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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


....blackouts are almost inevitable within the next few years.

This is the stark warning from the head of an energy think-tank who believes power cuts could be serious enough to spark civil disorder.

Campbell Dunford of the respected Renewable Energy Foundation said: "It's almost too late to do anything about it. Nothing will stop us having to pay very high prices for power in future.

"If we pull our finger out now we can limit blackouts but it's going to be pretty grim whatever happens."

Gordon Brown pledged last week to end Britain's reliance on the "dictatorship of oil" but Mr Dunford believes the Prime Minister's new interest in the security of energy supplies may have come too late.

Only last Thursday, National Grid issued an urgent call for power after a series of power station breakdowns. Suppliers were asked to bring all their available generating capacity online, including costly oil-fired stations.

In May, hundreds of thousands of people in Cleveland, Cheshire, Lincolnshire and London suffered blackouts when seven power stations were closed.

If even renewabilists are saying this then things must be pretty serious.

REF claims it is supported by private donation and has no political affiliation or corporate membership which, if so, makes it unusual among the government funded "environmental" movement.

If it is not part of the government funded mafia this may also explain why this announcement was only covered by the Express.

If even renewabilists are saying this then things must be pretty serious when normally we can expect any announcement from renewable lobbyists to be major news on the BBC, ITN & pretty much everywhere.

Everybody knows that it is easily possible to produce as much nuclear electricity as we could want at half the current price. They also know that 24,000 pensioners die annually because of fuel poverty. We have seen considerable friendly coverage of James Hansen's outburst that those who are "deniers" of global warming should be brought to trial for scepticism. Less coverage for Moobat's call for mob lynchings.

Perhaps we should be asking how long it will take for the members of the political parties, press & BBC & ITN who have lied continuously & deliberately in the eco-fascist cause & have thereby been responsible for the pointless but deliberate murder of 100s of thousands of pensioners to be brought to justice?

A Greek pensioner shouts slogans during an anti-government rally in Athens March 5, 2008. Parts of Greece suffered blackouts

It's quite possible that in a few years time most discussion about the Blair years will focus on his intellectually frivolous ignoring of this issue. But then, "intellectually frivolous" covers just about all Blair's antics, don't you think?
That is an interesting point. It is a bit like Ferdinand & Isabella's greatest achievement being sending Columbus out & the dynastic wars they fought across Europe being a mere footnote.

Giving Blair his due he was the first leading UK politician to notice that the lights were going to go out & I remember when he first made a speech on that at Conference Brown followed up with opne which didn't mention nuclear. Then we have Cameron.

With the possible exception of Putin & the Chinese leaders it is dificult to think of any leader of a sizeable state to whom the term "intellectually frivolous" cannot easily be applied.
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