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Saturday, September 06, 2008


I have been banned from the Scotsman website (again), apparently this time for mentioning del Ponte's announcement, in her book published in March, about our role in organlegging. This is continuing to be almost entirely censored by the British media (John Pilger did mention it, almost in passing, recently but that is pretty much it. They have had 2 days but if the Scotsman reply to this I will publish it:

Dear Editor,
I see that following my mentions, on the online editions of the Scotsman, of Carla del Ponte's admission that NATO police (formerly the KLA) had been helped to kidnap between 300 & 1,300 Serb teenagers, dissect them & sell the body parts to our hospitals your estimable newspaper has decided to prevent me writing there again.

I take it you do not dispute this happened. Nor that the government you are protecting was also involved in massacres such as the Dragodan Massacre of 210 unarmed civilians? Or that it is guilty of assisting in the kidnapping of thousands of schoolgirls for purposes of sexual slavery, or of a deliberate campaign of genocide & ethnic cleansing & or that the war itself was criminal?

I note that though you have covered in detail allegations against leaders of other countries of crimes 1,000th as serious the Scotsman has censored any mention of these facts.

That though you do not permit me to mention the truth you have long allowed an open supporter of Hitler's SS to promote his views in discussion with me. Note that I do not dispute the propriety of you giving a soapbox to Nazis but only of you then censoring counter arguments>

Since, unlike you, I believe people attacked should have the right to defend themselves I confirm that I am willing to publish any reply you care to make.

Neil Craig

NATO humiliates the Serbs again by releasing Bosnian muslim Nazi war criminal Rasim Delic.Remember NATO's release of Naser Oric in mid2006?

NATO allied itself with Jihadist muslim terrorists in the 90's war against the Bosnian Serbs.

More information

It is clear that the authorities of the EU and US who control this continent gave permission to the terrorist muslim Jihadists to attack and exterminate the Serbs.

These Jihadists were also used by the US during the 80s to fight the Russians.

There were two Muslim options in the former Yugoslav federal unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina: the option of Fikret Abdic and the option of Alija Izetbegovic.

The US/EU and the Vatican supported the latter option - the option of Alija Izetbegovic's radical terrorist Islam.

Muslim leader Fikret Abdic is today jailed in Nazi Croatia because he was supporting the Serbs during the 90s.

Its clear that the US is on the side of radical Islamists and Nazis in the Balkans.

The US supports the Albanian Nazi Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) drug and organ trafficking, underage child prostitution mafia.

I'm a reader of Julia Gorin's and Neil Clark's blog.I saw your comments there.Keep spreading the word.
Indeed. Fikret Abdic was the established leader of the Bosnian Moslem party & Abdic merely a faction leader who finagled his way into getting 1 term of the Bosnian presidency which, under the constitution, quickly rotated among the 3 communities. He then used that position to stage a coup. His faction had quickly risen from obscurity as did Tudjman's in Croatia. We know Tudjman had been plotting with & getting money from, the German government for years before coming to power & I suspect the same applies to Izetbegovic.

We have seen with the "colour" revolutions in Georgia & Ukraine & elsewhere the way western money can buy elections & I very mmuch doubt if an uninfluenced Bosnian Moslem community would have voted for this division. The fact that Abdic is still being kept in jail strongly suggests the western thugs think he would win a free election even now.
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