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Friday, August 01, 2008

2 Stories where the MSM catch up.

Barry George was cleared at the Old Bailey today after eight years of trying to prove he did not kill television presenter Jill Dando.
George, 48, was found not guilty of murder after his second trial and two appeals.
George, an epileptic with mental disability, was originally found guilty of murder in 2001.


When there is a high profile murder the media bay for blood & the police are under enormous pressure to throw them some human meat, even when,as in this & the Murat case, there is no evidence. But then I have said this before. Look forward to lots of leader writers saying how this proves Britishn justice alwats does it in the end.

NASA's Mars Phoenix Lander quenched a longtime scientific thirst yesterday when it detected water in a soil sample—the first time liquid water has been touched or "tasted" on another planet.
The craft obtained water by heating an icy soil sample in its "bake and sniff" oven, called the Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer. "TEGA" identifies substances by heating them and analyzing the resulting vapors

I have also blogged on this before & on why it is so important that we go & find out if there is life there. If there is microbial life then life is ubiquitous in the universe. If not, in a situation not much more unforgiving than Antarctica then we may be alone.

With the necessary caveat that all I knew about it is what I read in the papers at the time, I didn't understand why the case was brought - the evidence was feeble. The murderer, we had to believe, was so clever that he left no clues, and so dim that he was Barry George.
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