reminding that the indications of such atrocious crimes have contributed to Czech Social Democrats’ categorical refusal to recognize imposed independence of the Serbian province.

“At that time [of Czech recognition] the content of book by the Hague’s chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte was known, suggesting that some of the present Kosovo officials, as former representatives of the terrorist organization of ‘Kosovo Liberation Army’, took part in the murders of the Serbian prisoners”, Paroubek said, assessing the decision about investigating this atrocity, recently described by the Swiss Tages-Anzeiger, should be reached at the current UN General Assembly session.

Someone on the Scotsman site (back before they censored my participation) said that this could not possibly have happened because if it had it would be produce front page banner headlines in all our newspapers. That would, of course, only be the case if those newspapers were, at least to some limited degree honest & staffed by decent human beings. Of course if the entirety of our media were controlled by a less noble version of the sort of people who ran the newspapers for Mr Goebbels one would understand it being wholly censored.

At least under Goebbels they had the excuse that they would be sent to concentration camps whereas our journalists, personally accessories in genocide, child sex slavery & dissection of living people to steal organs, though every one of them is, need fear only having to work for a living if they told the truth.

We executed certain German leaders and government officials after World War II for far less heinous crimes than this.

If we are going to use our behavior at the Nuremberg war crimes trials as a guide, any of our leaders or government officials involved in this despicable crime against humanity in any way, even on a peripheral level, should be executed as a warning to other politicians or bureaucrats of the consequences of supporting such monstrous crimes.
I think you need to read this:

Meanwhile in the materials collected and published by Carla del Ponte contain names of hundreds of Kosovo Serbs who were brought to Albania in the late 1990s and became victims of organ trafficking business. The report also states that KLA leaders headed by Thaci were involved in this criminal business.

By all accounts, the EU investigators circumvent these episodes in their current investigation. The problem is not lack of evidence but West’s reluctance to put at threat the picture of the Kosovo crisis in which Albanians are seen as victims and Serbs as aggressors and criminals. This distortion of real facts served to justify bombings of Yugoslavia by NATO air forces in 1999 and the following recognition of Kosovo's independence by the US and the EU member states. It is not a coincidence that del Ponte published the materials on organ trafficking not in the early 2000s but in April 2008, after the West had recognized Kosovo's independence. If the truth on the terrible crimes had become known earlier Western public would not have made such a confession. Today the investigation led by the EU faces similar obstacles. That is why there is a probability that the court will confine itself to passing sentence upon Turkish doctor Yusuf Sonmez and all references to Serbian victims will be deleted.
I agree that it cannot be lack of evidence but a refusal to look at the evidence.

Wee told these organs were flown out of Tirana airport, usually in private planes. Air traffic is strictly watched for obvious safety reasons, and records kept. Unless they have all been deliberately destroyed (proof in itself of state involvement across Europe at the very highest level) it is possible to trace where these planes landed. In turn nobody gets through customs with stuff like that going through the "nothing to declare channel" so again there must have been official authorisation and a record of where these organs were going. In turn the hospitals know who they paid.

This isn't even using basic detective skills.
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