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Saturday, August 02, 2008


David Lindsay has what I found to be an informative article on the rise without trace of Miliband

He bought a baby on the Internet. But nobody is mentioning that. He only got into Oxford because his super-posh school was nominally part of ILEA, which had a special access scheme effectively controlled by his father. But nobody is mentioning that. His father then got him into the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, clearly at the beck and call of a pro-Soviet fanatic. But nobody is mentioning that.

He has never worked outside politics. But nobody is mentioning that. His predecessor at South Shields was ennobled at the last minute in order that he could be imposed on that safe seat without reference to the Constituency

.....I repeatedly heard the heavy gasps from Labour and Fabian audiences full of teachers as he displayed just how spectacularly ignorant and incompetent he was, all the while assuming that he was uttering axioms and truisms),

And on no subject is his ignorance & incompetence better demonstrated than in his devotion to the coming populist issue of the day, as he believes, global warming. His friends in the eco-fascist movement have kindly collected some of his inanities for public edification including

...the science is getting worse faster than the politics is getting better though I suppose that could be taken 2 ways

......climate change is the greatest long-term threat faced by humanity. It could cause more human and financial suffering than the two world wars and the great depression put together 2050 we need all activities outside agriculture to be near zero carbon emitting

,,,,,,The scale of this threat... means that this simply must be our top priority

,,,,,,[destroying ourselves} so too will China and India if they follow the same path of economic development as us

So Labour's future is to depend on this idiot being right about the catastrophic temperature rises that he is so obviously wholly wrong about. To be fair a lot of other idiots appear on that site too.

He also has his own blog, which stirred a bit of controversy some time ago when it turned out the taxpayer was paying $60,000 a year for it. Visiting it for the first time in a couple of years I find he has a lying platitude about Karadzic on it. Fortunately most allowed comments are unconvinced - whether mine will appear will become clear.

Regretably he sems to be almost a perfect example of the amoral ignorant, officious. murderous, inbred, cossetted fascists who form Britain's political class. He naturally gets much support from the BBC & other organs of that class.

You are being too analytical. Just look into his wild, mad, staring eyes.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.
If the Soviet Union still existed, that CV would clearly indicate that he is one of theirs.
I don't agree. Soviet communism was always pro-progress. Indeed I think the reason it fell relatively easily was that its economic failure removed the justification for the system.

In which case the middle class "environmentalism" of the "left" today, which Miliband so thoroughly represents, would be disowned by the original Marxists.

Whatever you think of Stalin at least he never subsidised windmills.
"Theirs", strangely, did not potter about preaching Stalinism; they hid it.
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