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Sunday, August 10, 2008


John Redwood MP has recently done an interesting series of posts entitled "Crumbling Britain". While my comments on them do not agree with him in all points it is an informed & forward looking set of articles & I cannot think of any other British politician who could have done it. Frankly most of them not only couldn't have discussed the subject without relying on platitudes they wouldn't even have understood why it is important to.

Crumbling Britain: introduction

Crumbling Britain: water More competition

Crumbling Britain: rail He knows his stuff & proposes increasing capacity by making trains lighter & with better braking. I mention automation.

Crumbling Britain: roads Get rid of "traffic calming" ie traffic slowing measures & focus on improving motorway bottlenecks. I write against tolling.

Crumbling Britain: power Get on with nuclear.

Crumbling Britain: oil and gas If we "windfall" tax utilities more we will discourage them from exploration.

Crumbling Britain: telecoms

Crumbling Britain: new technology and future projects I comment in favour of X-Prizes

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